California Receives Surprising Amount of Snow Pack

Over the past decade, one of the largest focuses in the State of California has been on the lack of water in lakes and rivers around the state. The continued annual decline in water in the spring months had many people concerned that there could be a major water shortage within the next few years.


While water shortage in California will always be a concern for residents and government officials, a recent news article ( has pointed out that the concerns could be relieved for at least one year. During the 2016 and 2017 winter, many people that liked to snow recreationally have enjoyed the fact that the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe region have received a significant amount of snow. While most people knew that there was a lot of snow in the region for skiing, the actual level of snowpack has been surprising.


Based on recent tests in the area, there is currently around 46 inches of snow packed snow in the Lake Tahoe region mountains. While this has been great for skiers, it has also been a huge relief for people that were concerned about the continued level of drought in California. That amount of snow in Lake Tahoe is equal to about 180 percent of the normal snowpack this time of the year. Overall, mountains in California have around 150 percent of the typical snowpack.


Over the next few months, the snow on the top of the mountains will continue to melt and will eventually make its way down the mountain into the rivers and lakes below. At this point, it is not considered to be much of a concern, but some believe that if it melts to soon it could cause some minor flooding. While the State of California appears to have enough snow to alleviate drought concerns for at least one year, the state will continue its efforts to conserve water as much as possible. Over the past few years, they have been able to introduce a number of regulations that have helped to reduce water usage by as much as twenty-five percent in some areas.