California Football Teams Look to 2018

The national football league is a very profitable and powerful professional sports league that has 32 teams across divisions. While these teams are spread out across United States, one state that has a strong representation is California. California is currently home to the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles chargers, San Francisco 49ers, and Oakland Raiders. While the teams in California did not have a great season overall, there is plenty of reason for excitement next year as each of the four teams has a lot of promise.

Of the four teams in California, the Los Angeles Rams easily had the most success last year. The team ended up being one of the big surprises of the year by winning 11 games and a division championship. The team ultimately lost their only playoff game, but showed that they have plenty of talent on both offense and defense. The team will likely be one of the favorites again to win the division title.

The other Los Angeles football team, the Chargers, did not have as much success all year as the Rams. However, they did show a lot of promise year. The Chargers ended up finishing the season with a record of nine wins and seven losses. While this was not good enough for the playoffs, they had a huge come back at the end of the season in which they won seven of their last nine games. This positive momentum should carry forward next year as they bring back the majority of their dominant defense.

The most disappointing team in California this past season for the Oakland Raiders. After looking like a dominant team in 2016, the Raiders took a big step back last season and finished with just six wins and ten losses. However, the team still has a lot of talent and a very good young quarterback and Derek Carr. The team is expected to have a great rebound next year and continue on the right path.

The most exciting team of all to watch could be the San Francisco 49ers. After starting the year with just one win and 10 losses, the team traded for starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Once he started his first game, the team was very difficult to stop. They ended up winning their last five games of the year and the young quarterback looked as good as advertised. The team also just signed him to a contract extension that should keep him in San Francisco for the foreseeable future (