California Brown Issues First Statement In Wake Of Trump Winning Election

Trump may have won the election, but California isn’t ready to back down on some issues. While the state is home to protests, some peaceful and some turning bitter, Governor Jerry Brown of California states that while they should do their part to help unify the country, California will stay true to its principals.

The Governor only made the brief comment since Trump’s surprising win on Tuesday. The Governor hopes the nation can mend its fences and divisiveness following the emotional election. Brown is one of the Governors expected to spar with Trump, who opposes the Affordable Care Act that has led to a large growth of government-subsidized healthcare in California.

While some have vowed to lead a resistance against the new president, others have leaned towards a hope of working together over the next few years. Brown struck a conciliatory tone but pressed that he intends to protects the rights of his people and confront the devastating climate change problem. His statement can be read here.

Another area Brown is expected to clash with Trump is immigration. California includes sanctuary cities and is open to the idea of open borders, a plan pushed heavily by Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump has strongly opposed these views vowing to uphold immigration laws, deport those who have entered the US illegally, and even building a wall across the US southern border with Mexico. For now, the country continues to be in disbelief, skepticism, upheaval, and some celebrating. Brown ended his statement with the nation’s motto “E Pluribus Unum”, meaning out of many, one. This is the hope for the country as we all move forward. We are many, some unhappy, some celebrating, but together we need to move forward and become one. While it is most certain that those in government will not agree on everything, it is a time to come together and try to find common ground so that the people can prosper. No one will agree with everything that is done, but there is hope that we can heal and become a nation again.