After Business With Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson was a leader in the world of business for over 25 years. Now, after a long and successful career, he has turned his attention to giving back. Autterson is taking the same vigor he brought to the financial services industry to the world of philanthropy. Currently, Autterson is a member of the Board of Directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems.


Based in Englewood, Colorado, Falci Adaptive Biosystems is an innovative non-profit organization. This group helps the disabled to interact better with the world around them. Falci Adaptive Biosystems makes it possible for engineers and medical professionals to connect and develop solutions that help people with neuromuscular problems.


This organization helps newly disabled people move quickly from acute care into rehabilitative and adaptive phases of care. Because of Falci’s innovations, they’re able to re-enter the normal flow of life much more seamlessly. In creating new technologies for the disabled, Falci Adaptive Biosystems is helping to improve quality of life for untold numbers of people.


Falci does this by improving the way that people interface with machines. These advances require knowledge sharing between engineers of all types with medical doctors. Computer science, mechanics and biology specialists are all key in this work. The work they do has important applications for the world of prosthetics and other adaptive mechanisms. Get Related Information Here.


Matthew Autterson’s role on the board of this organization is very important. His decision-making ability and communication skills help facilitate important innovations. His connections help makes it possible to bring new solutions to medical centers. With his prior experience on the board of organizations such as the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson brings a great deal of valuable experience to the table.


Autterson has never been afraid to work his connections. He knows how to bring in big sponsors and raise awareness. Matthew Autterson’s commitment to the FAB mission of improving mobility has really translated with donors, and with the general public.


Matthew Autterson has long been known for overcoming challenges. Along with his passion for business and philanthropy, he’s always found other ways to achieve, too. He’s an accomplished athlete, even completing a marathon. Although his work in the world of finance is done for now, he will continue to do great things for his community in Colorado.