Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe met her match after helping others find theirs

Whitney Wolfe is the savvy entrepreneur and business mind who brought the popular dating app called Bumble to life. The app, which allows females to make the first move after matching with a prospective mate, had 20-million users as of late 2017. Today it only continues to grow in popularity. She now is not only the founder of Bumble but also acts as the CEO. Her attempt to help many people find love was also rewarded within the past year thanks to a beautiful life-changing event of her own.Prior to launching her successful new ventures, Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University. While her college major involved international studies, she picked up early experience in business and marketing. At just age 19, she developed bamboo tote bags with sales proceeds donated to areas affected by the BP oil spill. That business effort resulted because a success with national press coverage thanks to several celebrities seen out and about with the bags.

When she started working with Tinder in 2012, Whitney Wolfe gained even more marketing experience. She became the vice president of marketing and it was said she helped to inspire the dating app’s name based on it being a fire created by small sticks known as “tinder.” That particular app continues to rank as the most popular amongst dating apps today, although Wolfe’s newer dating app, Bumble, is among the top four. The Bumble app works similar to Tinder in that users will swipe right for those individuals they like or are interested in, and swipe left for those individuals they’re not interested in. Once a match occurs, the female must initiate the conversation within 24 hours to keep things going. The company headquarters are located in Austin, Texas with the purpose of the app to help its users find more pleasant dating experiences than on other dating sites or apps.In 2016, the Bumble app added the ability to find friends as well using the Bumble BFF mode. Users can connect with other individuals looking for friends by swiping.

There was also the later addition of the Bumble Bizz feature which gives Bumble a sort of “Twitter” aspect where people can expand their professional network using the app.That basically means Bumble can be used for dating, finding friends, and networking, all in one app thanks to Whitney Wolfe’s brilliant creation.Speaking of successful matches, Witney Wolfe also found her own. In 2017 she married Michael Herd after two years of dating and a lot of phone conversation during those years. The couple wed in Southern Italy at the Villa Treville hotel just near the gorgeous Sirenusa islands. The opulent hotel location came highly recommended by friends and the weekend involved one of the top wedding stylists around, Cynthia Cook. Whitney referred to Cook bringing her visions to life as “the most majestic, special ceremony ever” indicating there were no dry eyes around.It seems only fitting that the creator of an app which helps others to find love, was able to celebrate hers in such a beautiful way.