Bruno Fagali Changing The Perception Of The Brazilian Law

     As far as we can recall, the influence of fake news on the electoral process has always been in the limelight and it experienced a major influx during Trump’s election. Fortunately, according to Bruno Fagali, the scenario might take a different turn in Brazil’s election because the TSE is now taking steps to curb its effects. The article which was posted in Fagali’s press further added that the TSE is now in the process of coordinating a team of experts who will look into the matter and come up with tools and solutions which will help combat the impact of fake news on our electoral process.

Nevertheless, the team is faced with an even bigger threat of deepfakes. These are videos that can be manipulated by adding the face of someone who was not a part of hence tarnishing their name. What’s even worse is that deepfakes also dubbed fake apps are easy to use, effortlessly accessible and one cannot really tell that it is a fake video. Ever since their inception, these videos have been used to tarnish the name of numerous politicians, celebrities, and other prominent people by linking them to pornography sites.

About Bruno Fagali

The Brazilian law and justice system is packed with a bunch of corrupt and unjust judges and attorneys who will go to any lengths just to fulfill their interests. However, there are a few who stand out for doing what is always right even if it means sacrificing their own material wealth and topping this list is Bruno Fagali.

Ever since he was young, Bruno has always had the passion to do what is right and he has really helped change the perception of the Brazilian law system in a significant way. His passion for law and to becoming one of the best lawyers in the country began a long time ago when he first attended the Institute of administrative law Paulista. He later furthered his studies at the Pontifical Catholic University where he intimately encountered law and emerged with an MD in administrative law. His area of specialization enabled him to focus on what he always wanted and that is, help shape the lives of others by championing for their rights and freedoms while at the same time help shape the system by being vocal about corruption.

Fagali’s determination to become one of the best attorneys in Brazil led him to Tojal where he practiced as an intern before moving on to various high profile firms such as Radi, Calil, and Associados. However, it did not take long before he got his big breakthrough when he established the Fagali advocacy. It is through this firm that the renowned attorney has helped change the lives of many people by ensuring that justice is served in equality to all regardless of their social status. Besides helping others, Bruno Fagali has made a name for himself in the Brazilian scope of law thanks to always being on the frontline of the war against corruption. He fights it at every opportunity that comes his way and even writes about it in Fagali press.

Fortunately, his efforts have not gone unrecognized as he has bagged numerous prestigious awards and was also appointed as the manager of communication of public interest alias CIP among many others in which he inputs his proficiency to making not only Brazil but also the world a better place. So much can be said about this man but one thing is certain, he is truly a force to reckon in this sector and one that will definitely change the way the world views Brazil.