Brian Torchin Helps People To Help People

As important and unique a profession as nursing, physical therapy, and other medical professions are, there are aspects of them that are just like any other job. One of them is the search for these jobs themselves. Some laypeople mistakenly think that successful completion of a nursing or therapy degree automatically guarantees an entry into a professional position. And there’s no question that such a diploma accompanied by an impressive academic record can be very helpful. But that’s not all that’s involved in successfully finding a job in these fields. So how should one proceed?

Job applicants in these and related fields certainly have the option of making the rounds of employment agencies and checking postings at hospitals’ human resource offices. But they have another option as well, in Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. HCRC is unique among employment agencies in that it focuses on connecting hiring facilities and job seekers from across the spectrum of the medical profession. The company continually helps to fill positions such as medical administrators, billing office staff, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, and more. HCRC does so by offering professional counseling to job seekers, and maintains an extensive database that allows them to connect job seekers and employers quickly, usually in less than seventy two hours. In utilizing HCRC, employers are never charged until a successful match is made, and never forced to use HCRC as their exclusive job poster.

HCRC was founded in 2007 by Brian Torchin as his resume indicates, a health care professional who after years as working as a chiropractor, understood that it could be difficult to find jobs in the medical field. Such jobs often weren’t formally advertised and were quickly filled. Competition for them was often intense. And qualified job seekers often didn’t understand how to properly market themselves. Even more, it could be hard for job seekers to make sure that they were up to date on training and certifications as they transferred among jobs without professional guidance.

And as in any other professions, those within the medical fields sometimes leave jobs without warning. What might be annoying within another profession can be catastrophic here. Torchin felt that there should be a service in place that specialized in filling these gaps as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Torchin also felt that employers should feel confident as well that employees that they were taking on had been vetted and approved by other sources before coming to them.

Because of Torchin’s obvious success with the HCRC strategy in an initial Philadelphia office, he has expanded beyond Pennsylvania, and now has offices in Florida and Delaware. In all of these undertakings, Torchin says his company’s goals remain the same. HCRC wants to provide medical facilities across the country with talented and
professional staffing quickly.  He frequently talks healthcare on his Vimeo account.  But he’s also known for sending out the occasional tweet about healthcare from his Brian Torchin account.