Brazil’s Unique Way Of Advertising

Brazil, with its extraordinarily expanding market, wealth of natural resources and its steady and secure democracy, is now being ranked fifth among all countries in foreign investments. Brazil has graciously embodied their new mantra and that is “A country with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Brazil recognized that in order to keep up with the burgeoning world of advertising they needed to change how businesses operated within their country. Brazil has made “enormous improvements with regards to starting a business, obtaining permits, protecting minority investors, trading across borders, etc” Professionals within the advertising industry can often be heard discussing advertising in Brazil as innovative and creative. Their appealing print ads and outside-the-box-thinking commercials are winning awards and prizes at many of the top competitions worldwide.

When it comes to advertising, Brazil employs some of the most creative minds in the advertising world and their goal is to entertain to the nth degree. “Brazilians are suckers for great advertising and treat the advertising people as celebrities.” One such celebrity is Claudio Loureiro, the founder and president of Heads Propaganda, a 21 year old advertising agency that still receives accolades today. Claudio initially studied law, however his entrepreneurial side took a hold of him and he is now heading the largest, privately held advertising agency in Brazil.

Claudio’s dream of putting Rio de Janeiro on the map for filmmakers was both calculating and brilliant. His vision transcended Hollywood and he was able to seduce filmmakers from all over the world. “People saw Rio de Janeiro as this hard, violent city and this is not what I saw. I saw a place of such beauty, such hope and I knew one day the world would see that too.” Claudio was an “inventor, a visionary and a true friend”. A friend and business associate states that Claudio will often say “True, there is always new and large problems that arise but also, new and great solutions, as well!”

Nowadays Brazil’s advertising agencies include two major types; multinational privately held agencies such as the one Claudio Loureiro runs or Brazilian agencies that are known for their distinct creativity and experiencing a huge amount of success. As both types continue to push the advertising envelop and employ award winning artists, Brazil’s cutting edge, high ranking status will remain and that is entertaining and exciting for everyone.

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  1. Claudio, a huge admirer and lover of film and all things Hollywood, began reaching out to producers and directors with hopes of bringing them to his beloved country. It is very good that the best dissertation can get everything they want from them too.

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