Brazil’s Move To E-Government Offers Better Service To Citizens

In Brazil, e-governe is increasingly taking responsibility for municipal tax management, electronic health systems and municipal education departments, improving efficiency and keeping the departments running smoothly. Providing a suite of integrated solutions, e-govern offers more than 100 different modules and 18 systems, which can meet the all of the requirements of municipal entities.


E-governe accommodates multiple users, and it is scalable to adapt to high use environments. With cross-platform, Internet-based solutions, safety measures are essential. E-govern ensures data security, with hosting and storage handled in the company’s technology center.


The Brazilian city of Osasco offers an excellent example of how implementing the e-governe education solution is straightforward with the help of contractor ICI. With Osasco’s 138 schools, the Municipal Education Department headquarters and the city’s Continuing Education Center, the staff was duplicating work as there was no centralized system in place. E-governe is capable of handling big data in a centralized location with ease; managers can request reports in real time and other administrators can access the same reports so that no one is duplicating work that another staff member has done already.


E-governe tools for city services include:



  • e-governe Residues – for municipal garbage collection
  • E-governe Transportes – helps cities develop public transport strategies
  • e-governe Contracts – manages all stages of government contracts
  • e-governe Financeiro – offers budgeting and planning services
  • e-governe Tributos – a tax management system



Besides the tools listed above, there are numerous solutions available from e-governe to assist municipalities with planning, budgeting and allocating resources.


E-governe Saúde for municipal and state health departments is one of the company’s key solutions as public health administration is difficult. With -governe Saúde, all the data from a municipality’s healthcare units are integrated, making scheduling healthcare professional more orderly, which reduces wait times for patients. E-governe schedules hospital beds as well. For the public’s safety, e-governe also manages and records the application of vaccines.


We have been talking about e-governe solutions, however, e-governe includes three separate companies; Minauro, Sisteplan and Consult. Minauro develops systems for governments; Sisteplan’s specialty is public management and Consult focuses on systems updated with current legislation.


E-goverment is through e-governe is making information more accessible to citizens and providing a way to save money at the same time. When technology is used for processes that were done on paper before, information is retrieved easily, giving the public immediate answers to their questions.