Brazil’s Best Litigator, Ricardo Tosto Oliveira Carvalho

The famous lawyer in Leite, Tosto, and Barros is undisputedly Ricardo Tosto. He is known more as compared to his partners because of his leadership qualities in the firm. He is seen as the one who guides the company in many ways to prosperity. The company is now recognized in Brazil because he was conducting mass litigation at the same time handling the cases in a very organized way.

Legal services are now offered to Brazilians in a more efficient manner. Ricardo Tosto has made many friends and customers because of his way of litigation that is based on good management. His cases are treated with the urgency that they deserve and Ricardo Tosto is loyal to his clientele. Before filing any case, he gives the correct advice to the customers so that they can make the right decisions.

There are many law firms in Brazil and they have many people who practice law; interns, associates, and partners. Specialized law firms will often hire less than 50 practitioners. The country has many law graduates who work as private personnel. Partners work on the basis of who brings more clients or business to the company. Interns are many all over the country and they try as much as possible to get experience from the experts such as Ricardo Tosto Oliveira Carvalho. The associates are hired by a firm so that they can work and earn a salary. Hourly fees are charged by the owners for the clients to pay.

In Brazil, there are many lawyers but you need to look for a respectable one when dealing with serious cases. It will make judges honor their requests hence reducing time spent in hearings. Brazilian attorneys are very educated due to the intense training offered in schools thus making defense tactics very sharp.

In litigation of cases involving money laundering and corporate crime, Ricardo Tosto is an expert. He believes that the evidence offered by the Swiss banks is not to be relied on because they do not observe the necessities of the prosecutors. In Labor and Environmental issues, he is the perfect person to handle the cases. He has worked on a case that needed termination of a large HEP project and he keeps advising people that due process should be followed when striking any environmental deal.


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  1. No doubt, Brazil is a home to many lawyers however, there is one who has lots of experience and better profile. According to assignmentbox review having a credible and experience lawyers will always make judges honor their request. Ricardo Tosto is one lawyer you can count on for any of your litigation, most especially a litigation which involves money laundering and corporate crime.

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