Brad Reifler, The Shrewd Investment Expert

Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management. The firm is an advisory board that offers guidance services in the forex and stock markets, and he’s also well known for his beautiful New York home. Brad is highly skilled given his vast experience that spans over thirty years. He undertook his economics and political science degree from the Bowdoin College. He started his career by founding of his own company. In 1982, he started his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation. The company dealt in international derivatives. The company was able to gain a lot of success that impressed Refco. Refco ended up purchasing the company.

Reifler saw this as an opportunity to form another company, which Wikipedia shows. He founded Pali Capital, which turned out to be a greater success. He served as the chief executive officer and chairman of the company for thirteen years. The company went ahead to make $200 million in profits and opened a number of offices in Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Reifler was able to capitalize on hedge funds by taking a unique strategy. Instead of giving advice on the stocks to be purchased or sold, he adopted their idea. By mixing derivative structures and credit analysis research, Reifler taught traders on how to execute the strategy by themselves. This strategy pushed Pali Capital on the forefront and it started recording a commission income of over $1 billion. Brad was able to increase the number of employees besides opening new offices in four continents.

Brad went ahead to start Forefront Capital, LLC in 2009. A large chunk of his time is dedicated to Forefront Capital LLC, which has a number of subsidiaries that include Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Brad is working to create a different product offering that sets him apart from his competitors. Presently, Reifler works as the chief executive officer of Forefront Advisory, which is a firm that offers advisory services to traders in the forex and stock market. Commodity market and foreign exchange are considered volatile areas and as such, they require individuals having adequate experience. Brad is the most sought after person when it comes to provision of advice on investment issues.

Brad does not shy off from the public, which is why he’s a popular presence on Twitter. He is a crusader for investments and investment opportunities. He has been recorded repeatedly advising all classes of people to make investments that can make their future and that of their children easier. He strongly believes that investment should not be left for the rich and wealthy members of the society but everyone should participate in such ventures. There is an investment opportunity for every class of people. His views have been documented in Reuters, Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch. Reifler is outspoken about finding the right investment projects, which he believes can have great benefit in terms of making people experience financial freedom.