Brad Reifler Reflects on “Money Monster”

Financial expert and CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, is a man who likes to pay attention to the media and to see how it reflects the realities of our times. He recently weighed in with observations on the movie “Money Monster,” starring George Clooney.

In the film, a disgruntled investor breaks into the live studio taping of a financial television show that offers hot stock tips. The investor takes the show host hostage, as he is angry that he lost everything on one of the show’s hot tips. Clooney and the other stars take cover as a tense hostage situation ensues.

Reifler took note of the truths in this fictional film’s narrative, one of which is that most small investors (the 99 percent) are shut out from the major investment opportunities that the big investors (the 1 percent) are given access to. Reifler’s company, Forefront Capital, has in fact worked hard to see that more small investors are given access to the investment opportunities that the 1 percent has long been able to take advantage of.

In Reifler’s view, small investors are dealing with three major disadvantages. They are forced to pay hefty fees on their investments, whether they make money or not. Non-accredited investors have historically been shut out of access to hedge funds, private funds and private investments. Finally, non-accredited investors are mostly given access to investment funds that are tied to the stock market, and thus are at a higher risk.

In Reifler’s view, what’s needed is for small investors to have more power as investors and more access to solid opportunities. Reifler started Forefront Capital as a way to allow small investors a way into the kinds of investments that have long been reserved for the 1 percent.

As Reifler has said, in order to save more for the future, small investors in middle America need greater access. For Reifler, creating these kinds of opportunities is what it’s all about.