A Bombshell for the Lip Balm Business

Simply put, EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is credited with making a name for itself by standing the concept of reverse engineering on its head. Reverse engineering is the idea that you do what works in business ventures, for a while, before daring to do something to shake up the industry first. Think of it as market trend analysis put into action. Of course, before any new start-up attempts something like this, they need to have good enough reasons. And in retrospect, the unavailability of variety in the lip protection market makes for more than a good enough reason.

The evidence for this perfect storm to shake up the market is in the meteoric rise from squeezing to get a foot in the door to full-scale automated mass production into the millions a week. In the history of EOS lip balm it takes less than a decade to make an empire. Naturally, making something like this happen is a team effort, and in the case of this company, Kline Research is to be commented for their incomparable input. Sometimes, people just take for granted that they are getting the best product available to them when the fact is completely to the contrary.

Really, the success of this company and its product is the success of the women in business. The first buyers on eBay and Amazon, as retailers, are women and the majority of their customers who use the product are women as well. Another reason for the blow-out success of EOS and their products is that their competition let myopia get the best of them. Lip balm is not a cutthroat industry, after all, and a good idea coupled with pin-point market analysis is all that a smart founder named Sanjiv Mehra needs to get ahead. Who knows what heights the next decade holds in store for him and his organization?

Product link: http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-summer-fruit/-/A-13352556