Billionaire George Soros Makes More Contributions in Florida

Billionaire investor George Soros has recently vowed to make a considerable amount of political donations to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As well as providing funds for Clinton’s campaign, Soros is also looking to spend money to help entice Puerto Ricans to vote for Clinton. This tactic is being done in order to help get this demographic geared towards voting for Clinton in one of the biggest battleground states.

Recently, Soros has decided to provide funds of up to $200,000 through United For Progress. With the help and influence of this organization, Soros will be in position to influence a number of voters among the Puerto Rican population. By getting these votes, Soros will likely help Hillary Clinton win the state of Florida in this year’s upcoming election.

Since a considerable amount of Puerto Ricans vote Democrat, Soros and the United for Progress organization will have the ability to get more votes which will help contribute to a favorable outcome in the upcoming election on Along with assisting the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Soros’ contributions will also help get local Florida legislators elected. There are a number of Hispanic political leaders who are currently running for office. With the contributions by George Soros, these candidates will likely have the upper hand in the upcoming elections.

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In recent years, George Soros has donated $1.3 million in an effort to help get State Attorney Jeff Ashton removed from office. He has also made contributions to help oust another state attorney Mark Ober as well. With these contribution efforts, George Soros is looking to help reform the criminal justice system. By making a considerable amount of donations, Soros will likely help a number of Democrat candidates make up the majority in the state of Florida.

George Soros is well known for being one of the wealthiest men in the world. As a billionaire investor, Soros has looked to help make a considerable contribution to society with his wealth. His main approach to making a difference in society is by making lots of political donations to Democratic candidates. This year has been no different as he is now looking to spread his influence to the swing state of Florida. With a vast Hispanic population that is Democrat bent, Soros is looking to help ensure that voters elect more Democrats in a traditionally Republican legislature.

With his massive donations, Soros is in position to give Democrats the resources necessary to put together effective campaigns. Having more successful campaigns will then allow Democrat candidates to more easily spread their influence and get more votes. Whether it is for state legislature, House of Representatives or president of the United State, the contributions made by George Soros will likely help Democrat candidates increase their chances of getting elected. They will be in better position to defeat their Republican rivals in elections for years to come. With the combination of Soros’ large contributions and the demographics leaning towards the Democrat party, liberal political candidates will likely have what they need to reach their goal of being elected into office.