Bikers Killed After Driver Hits Them

Tragedy has hit Kalamazoo, Michigan. The driver of a truck hit nine bicyclists who were taking part in a group ride. Five of the people died while four of them were taken to a local hospital. Fortunately, officers were able to quickly find the driver and arrest him.

This is a tragedy that shouldn’t happen. How can someone not see a group of people on bicycles, and if the driver did see the people on the bikes, why wouldn’t the driver slow down or go around the bikers? It’s a senseless act, and the driver should be punished. A large group of bikers on the road isn’t hard to see. They were traveling in a group. It wasn’t like there was only one or two at a time. There were several on the side of the road. They were obeying the traffic laws. They were simply trying to enjoy an afternoon together, not asking for any kind of trouble. The driver’s name and information about the charges have not been released. His arraignment is to take place on Thursday, June 8, 2016. A staging area has been set up in the town by officers so that they can give information about the incident. The crime lab is completing an investigation to determine if the driver was intoxicated while driving or if it was a simple mistake.