The Beyonce Takeover for Coachella

Beyonce has it all. She has become a worldwide sensation that rock Coachella in 2018. There was so much hype around it because people were disappointed when she was unable to get a Coachella performance in in 2017 when she was pregnant. In the early stages of her pregnancy she was still planning to come to Coachella because she had already been on the Grammy Awards earlier in the year. By the time that Coachella rolled around she was not able to make that performance. Lady Gaga would come in and do an excellent job for the 2017 Coachella headliner, but 2018 is clearly the year of Beyonce at Coachella. She became such a showstopper that and tweets and social media post concerning this concert.

Beyonce have made history as the first black woman to headline this event. She may have also made history with the amount of people that she had on stage for her Coachella performance. There was a full ban in place to help her bring a real outstanding sound to her songs. No one had to wonder if she was lip-syncing because it was clear with the band in place that she was bringing her own vocals to the table that night.

People around the world that were not able to Coachella events live still have the possibility of getting a Coachella performance in through YouTube. This made people get a chance to see exactly what all the hype was about because there are many people that do not know much about Coachella. Beyonce may have even grab the attention of an urban community that is typically not known for attending this event in great numbers. It tends to be more of a mainstream pop event with some indie acts mixed in between.

When Beyonce hit the stage it was clear that she was going to have a wonderful act. She may be the biggest headliner this year outside of the Essence Festival where Janet Jackson will be the main attraction. It appears that Coachella is the beginning of the big summer music festivals, and Beyonce has kicked things off to a great start with the roll that she has with this new Coachella concert that gained a ton of attention.