Beyonce Reigns Supreme at Coachella

As spring rolls around and the temperature heats up it becomes time for the music festivals to begin. People have been talking about Coachella for a long time because they were looking for a chance to see Beyonce. Last year she was pregnant with twins and the festival was something that she was not able to do. This year Beyonce returned as the headliner, and she made news as the first black woman to ever head up Coachella. The reason this is significant is because of the crowd that attends Coachella. It is true that in the past there have been rappers like Eminem and Snoop Dogg at these events. Even this year artists like Miguel were performing, but the audience is typically white.

All that people have to do is take a look at the wild photos of fans that are hanging out in the crowd at this music festival. It is easy to see that it is something that is designed more so for a crowd of white music consumers. Fortunately, Beyonce has become so much of a pop sensation of mainstream staples in the music industry that this did not matter.

Oddly, the mother of Beyonce, Tina Knowles, did not believe that this crowd for Coachella would embrace what Beyonce was trying to do. In the midst of a two-hour performance that involved an African queen type of entrance along with a full marching band and a Destiny’s Child reunion it became clear that Beyonce was loving her blackness and was all about expressing her love for being black. Tina Knowles did not know if this would be received so well by a white audience. When she talked to Beyonce about it she voiced her concerns, and she was impressed and elated by the statements that Beyonce made about her desire to help the culture improve.

In many ways this is a strong statement from a bold artist that seems to be making a large majority of her statements through music. Most people that have seen Beyonce in action knows that she is someone that does not do a lot of talking. She does not have a lot of interviews so most of her thoughts about what is going on is expressed through her music.