Beyonce Delights at Coachella

Beyonce has been the talk of the town this week. All eyes were on her last weekend as she went into multiple costume changes for multiple songs with multiple guest appearances. This was really showing the strength of her performance even as she got close to 40. There were a lot of people that were watching through YouTube. It was the type of show that would go down in history as one of the greatest Coachella performances of all time. There were so many things for people to talk about.

Most people may have assumed that she could not top the performance that she had at the Superbowl. They were wrong. Every time that it seems like Beyonce cannot go another step further she does the unthinkable and does just that. This is why people could not stop talking about what has been dubbed Beychella. To say that Beyonce took over was an understatement. She was putting her time into building a show that her fans could appreciate.

The fans that came out were well aware that she was going to be going over the top, but few people were aware that Beyonce would put on this type of show. It is something that shows people that she is a visual thinker. From the “Lemonade” album where she released all songs with a video it was clear that Beyonce was on another level last year. This is just a continuation of her thought process when it comes to a delivery of something that is visually stunning. People cannot overlook her talent regardless of their take on her music. She has proven that she can work inside of a wide range of music outlets.

This is the same woman that has a song with Ed Sheeran, but she also released a song with Eminem in the same year. She is the start that may have tracks produced by Justin Timberlake, but she may also get some songs written by Ne-Yo. Sometimes Beyonce is writing the songs herself. This is all a sign of the magic that Beyonce explores her diverse sound. She has been known as the person that tends to make music for everyone. There are no limits on her music selections or her performances.