Betsy DeVos is Ready to Change Washington D.C.

The election of Donald Trump to the White House has proven two fundamental things that will never, ever change: 1) people are willing to listen to outsiders and 2) people are tired of listening to the so-called ‘old regime’. Donald Trump took his position and immediately began making appointments that went against hundreds of years of political expertise, fulfilling his promise to ‘Drain the Swamp‘ and give outsiders their chance to make their voice heard. Among his appointments, many of which ended up being quite controversial was Betsy DeVos for the position of Secretary of Education. DeVos came into her position with experience but lacking a national profile. As a result, many people did not know how to react to Betsy DeVos’ placement atop the government ladder. Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about Betsy DeVos so as to understand the future of America’s educational system.


Our formative years tend to inspire our future progression and that is obviously the case for Betsy DeVos. Born in a small Dutch community in Michigan, DeVos spent her childhood by becoming close to both her Christian and conservative values. DeVos was raised by a family that had no lack of success with her brother Erik Prince founding Blackwater but Betsy DeVos wouldn’t be content playing second fiddle. She’d end up going to Calvin College where she would begin to study the work of Milton Friedman in earnest, thus putting her on the track that would lead to a revolution for school choice activists.


Of course, DeVos didn’t go from school straight into politics. Instead, she focused on working with charity groups that focused on school choice — such as the 501(C)(3) groups named Children First America and American Education Reform Council. Betsy would then work alongside her husband, Dick DeVos, in order to pass the very first charter-school bill in Michigan’s history, back in 1993. In 2000, Betsy DeVos would try to ratify Michigan’s State Constitution in order to add a tax-credit/voucher system for scholarships. The bill didn’t pass, but it put Betsy DeVos on the path that would lead her to Washington D.C.


After becoming intimate with philanthropic work, Betsy DeVos was on the radar for a post in Washington D.C. When Donald Trump came calling, Mrs. DeVos was quick to accept his offer and transition into our nation’s capital. Now, Betsy DeVos is becoming a bulldog in the fight for school choice advocates.