The Best Basketball Team Deserve To Have The Best Player

Sports fans will travel the country for the excitement of seeing their favorite team play. They sometimes go over board when it comes to the great showmanship and atheletic ability of their favorite player. They want silence when the games are on the television, with no voice being heard but theirs. You cannot interrupt them for any reason, unless the house is on fire. True sports fans keep up with all of the activities of their team, and they know all of the stats, and can predict the outcome of every game, down to the number of points the star player will score. There is nothing like a true sports enthusiast. They are as active in the game as the players are.

The fans of basketball great Kevin Durant are delighted of his decision to play for the Golden State Warriors. They feel like this franchise is getting the best of the best. Kevin is not really focused on the amount of money that he could receive, but more about the fact that he wants to be a part of this team. He is a young player who has proven himself to be among the greatest players of all times. He has captured the hearts of many fans with his skill of the game. Kevin is a hard player, and gives his all to his team. Now he wants to give that all to the Warriors. Your text to link… His reason for not seeking a large pay check is because he has accumulated much during his career.

This is a perfect example to set for those younger, and older, than he. Often times it is not all about the money as much as it is just doing something that you like to do. The one thing that Kevin wants to do is to play with this team. Much of the responses to his announcement have been very much in his favor. Fans would love to see him continue his career with one of the best teams in the basketball league. Not only does he deservs to play for the Warriors, but the team deserves to have him play with them. Here is wishing him the best in his venture to play with the Warriors.