Beating the Odds with Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is the SVP and the CMO of the True Value Company, and he is having a tremendous impact on how the world of retail is operating efficiently and for the benefit of both the retail establishment and the customer. This is why Goodgame was named the SVP and both the CMO of True Value Company. Kenneth Goodgame has had years of experience in merchandising in the retail industry and in marketing the products and services of hardware stores.

Merchandising has long been the heart of retail, and how customers react to your retail product. This means that Goodgame plays an important role in retail and how it presents itself to the customer. The appearance of a product, and the fact that it’s something a customer needs and will use is a beautiful thing. However, this doesn’t mean that they will buy it. He teaches employees to find ways to attract customers to the newest and most innovative products, rather than focusing on selling from the position that it’s a good buy because it is cheap.

Goodgame has been teaching True Value among other companies that innovative merchandising is just one small part of sales. The other part of sales is that you must make the value proposition work for you. Your business always needs a streamlined approach, and making the right decisions in the beginning will lead to better decisions for your business long-term. The goal for Goodgame isn’t just about growth from a sales perspective, but his goal is also related to improving benefits for employees.

Balancing corporate alignment with what employees need, as well as making the buying decision easy for customers is what is on tap for Goodgame and True Value Hardware. Creating a value proposition allows your customers to see that there is value in what you do, and there is no problem asking for the amount of money you are charging. It’s really that simple.

Goodgame continues to promote growth and leadership within the True Value Hardware company, and has been well-known for many years for his efforts in the retail marketplace. Goodgame has been sought after as a leader in identifying shifts in the market as well as to take his company to the next level in sales!