Avaaz Create Change Through Community Activism

The internet and social media has forever changed the way non profits and activists get the word out about their causes and methods of organizing. Avaaz is one of the most successful examples of community activism and how organizing campaigns and petitions for change is influenced by online platforms. Avaaz support several different types of activism, ranging from political corruption to climate change to poverty, anything that the community feels passionate about and worthy of change now.

Every cause has the same process that it must go through before it is supported by the Avaaz team as a whole. Once causes or issues are introduced, the team will present it to a small portion of the community to gauge interest and engagement. Causes that are deemed actionable are then given campaign status and the community resources are made available to activists to utilize in order to bring more awareness and create public interest in their cause. Members of the Avaaz team work with individual activists to help them create the best online and locale specific campaigns, and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

All different types of methods of protest and social interaction is used in order to drive change and bring issues to the forefront. Emails to the community are the main means of communication, introducing causes and informing activists of organized events and ways to act and help with specific issues related to each cause. Avaaz has notably created media buzz through grand protests that use human interactions to make a point to policy makers, and resume their.

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