Troy McQuagge – Highly Successful Business Leader in the United States

USHEALTH Group is among the top health and medical insurance companies in the United States, which is being headed by one of the top executives in the country, Troy McQuagge. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and has helped tremendously in its growth and expansion. Under the leadership of Troy McQuagge, the company has witnessed massive growth and increase in revenue in the last few years. One Planet Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards that honor excellence in the corporate sector.



Recently, Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold Winner at the One Planet Awards in the Best CEO Category. Many different local and international companies of different scale were also the part of the race, but Troy McQuagge came out victorious. The Gold Award for the best CEO Category is given to the executive who has helped in pushing his/her firm’s growth considerably and demonstrated different leadership and business skills that have helped the company in generating huge profits, increase sales, boost marketing and branding measures, and more. Upon joining the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge took it upon himself to revamp the company’s business model.



One of the first tasks he did was to overhaul the business machinery of the USHEALTH Advisors, which is one of the business arms of the USHEALTH Group. The modifications implemented by Troy McQuagge helped the USHEALTH Advisors to become profitable and achieve considerable success after a long period of stagnancy. It is a well-known fact in the United States that the insurance market is flooded with the insurance companies and thousands of insurance products to choose from. It makes it difficult for the consumers to choose the right product or trust the business to provide excellent service.



It is where USHEALTH Group comes in as Troy McQuagge has been able to implement some of the breakthrough business strategies that has helped in gaining trust of the audience and device insurance products that are viable and economical. Troy McQuagge said after winning the award for the Best CEO Category at the One Planet Award that he aims to make the insurance market economical and easily accessible for the people. Troy McQuagge continues to come up with ideas and unique insurance products that are beneficial for the small to medium sized businesses as well as low income group people. Troy Mcquagge has studied arts from the Central Florida University. He is one of the most successful business executives in the country today.

Imran Haque as an internist : Medical Proficiency

Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known and respected internist who has been practicing medicine for the past 19 years. He has been providing medical services since 1998 at North Carolina and its environs.

Dr. Imran Haque studied medicine at North Carolina University and graduated in 1998.he was also enrolled for Certification Program for internal medicine where he obtained the professionalism in the internal medicine. He has been licensed by the state to practice medicine in the region of operation. Dr. Imran Haque offer medical services at affordable prices, and he accepts various medical insurance plans.

Dr. Imran Haque has a wide knowledge in internal medicine and makes it possible for him to offer diverse services to the patients. He evaluates the condition of the patient as by the medical procedures and prescribes the necessary treatment. His medical facility has incorporated modern technology such ultrasound service for effective treatment of the patient. Some of the services which he provides to the service include laser hair removal, treatment of diabetes and management of weight. Moreover, he provides physical exams to the members of the public. His ability to offer various service has necessitated several patients to visit him for specialized treatment. Many patients have consulted him to be their primary doctor.

Dr. Imran Haque performs a diagnosis to the patients and offers treatments at his office .sometimes he refers the patients to specialized doctors when he finds that the patient deserves specialized treatment. He has a laboratory where he conducts laboratory services for the patients.

The medical service of Dr. Imran Haque as a specialized internist has attracted various awards .he has received the awards as appreciation for the excellent services he is providing as a medical doctor. The distinguished award which he has received came from NC, United States of America local authority. Dr. Imran Haque medical proficiency has improved the quality of life of many people.

Meet the Leaders of Avaaz


Emma Ruby-Sachs, Deputy Director
Emma Ruby-Sachs is a writer, lawyer and the Deputy Director of Avaaz, a global civic movement with 44 million members worldwide. She is the author of The Waterman’s Daughter, a literary novel set in South Africa, released in 2011 and her writing has been published in The Guardian, The Nation, Huffington Post and other international outlets. She previously practiced constitutional appellate law and administrative law and worked on issues of wrongful arrest and wrongful conviction in Canada. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University and University of Toronto Faculty of Law and currently lives in Chicago, IL with her partner, Jane Saks and their daughter.



Ricken Patel, CEO
Ricken is the founding President and CEO of Avaaz, a global civic movement for social change which has rapidly grown since 2007 into the largest online activist community in the world, with over 44 million members in all 194 countries. Ricken was voted “Ultimate Gamechanger in Politics” by the Huffington Post, and named a Young Global Leader by the Davos World Economic Forum. He was also among Foreign Policy’s 100 Top Global Thinkers in 2012. He has lived and worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan and Sudan, working on conflict resolution for various organizations including the International Crisis Group and the International Center for Transitional Justice. Ricken holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Balliol College, Oxford University.

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Greg Secker; Founder of Greg Secker Foundation

Mr. Greg Secker is a renowned businessman who spends most of his time teaching others how to do business. He runs several seminars in his foundation on learning how to trade programmers. When recently asked to share some of what he believes in an interview with Lynn Fosse, the senior editor of CEOCFO, this is what he had to say. ” I believe in asking why not questions in life, instead of asking why questions,” Greg says that he believes in giving something a trial and continue finding out the details along the way. Mr. Secker also said that sharing knowledge with others is the best way to ensure that people get the most important things in life. It is important to teach others how to generate cash and be able to change their world according to him. He says that when people are empowered, they can make that they can make their own choices of important things in life.

Greg also says that it is important to give back to the society. Businesses and organizations should learn that it is important to change their society by helping the people to live better lives. Making money for any business should not be the utmost focus but making money and making their world better.

Mr. Secker told the editor that he had written a book on financial freedom. He said that in the book he has shared on how to get started in income generating projects. Greg says that he is in the process of writing his second book. In the second book, he will be sharing the importance of companies and different businesses getting involved in sharing with the community around them. Mr. Secker believes that that principle will; help companies advertise themselves more effectively by making a difference in their society.

Greg Secker is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation in London, where he runs seminars on Private Investments. The foundation aims at empowering young people. The life skills learned early enough will help them take charge of their lives. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nottingham. He was also recently named to the Board of Ambassadors for the city philanthropy in London.


“I Was Hacked!” You’re not Alone

With devastating impacts on its victims as real and costly as any other threats to individuals and businesses, cyber-crime is one of the most serious threats of the 21st century. The increasing frequency of attacks by hacker networks and their virus applications affect everyone from non-technical internet users to government entities and the largest firms.


Recent coverage of the WannaCry ransomware revealed that more than 400,000 computers were infected in more than 150 countries. Affected domestic firms included Honda, Hitachi and FedEx with The National Health System in the UK and Spain’s Telefonica being high-profile overseas victims.


Projected costs as high as $2 trillion annually by 2019, reveal the financial threat of cyber-attacks to business, government and consumer infrastructures.


To address the issue, both the Obama and Trump administrations have directed resources and provided budget proposals to address cyber-crime, which has increased from $100 billion in damage costs in 2013 to estimates as high as $500 billion in 2016.

The unfortunate reality is that those who find themselves hacked are not alone and they may find themselves the victims of more personal crimes in the future such as financial fraud and identity theft.


About Rubica


Located in Newcastle, WA, Rubica specializes in digital-rights and security-based solutions. The firm’s full-service personal cyber security offerings provide protection for all their customers’ devices wherever and whenever they are used. Rubica will help you to never say I was hacked ever again.


Staying Active With Osteoarthitis Made Simple With The Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the U.S. and the number one cause of disability among U.S. adults in the 21st century. The Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to assisting as many arthritis patients as possible live productive and active lives after they begin to feel the effects of this degenerative and incurable medical condition, which is caused by a breakdown of the cartilage between the bones causing pain and stiffness on a regular basis; the work of the Osteo Relief Institute includes teaching individuals how best to live their lives each and every day in a way that limits pain and restricts the stiffness causing inactivity.


Among the work of the Osteo Relief Institute are a series of daily tips and pieces of advice that should be followed to limit the pain and stiffness symptoms of osteoarthritis and the more than 100 other forms of arthritis found in the modern world. Some of the most important issues that should be addressed when dealing with osteoarthritis are reducing any excess weight causing stress to be placed on the joints; smoking should also be eliminated from the daily activities of an individual as this can cause the tissues connecting the joints to be damaged.


Osteoarthritis can seem like a life sentence for those who are diagnosed with the medical condition, but this does not have to be the case when assisted by the Osteo Relief Institute, which uses a range of FDA approved technologies to limit the movement towards surgery for any individual attending one of the Osteo Relief Institute locations across the U.S (HealthGrades).


The work of the Osteo Relief Institute is focused upon individuals who wish to live active and healthy lives without having to resort to surgical and invasive options to treat the symptoms of a range of arthritis-related conditions. Using the latest technologies has become the main aim of the Osteo Relief Institute as the physicians and surgeons look to use their own innovative physical therapy techniques to aid the symptoms of this often difficult to manage condition.

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The U.S. Money Reserve and the 2017 War of Nerves

The American government has been liaising with private corporations and various state and national agencies to collect information on the ever-intensifying war of nerves going on. As a result, it has been growing increasingly weary of an impending global economic war as sovereign states continued to grow more egotistic and opposed to dialogue.

The looming trade war has already been witnessed in faraway lands like the Gulf and Europe, manifesting in events like the Brexit. In response, the U.S. Money Reserve and the government, through America’s Gold Authority have already started preparing Americans for the tough times.

According to America’s Gold Authority, gold is historically credited to be the most reliable currency in times of turmoil since currencies edged barter trade out. Gold has been the one asset that is most stable and safe to possess in times of strife and dissent. Read more: Oil Production to Dip Below One Mill Barrel Per Day | Mynd Now

In fact, the value of gold is known to always increase drastically in the onset of global conflicts as the one looming. At such a time where uncertainty is common on how the stock markets will react to the 2017 War of Nerves, the America’s Gold Authority deems it only fitting that Americans stock up their supply of gold: it would secure their financial stability.

Philip N. Diehl, the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, explains that gold is tangible and does not succumb to the volatility of the trade forces and stock exchanges. It is resistant to tumultuous market forces and therefore it is a powerful tool for Americans to embrace and to utilize in case the global economy fails.

It will protect them from the loss of value if the War of Nerves does not cease. He also clarifies that gold is an approved currency that the government encourages its citizens to utilize. The president also explains that the trade of gold has been recently prioritized to enable Americans to acquire /10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins at a cost that is subjected to time scaling and regulation.

The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is a private entity which is profit oriented. However, due to the sensitive nature of its operations, it is closely monitored and supported by the government. It was founded in the year 2001.

It is one of America’s, and the worlds’ biggest distributors of valuable metal products top on the list being gold, silver, and platinum respectively. The U.S. Money Reserve serves many foreign governments as well the people of America through lucrative tenders that are regulated by the U.S. government.

It employs personnel with immaculate and unique training. The training equips them with the skills to determine the chemical qualities of metals and thus authenticating the gentility of the rare metals as well as fabricating them to fit a client’s custom requests.

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Susam McGalla: Exemplifying the Role of a Successful Working Woman

When it comes to women in the workplace, we would all be lying to ourselves if we said the glass ceiling problem was no longer an issue. Despite multiple solutions created in an attempt to solve this inequality, such as women leadership initiatives, clearly women are still having issues rising to higher ranks within their respective companies. Interestingly enough, companies with gender diversity have statistically proven more likely to outperform their competitors. You would think this would directly affect the outcomes for women attempting to acquire higher positions, but sadly this is not the case. To date, in the realm of fortune 500 companies, female CEO’s make up a staggeringly small percentage compared to their male counterparts. However, lets look at one of those rare exceptions where a woman has risen to the top. Susan McGalla is a shining example in this arena. From humble beginnings, she climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, and now is a pioneering proof that women can really succeed in a corporate environment.

Who is Susan McGalla Susan McGalla was raised in a family of football playing boys, so she learned early to push hard for her goals. She started her career at American Eagle Outfitters, and after holding multiple managerial roles and much hard work, was made the company’s Chief Merchandising Officer, and later President. She was in charge of the company as it launched its Aerie brand, as well as 777Kids brand. You may think this level of success would have satisfied anyone, but not Susan. She left American Eagle and later became the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a position she still holds today.

Susan McGalla also founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, consulting multiple clients in on subjects like retail and financial perspective, branding, marketing, talent, and operations. Susan has opened up about her success, spreading her story to other women and empowering them with her positive leadership.

In a world where gender equality in the workplace is still an ever-present issue, Susan McGalla has proven that women can still succeed.

West Coast Braces for Thousands of Eclipse Viewers in August

A total eclipse of the sun is coming in August, and America’s West Coast is directly in its path. Communities from coastal villages to tiny towns tucked away in mountain canyons are bracing for an influx of visitors in amounts they’ve never experienced before. Concerns exist that many eclipse travelers simply don’t understand how remote some areas of the American West really are and that essentials such as gasoline, groceries, and water may be in short supply. Estimates predict that the Central Oregon Coast may receive as many as 250,000 visitors — in an area with a population of less than 30,000 residents, this stands to have a serious impact on coastal communities. There is one highway that spans the length of the Oregon coast with several small feeder roads that reach Interstate 5 on the other side of the Coast Range. Neither Highway 101 nor the roads going over the Coast Range are equipped to handle the huge amount of traffic.


Because the last total eclipse of the sun last occurred in North America in 1972, the opportunity to view one is considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Local homeowners are making money renting out room and even camping spots. Community and business leaders all over the West Coast have been having strategy meetings for months to prepare for the onslaught of visitors, but many still feel as if they are unprepared due to the sheer numbers of people who will be descending on them.


Eclipse enthusiasts won’t have to wait another 45 years for the chance to see an eclipse on North American soil. There’s another one on the way in 2023 giving West Coast communities and businesses six years to brace for the next giant influx of eclipse chasers.


Brazil’s Most Successful Legal Advisor is Ricardo Tosto

Legal advisor, Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira’s organization is considered to be the safest and best, garnering little to no losses over a successful career. Even during massive demands of the legal trade the firm shows commitment and skill, almost like an athletic team instead of a law firm. In fact, as indicated by many banks, the reputable firm appears to glow exceptionally well during complex cases with clients, who specialize in cash monitoring. Associates of the successful counsel are enthusiastic stating the firm’s involvement typically delivers accurate results in terms of credit recovery and business advisory. In any case, the firm meets every criteria and often leads in many, establishing itself as a top provider of legal services in Brazil.

They are well accommodating and have enough involvement to precisely consider and give important lawful conclusions within a Judiciary framework. The Brazilian bank claims, at least 35 office legal counselors give benefit from pro bono services frequently provided by the firm. Ricardo Tosto is particularly for his execution, but he’s even surmounted desirable circumstances for nonprofit organizations like Best Buddies, and also avoided $44 million in fines for another company due to Tosto’s effective negotiations. The quality in claims additionally enabled the workplace to grow emphatically because of its cash related execution and work. Ricardo Tosto at Facebook.

In 2005, Tosto’s firm of attorneys were perceived across the world as setting a high standard. Which from the administrations, requires honors focusing on the firm’s ability to increase the value of customer organizations. According to a study where over two thousand people praised Tosto e Barros’s services, Ricardo Tosto’s firm awarded the winner of the Client Choice Award of 2013 by the ILO (International Law Office) A formal occasion in 2012 was held in London, extraordinary or arrangement of activities) was held in London where the award was accepted by the compliments of the association. Tosto believes it is the commitment of the firm in the realization of the customer that is attributing to the recent success. He holds the satisfaction of his customers higher than any prize. See Ricardo Tosto’s Profile Here. for more.