An Intro to Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the key parts of the finance industry. This is the field that deals with helping companies raise capital in order to increase their stock value. Firms in this field offer a number of services to help companies get more capital. They help merge two or more companies, research information and also manage capital by buying and selling securities. Like all other fields, there are certain professionals who help make deals take place. There are analysts who gather information and make calculations which compare company stock values. Associates supervise analysts and also help make proposals to clients. Vice presidents visit clients and make presentations to them. These professionals all work together to provide clients with the assistance they need to reach their financial goals.

While most investment banking firms work with large companies, there are many that are smaller who work with small businesses and individuals. These firms help businesses get the capital they need to grow and expand. They also help businesses get the funds necessary to start up as well. Along with providing assistance to small businesses, small investment banking firms provide financial advisory to individuals and help them plan for retirement. Since there are more small businesses in the economy, boutique investment banking firms are able to provide assistance to many different types of clients in everyday life. Therefore, they are often the most practical for both small businesses and individuals.

Martin Lustgarten is the owner of a small investment banking firm in Florida. He works with a number of small businesses who are looking for capital and advice. Lustgarten usually helps businesses get capital by referring them to investors. As a result, Martin helps both small businesses and investors put together deals that mutually benefit them in terms of using capital. Businesses get the funds they need to operate while the investors make returns on the money they put into the business.

Another way in which Martin helps clients is by providing advice to them. He works with many individuals who are looking for ways to increase their returns and plan for their retirement. Lustgarten spends a lot of his time researching various securities so that he can recommend the best options for his clients. With his expertise and work ethic, Martin has been able to help many clients more effectively invest their money.

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