An Ideal Way for Teachers and Parents to Communicate

Technology has advanced to the point where now there is an app that is bridging the gap in communication between teachers and parents. ClassDojo is an app that allows parents and teachers to keep in touch about the child and the child’s education where no longer do they have to wait for the quarterly parent/teacher conference meetings to achieve this. Teachers are able to send photos and videos to the parents during the school day of the child interacting with others and working on project and doing reports. Also, teachers are able to share with the parents the child’s adventures on field trips and other events the school has.

The ability to communicate through private text messaging is another feature the ClassDojo app has that offers an open communication line between parents and teachers. This gives the parents and teachers both the confidence in knowing that the child’s best interest can be discussed in a timely fashion. Also, the student is able to join in on the fun by posting photos and videos of their work on the digital portfolio and allowing the parents to view their hard work and achievements first hand.

ClassDojo is now a part of approximately two-thirds of classrooms across the United States and that number is rapidly growing. More and more schools are seeing the benefits provided by this app as it is creating a community of teachers and parents who are all involved in the child’s care. This app is creating a positive culture with classroom and schools and helps the teachers and administration better communicate with parents on a regular basis.

Another fantastic feature of this app is the calendar of events where teachers and administrators are able to post important upcoming events as a way of informing the parents of things they need or want to attend in the future. This gives the parents up to date information readily available for them to view where they can make plans in advance to attend.

The communication platform that Class Dojo creates is an ideal way for teachers and parents to communicate in regards to the child’s education and learning abilities. Communication between parents and teachers is instrumental in assuring that the child has learning experience they need. There is none other like ClassDojo and this will be a name that will be heard more and more often in the educational community throughout the nation and even the world.