Amicus Therapeutics: Changing The Lives Of Those With Rare Genetic Disorders

Amicus Therapeutics is a company that is dedicated to offering patients some of the most advanced treatments and therapies when it comes to an array of rare diseases. The company is also one of the few in the country that focus on treatments for patients who have been diagnosed with genetic disorders. The primary product that Amicus Therapeutics puts out is called migalastat, which is a drug that is given to patients who are in their late stages of Fabry’s disease. The product that the company produces is not made by any other company other than them, which is what has given this organization the edge in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


The company was founded in 2002, and since then has grown to be one of the leading organizations of its kind. The company instantly started seeing positive results, which is why it expanded and opened up another center in the city of San Diego. The main headquarters of Amicus Therapeutics is located in New Jersey, and was started as a collaborative effort by three venture capitalist who wanted to invest in the industry and at the same time, provide researchers with the means to make a difference to those who have been diagnosed with diseases that don’t have cures as yet.


When it comes to the research that they do, Amicus Therapeutics always ensures that they follow three sharp points, qualifying them to then come under the research category of the organization, then allowing them to give the treatment to patients. All the research that is conducted is done only on diseases that are extremely rare and have devastating consequences, which don’t have much research on it already (GoogleFinance). Amicus Therapeutics believes in always providing their patients with the best care, and hence they choose those disorders that they know to have a good technological scope so that they can provide the best treatments. The treatments are then put out only after all the research shows conclusive results showing that the treatment can indeed be used to help the patients recover from their disorders. Their aim is to ultimately help patients who otherwise would not be able to see any hope for the treatment of their ailments.

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