The American West Pancake Champions

On your next summer vacation in the great American west you will want to go in search of the best pancakes this country has to offer. In a recent slide show at a deliciously succulent lineup of pancakes are listed state by state.

The American west pancakes are by far the best.

Let’s take a look:

“The Bunnery,” in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is known for their light and fluffy yet hearty, whole wheat pancakes with oats and sunflower seeds!

“John O’ Groats” in Los Angeles, California is the home of the seven grain granola pancakes that have a somewhat nutty taste with a mild, delightful crunch.

In Phoenix, AZ “Saint Francis Restaurant” serves up an iron skillet pancake. This distinctive delicacy is put together with olive oil, buttermilk and dark chocolate. Once the pancake has attained a reddish brown char it reaches your table covered with caramel apples, real maple syrup and a specialty whipped cream!

At “Vicks Vittles,” Albuquerque, New Mexico you will find the “Santa Fe Pancakes.” These pancakes are a one of a kind. These cakes have a blue-corn buttermilk batter with roasted pinons,green chiles and cheddar-Jack cheese! The blue corn has about the same flavor as the yellow corn. The taste sensation is a trio. You mouth will taste the yummy corn mixed with a mild spice that is alleviated by their delicious buttermilk. This isn’t a pancake mom would make on Sunday mornings!

Last but not least are the awesome cakes at “BabyStacks Cafe” in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is no gamble. Don’t let the picturesque pancakes at “Babystacks Cafe” distract you. In this case, the taste speaks a thousand words! The best of them all is the red velvet topped with whipped cream and crumbled chocolate. And get this: it is served with cream cheese syrup! Now how does that sound? Too good to be true?

These pancakes are hands down some of the best in the west. Next time you are nearby you will want to stop and give your taste buds a tantalizing tingle.