Alexei Beltyukov Switches Career from Medicine to Business and Excels in the Latter

Education is the key to success. Good education prepares one for future undertakings through provision of better foundation to establish and run any form of business concern. Alexei Beltyukov is a successful entrepreneur. The Russian is also a renowned philanthropist. Over the years, he has established different corporations. These corporations include A-Venture limited, Endemic Capital, Mechanicus and New Gas Technologies. A-Venture Ltd helps struggling Russian companies through provision of financial assistance. Endemic Capital is an angelic club that was founded in 2013. Mechanicus is a car repair business. New Gas Technologies is a venture project that is affiliated to petroleum gas.

Alexei Beltyukov’s llatest enterprise is SOLVY. SOLVY is an education platform that brings together professionals in the teaching field, students and technology experts. The platform has been designed for high school students. It generates homework assignments based on set parameters. Through the program, teachers are able to create and oversee customized learning exercises to their students in an effective manner. The advantage of SOLVY is that it does not have multiple choices thus students are forced to show their workings and arrive at their answers. This way, they are able to learn how to tackle different questions on their own. By making mistakes, students are able to embrace progressive thinking on their mindsets.

Alexei asserted that the objective of SOLVY was to be recognized as the best platform in terms of math education. Through the program, tutors will be able to comprehend the progress of their students thus developmental feedback that is outside the classroom setting. Most students consider Math to be the toughest subject in class. Through SOLVY, high schools around the country would be able to have a cutting edge in math by being able to practice and enhance comprehension of the subject. Alexei asserted that SOLVY utilizes real problems that allow students to have different approaches to the subject in order to find solutions.

Unlike online textbooks where one cannot interact, SOLVY allows interactions between the teachers and the students. In addition, students can interact with the program as it has hints and feedback that facilitate learning among the high school students. The program has been designed in such a way that tutors can receive performance reports that will drastically cut down on the tedious process of grading the student’s homework.

Alexei did not start his career as an entrepreneur. Initially, Alexei pursued medicine but switched gears to zero in on business. CrunchBase showed that Alexei enrolled at INSEAD where he pursued his MBA program. The 1997 graduate of INSEAD asserts that the opportunity to undertake his studies at the institution opened his horizon in terms of business inputs and experience in the world of business. It is imperative to note that Alexei managed to complete his studies at INSEAD through a scholarship. After graduation, Alexei and his friend formed an association that helps to provide scholarships to deserving and needy students.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov on his Twitter for business, and Solvy updates.

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