Adoption of E-governe in Brazil

E-governe refers to the Brazilian government’s effort to turn to technology to serve its people. The companies that help the government to run the e-government systems are Minauro, Consult, and Sisteplan. They have systems that use advanced technology that is critical in providing data security. The systems also come in easy to use designs.

Many state and municipal governments and departments are using e-governe. Here are some of them and the benefits they are enjoying.

Municipality of Teresina

Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI) is the company that is implementing e-governe system in the municipality of Teresina. To enhance its implementation, servers from different organs in the municipality will take part in the training.

According to Miguel Oliveira, the president of the Teresinense Data Processing Company – Prodater, says that various meetings with agents from various municipal departments such as finance, health, and education.

The tool will first be used to enhance human resource management. The City Hall is planning to use this system to improve the delivery of public service.

Mayor Sílvio Mendes says that by adopting e-governe the municipality has benefited a lot. The system has enhanced the government’s response to people’s demands, collecting and analyzing feedbacks, noting challenges, and supervising the delivery of different municipal services on

Osasco Municipality

The municipality of Osasco has also adopted ICI e-governe. The agreement between the company and the municipality will see the installation of a school management system. The Municipal Education Department will be supplied with computer equipment and inputs. Another thing that will be put in place is a logical and electrical network.

The project will cover all the schools in the city, the main offices of the education department of the municipality, and the continuing education center.

The main advantages of this program are; safeguarding the reliability and the security of data, getting real time management details and access to various services over the internet among others.

The health department

The main goal of using e-governe is to enhance effective management of the Health Secretariat at state and municipal level. When e-governe is used in the health department, the whole process becomes easier, practical, and economical.

The system integrates the different health care units and sectors, clinical and dental chart. The program enhances the planning and organizing appointments, thereby eliminating queues and raising the quality of services.

E-Governe Saúde deals with all the processes and services in the public health. The company uses advanced technology to allow the integration of the various departments of organizations at municipal or state level with all the health units.

The system is made of two main groups. The first group deals with processes linked to primary care, basic unit, and family health program among others. The second group deals with specialized care like ambulatory.

E-governe Saúde is in charge of the distribution and storage of medicines, vaccination, consultation, and examination. The system will also control the ambulatory, hospital, and bed services in different hospitals.

Other benefits associated with adoption of e-Governe Saúde are;
– Enhanced regionalized hospital attendance
– Enhanced movement of patients to and from other municipalities
– Efficient and effective management of finances
– Enhanced movement of patients between the different health units
– Eased the structuring of the different programs that need continuous attention.

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