Addressing Global Concerns through Avaaz

Avaaz stands for voice according to some European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. On January 2007, Avaaz got founded as a civic organization group. The institution is a global activist network that champions on the need to put measures to curb environmental pollution. Emissions from industries have contributed to the degradation of the ozone layer and consequently, caused climate change and global warming. The group also addresses issues on human rights, animal rights, conflict, and corruption. During it formation, the group main intentions were to organize and educate citizens on ways to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the ideal world.

Through the internet, the foundation has developed a model that allows it members to contribute towards change on all issues affecting the globe. The platform allows individual efforts, no matter how small they are, to get combined into one powerful action voice. Avaaz employs the use of 15 languages enabling it to reach the larger global audience. It gets served by several core teams in six continents. Additionally, it uses the services of thousands of volunteers in collecting and dissemination of information. Through funding media campaigns, direct actions, emails, offline protests and lobbying government, the organization ensures the peoples’ values and views influence decisions that affect them.

Through technology, Avaaz online community acts as a megaphone by calling attention to issues affecting the people. On an annual basis, they set overall priorities by participating in member polls. Ideas get reviewed on a weekly basis, and those receiving a strong response are taken into consideration. The Avaaz staff, on different occasions, write emails to their community as a way to pass vital information and grow their leadership abilities. Finally, the institution is member funded. Therefore, they retain their independence and consequently, government or corporate members cannot shift their priorities. Over the years, the organization has registered growth due to their values and incorporation.

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