A Review of Famous Youtubers at a Glance

Since 2005 when YouTube was first opened, it has grown to a platform that every celebrity cannot ignore. YouTube is fast gaining popularity in education, health and business videos that are informative, educative and comedy. The next generations of stars have found a launch pad that is significant in developing their career. YouTube has helped Upcoming athletes and designers who train themselves with YouTube and excel. Below are famous you tubers who have made a huge a huge following in YouTube
Adam Dahlberg
He is a video game you tuber in the channels sky does Mine craft, sky vs. gaming and Sky does a thing. He currently has over 11 million subscribers in his all channels. The American YouTube tube is the third highest subscribed- gaming channel in YouTube. He has won several awards including YouTube silver play button, YouTube golden play button, and even YouTube diamond play button. Adam started his career in 2011 with the run scape gaming channel that was known as Jin the demon.
Adam Montoya
Montoya has over 5.4 million subscribers in his famous Chanel the Sea Nanners. He is a video game commentator. Montoya career began after graduating from San Diego. His early career included freelance work like filming events. From the inspiration from young you tubers, he recorded his first video in June 2014 showing his partnership with machinima.com.
Adrian van Oyen
He is a prank camera and prank comedian from Australia. He is famous with his public prank videos that have over 1 million subscribers in YouTube. His videos have over one 110 million views as for September 2015. The prank comedian was interviewed in 4bc by the former Howard government minister Gary Hardgrave. He is also an upcoming musician.
Wendy Huang
The digital marketing professional is the founder of the wonderful world of Wengie on YouTube. She is a graduate of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. It’s a beauty trend channel run by Wengie. The channel features tutorials, reviews and trends. Her videos also share beauty tips and makeup tutorials. Currently, it has 615000 subscribers and over 29 million views.
Wengie can be reached through his personal website or in social media face book, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. She is also a blogger in her site that she founded four years ago. The inspiration to start her blog began when she worked with a digital marketing agency. Her job entailed serving clients with blogs and social media.