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Equities First Holding: The Premium First Party Stock-Based Lender

Equities First Holding has made a name for itself in the industry of stock-based loans. Created in 2002, the fourteen-year-old company operates on a global scale. It deals in amounts up to $1.4 billion dollars a year and is headquartered stateside in Indianapolis. For the many who seek financial assistance Equities First Holdings is a secure choice. The company has a stellar reputation and offers a fixed-rate on all its loans.Stock-based loans work through a pledge of the borrower’s portfolio.

They use fully-paid securities as collateral and can be quite risky. The risk comes from the involvement of unregulated third parties. Any loan from personal to equity can be risky when using the wrong lenders. Equities First is a proven first-party lender. Their loans tailor to the needs of the borrower, and do not set unrealistic mandates that hinder the ability to pay back. If anything EFH makes it easier to pay back what’s owed.

Let’s Learn Why Private Equity Due Diligence Is So Important


Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m all about my business”? You probably have, and you probably already know that it means, in a nutshell, that its speaker is honest, straightforward, and doesn’t play proverbial games.


Fewer people are familiar with the term “due diligence,” though the two phrases virtually mean the same thing. Someone who is about their business almost certainly exercises due diligence out of virtue.


Due diligence something every human alive needs to grasp the concept of. Without going into extensive detail akin to a college textbook or entry in an academic research journal, here’s a short explanation of why due diligence is so necessary for living responsibly, acting with maturity, and otherwise being an adult.


What exactly is private equity due diligence?


Corporate Resolutions postulates that due diligence is an important concept in both business and law, though it applies to virtually everything in life. First, let’s look at two examples of due diligence used in simple sentences, then we’ll cover the items making it so important and why due diligence is especially important for investors – specifically private equity investment firms – and businesses when they’re hiring a top-tier manager or executive.


The pedestrian failed to exercise due diligence before crossing the road by not looking both ways.


Our company fired our last investment management firm because they threw all of our capital into a business that busted within months of initially placing the investment; if only they exercised due diligence like any other group of professionals would have.


What is a private equity investment firm?


Let’s get this out of the way – it’s not like private equity investment firms are everyday things, anyway. Private equity investment firms are allowed to pick and choose what investors it manages the capital of because they’re not public companies – a public company is one that trades its stock on exchanges, effectively allowing anybody with ample money to purchase them.


Whereas most investment firms place investors‘ capital into traditional investments like financial instruments – stocks, bonds, and options for example – real estate, or commodities like gold and corn, private equity investment firms restrict their scope of investments strictly to purchasing limited shares of various companies; by definition, these firms purchase less than 50 percent of all outstanding shares of such companies so they don’t have ownership of them – they simply maintain a stake in their operations.

Making a link between due diligence, investments, and hiring


Traditional investment management groups are able to look at financial statements and stock price history to determine the appropriateness of an investment. However, the companies private equity firms invest in almost never have audited financial statements. As such, they must thoroughly vet every claim such companies make to ensure investing in them is a good idea.


Another example of exercising due diligence is in hiring a new chief executive officer. If companies that are hiring don’t thoroughly vet potential new employees – especially ones that lead those companies – they can literally go out of business. Due diligence is obviously important in such a situation.

Cassio Audi’s Beginning years

A lot of people are in support of underrated and undervalued singers and musicians spanning from a wide range of genres of music. Their attempts to grow may often be seen to be in vain as nothing is enough to bring them to the mainstream. Many times this can be insignificant as some artists are quite comfortable in a simple standing. Regardless of whether an artist stays undervalued, that does not change the fact that he or she may or may not be devoted to what they do, and that they have a great amount of talent to back their career in music. With just as much talent as a mainstream singer, band, or musician, the underrated musicians find comfort and meaning in what they do.

Take a famous yet not mainstream musician, Cassio Audi. He is a Brazilian musician that began as an instrumentalist in the early years of his career. Originally, Cassio Audi was recruited by an old music group known as “Viper” in 1985. The early music group was comprised of an all-male group from the ages of 13 to 14. They were said to have such a huge impact on their community as they also had amazing vocals, and were quite talented with several instruments. Audi participated in the music of the band where they produced heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock. Cassio Audi is believed to have made such an extensive and widespread impact on his community, as well as Brazil’s industry as he is referred to in articles and other media in the past as an unforgettable and iconic musician and more

Audi left the band in aspirations for his own future and a different career path. He soon left in 1989 to attend university. Once succeeding in the business field, Audi has managed to assist in the development of the Brazilian community through investments and means of philanthropy to grow its economy.


Neurocore: Neurology Pioneers

Neurocore is a company specializing in neurology. They are recognized throughout the United States as a leader and pioneer in using innovative neuroscience technology and methods to help people overcome mental challenges. Originally started to help children with ADD, Neurocore now treats adults and children for ailments such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Neurocore was founded in 2004 by the neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer and has ten locations between Michigan and Florida. Since the company’s founding, they have helped many through their brain training methods designed to rewire the brain for improved performance without using medication. This is done through what are formally known as Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The company now helps professional athletes to improve themselves mentally. The Portland Trail Blazers turned to Neurocore seeking help for their players after losing many a game. The center used a brain training method involving movies. The subjects (in this case the players) sat in comfortable chairs and watched a movie. While the movie played the subjects’ electrical brain waves were monitored by a machine, if their minds wandered the machine stopped the movie. In order, for the movie to continue the subject had to refocus. This wired their brains to maintain control consistently to reap benefits. The method is based off the belief that the brain can train itself to achieve a certain result. After introducing this training the Trail Blazers went on to win more games. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Washington Redskin’s Quarterback Kirk Cousins is another beneficiary of brain training. Cousins underwent braining training in college but fell off track after becoming a professional player. He was later forced to sit out games due to poor performance. After returning to Neurocore for help, he became the Washington Redskins starting Quarterback and later signed a 84 million dollar contract with the Minnesota Vikings. Cousins now travels with a brain training kit the center provided him.

There are also less glamorous testimonials by everyday individuals. One such client reported feeling lighter and unburdened after treatment. It is clear that Neurocore’s methods are an effective way of helping your brain and improving your life.


Greensky Credit Corporate

Greensky Credit is the leading corporation in the United States of America. The firm was established in the year 2006. The company has consistently transformed the face of the finance market. The corporate is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, the company has another call center in Covington, Kentucky. The institution was established by David Zalik. Zalik is a well-known American entrepreneur. David formed his first company while he was just 14 years of age. While David was pursuing his secondary education, he would forego classes and attend mathematics classes at Auburn University. His dad used to tutor in that University. David loved to study mathematics.

During his first year in campus, as a freshman, he purchased computer parts and later assembled them. Later on, he sold fully furbished computers. His business grew and even started to sell computer software’s to very influential institutions. He became so successful. He gathered funds and managed to establish his MicroTech Company. After some years, David sold his company and formed two others. After an unbeaten run of different companies, he built Greensky Credit in 2006. The organization is focused on retail, patent credit and unsecured loan solutions. Greensky Credit has so far partnered with over 16 banks. The institution acts as a middleman between the consumer and the bank. Some of the companies that Greensky Credit has partnered with are Regional Financial Corporation and SunTrust Bank.

So far, the institution has deepened and developed enduring relationships with providers, dealers and retailers in over 50 states. Currently, the institution is on a significant journey to transform the lives of small-scale businesses into medium-sized businesses. The firm is working with over 17,000 retailers. Since Greensky Credit introduced the mobile app, the whole process of making loans has been quite easy. Consumers no longer have to fill in a bunch of information on papers and spend plenty of time queuing in bank halls. After a thorough scan of the driver’s license, vital information is extracted so that it’s used to process the loan. Greensky Credit can handle all big businesses, not excluding small ones. The company is ready to meet the demand in the market.

The Great Victories of Avaaz

Avaaz has proved to be the world’s largest and most powerful activist movement through the notable changes they have brought to the leadership in various countries. Ricken Patel founded the movement in 2007, amongst many other cofounders. The firm has attracted over forty-seven million members and it has successfully established a strong network in 194 countries. The team members of Avaaz are focused towards achieving a common goal, to unite people in all countries as well as bring equality in the leadership of all countries.

Avaaz promotes global activism through their powerful online activist network. The network allows people from different races and countries to share their opinions in various languages, to come up with effective solutions to deal with issues that are not appealing to the countries citizens.

Climate change and human rights have always been among the major focus of Avaaz and the firm’s leaders have strived to advocate for equal treatments of people since the establishment of the firm. Avaaz was recently applauded for its ability to advocate for the signing of Paris Climate Accord in 2015, which served in favor of over 1.5 million people in the country.

Additionally, Avaaz team members have also played a major role in advocating for the conservation of marine life in every country. The firm recently saw the United Kingdom set aside marine reserves in the country, with an aim of promoting survival of animals in the marines. The achievements of Avaaz are notable and many people have applauded their contributions towards creating a better life.

Avaaz team also pays close attention towards communication and it has strived to promote a conducive environment for their team members to communicate efficiently. Avaaz facilitates communication among its members via emails and their LinkedIn page. The team members of the firm are change-oriented and they look towards bringing a revolution in the way of the leadership of every country in the globe.

About Avaaz:

Why USA could lose to China in a trade war according to Shervin Pishevar

Risk and profit go hand in hand in any endeavor. Apparently, entrepreneurs have a stronger risk appetite than other people. It also seems that more successful entrepreneurs entertain more risk. This is an excellent definition of Shervin Pishevar.

He is an investor and founder of some leading tech companies. To his name are tech giants such as Uber, Airbnb, Robinhood, and many other firms. So what makes this man such an accomplishment? The first guess most would make is a wealthy background, good education, and many attempts. Because some of the answers above might be too general, it simmers down to one thing: the ability to take chances at the apt moment.

To take advantage of an opportunity, however, one requires having sufficient knowledge. When this is backed up by a high-risk appetite, nothing can stand in the way of success. For Shervin Pishevar, analyzing information propels him to the top. Recently, he indulged in a rant on social media to reveal how well versed he is with issues that affect the economy.

He went on and on about various topics on the state of the US economy in the present and in the coming days. In tweets that lasted for 21 hours, he opened an informational Pandora’s box on diverse economic issues.

One of the most sensitive comments was his speculations on why he believes that China could outdo USA in infrastructure developments. Shervin Pishevar pinpointed the speed at which the Chinese government executes infrastructure projects. He also castigated the USA government’s myopic thinking on infrastructure improvement. According to Shervin Pishevar, infrastructure in the US is in a decrypt and deteriorating state.

Shervin maintains that infrastructure plays a central role in enhancing economic growth for any nation. Key infrastructural developments, such as a transport system, facilitate production of more goods within an economy. Such products can then reach the market with ease due to efficient transport. Infrastructure boosts investments in any country because businesses have a direct link to the market.

Shervin Pishevar’s observations are worth considering. They could reveal deep-seated issues in the economy that, if not amended, will lead to economic loss and resource misuse.