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Talkspace is therapy for today’s world-

Michael Phelps is a world-class swimmer and the most decorated Olympian in history winning 28 medals (23 gold). Even with his long list of accomplishments he believes that his partnership with Talkspace is where he can make a real difference. Talkspace is an online based platform that helps people get the therapy they need from licensed therapists using today’s technology (smartphones, tablets and computers).

The five-time Olympian is living with depression and anxiety. Understanding the challenges that come along with the bad days, Phelps wants to assist other people get the help they need. This as also an opportunity to bring awareness to mental heath in a time where suicide and mass shootings are at the forefront in the USA. Phelps feels that together with Talkspace they can help do away with the stigma of seeking mental health help, while also providing a cost-effective way for people that may shy away from traditional therapies.

Late in June of 2018, Talkspace gained another new and important partner: New Directions Behavioral Health(NDBH). New Directions is a company that helps people live a healthy and balanced life with various programs including: Employee Assistance Program(EAP), Student Assistance Program(SAP). They service companies of all sizes and also labor groups. Partnering with Talkspace will enable NDBH Employee Assistance Program customers to access the Talkspace online platform. Eventually the Talkspace platform will be offered to other parts of the New Directions company.

In the time that Talkspace has been an option for NDBH customers, EAP utilization as risen significantly. The convenience of being able to use the Talkspace platform anywhere, online, without having to worry about scheduling an appointment, is considered one of the main reasons for the large increase of employees using it as part of the EAP. The CEO of Talkspace is looking forward to helping NDBH give their customers options that will be “fill major gaps” in employer benefits.

Larkin and Lacey on the pardon of Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio will not see jail despite spending his entire 24 years term in office as the sheriff of Maricopa County harassing and discriminating immigrants who did not have the necessary documentation to allow them to live in the United States legally.

Despite all the crimes he is alleged to have caused, no action has been taken on him. When it almost looked like he would face justice for the crimes, he was saved by President Trump whop ordered that he be pardoned of all the accusations leveled against him. Those wishing jail term on him were a disappointed lot after Trump gave the former sheriff a pardon meaning that he will never face charges again for the crimes he committed.

Joe Arpaio labeled himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” This name came from his stand on illegal migration into the United States. He was a hardliner who did not want anything to do with immigration.

He believes that immigrants are taking advantage of the natives. Maricopa County which is located in Arizona is one of the counties with the highest population of immigrants in from the southern country of Mexico. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Together with his supporters, he used all manner of methods to deal with illegal immigration in the country. Some of the methods applied were illegal and led to discrimination of many immigrants. Arpaio and his cronies believed that the immigrants were responsible for all the challenges that the natives were facing. The solution according to Arpaio was to kick them out of out of the country forcefully.

Joe Arpaio used his position in leadership and the fight against illegal immigration in the United States to discriminate and torture innocent people who did not deserve to be discriminated. Immigration is not a crime that deserves to be treated with the ruthlessness displayed by Arpaio and his officers on the Latinos.

Arpaio established concentration camps which were used to victimize the immigrants. He would conduct a swoop that would lead to the arrest of hundreds of immigrants. These immigrants would then be taken to concentration camps which were a form of prisons established by Arpaio illegally. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

These camps were the real torture chambers. Anyone brought here would face horrible living conditions. It was almost impossible for the people to live in these camps. During summers, temperatures would rise to over 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Supply of basic human needs such as clean water and the food was also a problem. Immigrants who were held in these facilities were even denied medical care. There many women and children who died due to lack of medical attention while giving birth.

Joe Arpaio was also against anyone who tried to portray him in bad light. When journalist Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin exposed his crimes, he hit back by ordering for their arrest based on flimsy excuses. Lacey and Larkin were arrested in the middle of the night and taken to the concentration camps owned by Arpaio. They were later released the following day after public pressure piled on the office of the county prosecutor.

Adam Milstein: the Israeli-American who defends his Jewish roots

Early life and education

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American, was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. After his service, which was mandatory, in the Israeli Army, Adam enrolled in Israeli Institute of Technology to undertake a Bachelor of Science degree. He majored in business in economics and graduated Cum Laude in 1978. While pursuing his higher education, Adam helped his father to develop their business in real estate development and construction. He moved his family to the United States in 1981 and 1983, Milstein graduated from the University of Southern California with an MBA. He then began working as a sales agent in commercial real estate

Adam as an author on JNS

Adam Milstein is an author on Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). In his recent article, Adam writes about how radical Muslims are posing risks and becoming threats to the society. In his opinion, the radical Muslims are destroying and delegitimising the homeland of the Jews, Israel. According to Adam, anti-Semitism is a pertinent issue affecting global politics, and the fact that it is growing is already causing a threat. Radical Muslims in Adam’s view cling to fundamental Muslim beliefs that promote anti-Semitism which lacks the support of American values. They are destroying the Western value culture. Adam is of the idea that North America is portraying signs of collaborating with Europe to address the increase in anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein adds that mainstreaming anti-Semitic leftism, particularly in college campuses, will threaten life in America and the future of Jews around the world.

Adam Milstein, the philanthropist

Adam is not only a real estate developer, but he is also a philanthropist. Milstein and Gila, his wife, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. The foundation sponsors the education of young professionals and students to enable them to identify with their Jewish heritage and give them facts to advocate for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Adam co-founded Israeli-American Council where he became its Chairman in 2015. In 2016, the Jerusalem Post listed Adam among the 50 most influential Jews worldwide.

Sightsavers Works to Implement Disabled Persons’ Rights

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is a United Nations (UN) body that works to ensure that rights of disabled persons are upheld across the world. A Sightsavers Global Advocacy Advisor for Social Inclusion, Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame, is Ghana’s candidate for the CRPD committee.

They work with people across all the other conventions because disability cuts across all groups; young and old, rich and poor, men and women can all be disabled. People with disabilities face discrimination and lack of dignity across the world. There are challenges to facing this problem and it will require public participation to achieve equality.

The biggest challenge of implementing this convention is public perception. Many people believe that disabled persons’ rights are expensive to maintain; these people take a welfare view of disabled persons. Getting past this perception would make it much easier to implement the convention and achieve rights-based equality for everyone.

There are many things that can be done to change the perception of disabled persons’ rights. One way to affect change is continued advocacy by disabled persons’ organizations and other civil society organizations, such as Sightsavers, to effect policy change in governments across the world. If states ensure disability rights in their policies it will give much more protection to disabled persons than many have right now.

Another way to affect change is awareness-raising and training for duty-bearers. These officials need to have the rights violations and causes of disabled people brought to their attention so they will be addressed. It’s important to take advantage of already planned events and meetings to ensure we reach as many officials as possible.

The third way to affect change in this arena is to elaborate more in the general comments of the convention to give states guidelines to follow in implementation. This will allow states to follow best practice without reinventing the wheel.

Last, people with disabilities should be included in decision making at all levels. Some people are focused on survival and would like to have welfare services given to them rather than follow a human rights’ approach. While this is understandable, it is essential to have the input of disabled persons when creating a policy about them; Sightsavers fights to give disabled people this right.

All About the Product Brokerage Market America

Market America is a product brokerage company that has been helping people become their own business owners since 1992. The company prides itself in being the “Unfranchise”, since it allows its distributors to sell company products online without the cost, hassle and startup requirements of routine franchises. Since the company’s inception, they have worked with well over half a million independent distributors who all own and operate their own websites. Distributors can market and advertise their own sites as they wish in order to provide a better revenue for themselves. The company is found in America and Canada, with plans to expand to Europe in the next few years. 650 people work for the company helping distributors get started and maintain their own sites. Distributors can make anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars each month for each sale that is made. Products are sold on a commission-basis, which means that you only get paid if a product is sold and kept by the customer.

Market America works with different affiliate manufacturing corporations to create and produce product lines that range from automotive care products to weight loss supplements and everything in between. These lines are known as Pet Health, Royal Spa, Isotonix and AutoWorks. Distributors can pick and choose the products they want to sell on their pre-purchased websites. The website package available by Market America includes a domain name, hosting and website builder to make it easy to design the site that you need to bring in a regular client flow. Purchasing the website package is part of the startup fee, and you will then need to pay Market America $100 a month to retain the rights to the products. Products can also be found on for resale if you’re interested in purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Apart from paying a fee to maintain your site’s operation, you’ll also be required by Market America to attend conventions and seminars that are done both locally and online. The seminars can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on the length and type of convention you’ll be attending. If you fail to make use of their seminars, you will lose the rights to the products and will have your website deactivated.

Information On Mark Mofid

A doctor dealing with plastic surgery, Mark Mofid went to study his medical degree from the University of California. After he received his undergraduate degree of medical, he had specialized with general and plastic surgeries. He also advanced his education in Hopkins University. In his career, he has been working in different hospitals as a staff surgeon. He has been owning a clinic that is located in San Diego which has been offering plastic surgeries together with dermatological services. The wife is the one dealing with the patients who require dermatology patients while Mark Mofid deals with the plastic surgery patients. He has also been certified by surgeries boards.

Mark Mofid attended an interview and talked about his career and the services his clinic is offering. When he was asked whether he was looking for a nonsurgical optional method, Mark Mofid said that they can be treated at a cheap cost where there is a busy practice of surgery and have the hope of converting most of the patients to take surgical practices. These chemodenervation and nonsurgical fillers agents have been natural extensions that are in any of the cosmetic surgical practice. Many of the patients have become facial rejuvenation candidates and all they want is dig the big toe first in the swimming pool so that they can be able to know whether its a pleasant experience.

Being a physician, you make mistakes and poor decision. According to Mark Mofid, they made a mistake about the last six years where they hired a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. What the wise people say is that leopards never change their spots, so all they had to do was to deal with aftermath which leads to the same person having another criminal conviction. What he has been doing is a background check for all his employees as a way to make wise decisions.

As a physician, Mark Mofid received an advice where he was told not to ever put a wagon in front of the horse. By this way, you will not worry about the unsustainable overhead. He is a member of clinical Faculty at California University. He has made breast and facial surgeries publications and his journals have become recognized nationwide by surgeons.

The Real Estate Mogul Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci shares his knowledge with the public in the Real Estate Investing Hour radio show that he hosts on KFWB News.

His Training Firm

He also opened the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2014. The institution trains people interested in venturing into real estate business.

He shares with them the model he has applied to succeed in the business. He has tutors who work with him to train and mentor real estate students and business players.

The academy has online and on-campus classes, and he is one of the tutors. As the CEO of the academy, he monitors both students and tutors to ensure everything is working as he had envisioned it.

The vision to create wealth in the industry

His vision is to train and mentor many people to make fortunes in real estate as he had done. NVREA is one of the fastest growing institutions in America, and Nick Vertucci is happy to use it to guide his students transform their lives through real estate investments.

The unshakable resolve

Nick Vertucci owes his success to an unbreakable belief in his abilities. According to him, you need to have a long-term goal that you focus on, so that small failures do not disrupt you.

He advises people to have a vision, believe in it, plan well and execute the plans to succeed.

In “Seven Figure Decisions,” a book he hopes to publish soon, he widely shares his experiences and insights.

It is his other way of imparting whatever he has learned on to upcoming real estate investors. Through this, he continues to realize his dream of nurturing and mentoring young investors to reap from their real estate investments.

NGP VAN Technology Software

Company Overview

NPG VAN is a service providing technology to the Democratic and other political organizations. NPG VAN delivers technology services to Washington, District of Columbia, United States, Washington D.C. Metro area, and the southern region of the United States. The company is a non-profit organization dealing in apps, politics, and software technology. Their products include counting software for campaigns, organizations, labor union, and other clients.

NGP Newest Technology – ActBlue Integration

This software is the latest counting technology from NPG VAN. The primary feature of this program is campaigns will have immediate ability to look at contribution data in this new system. This new feature gives all active participants on the ActBlue website to have their information available to them on the NGP 8 suite. The overall benefit of inventive technology there will be the little repetition of information between the two programs with the new interface capabilities of this program. With this innovative interface, campaign strategies will be able to link to the domain websites. This benefit will result in a more efficient flow of information within campaigns fundraising, digital, and organization teams. Overall, NPG VAN has engineered this latest technology to improve the organization workload through automation of marketing information, giving candidates the ability to run many channeled organization campaigns.

NPG VAN Bringing Technology to the Congress

NPG VAN believes their newest software could be the turnaround for Democrats in the 2018 House and Senate races. Every position in the House of Representatives is up for the vote, along with the majority of the Senate seats, NPG VAN has received the Campaign Tech Awards for best company culture. In this upcoming House and Senate races, NPG VAN has high hopes in the endeavor to empower Democrats with web tools, astronomical data, and needed campaign data from left-leaning and progressive websites.

Advocacy Through Writing- Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is written by Sean Penn is considered to be a captive trippy read. When writing the book, Sean did not want his readers to know him or even for the book to be famous. Instead, the book became famous yet before it was launched in 2016. Sean Penn did not get trouble making people read his book, some sections of the book were already a topic of discussion even before its release among them the part about President Donald Trump and the #MeToo Movement.

According to people who read the book, President Donald Trump and the #MeToo Movement topics were treated as fact and not fiction. However, according to the author of the book; Sean Penn people quoted him out of context, and he told Rolling Stone that the society does not understand between fiction ans fact and they interpret fiction as opinion. When you read the book, one will realize that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was not written out of provocation, but Sean has an ambition. When writing the book, Sean Penn made sure that Americans get the book with a sense of sarcasm and loose narration. The book is about an old woman who did jobs including rescuing Hasidic Jews from foreign prisons, was responsible for murdering senior people, selling septic tanks to Jehovah Witnesses, and even arranging firewood for leaders who were dictators. Sean wrote the book at a sensitive time in the world.

Penn is not a writer he is also a renowned actor, performer, and a director who has written several other books including Mystic River and Milk which won an Oscar Award. Ever since he won the Oscars, he has been concentrating in building his legacy more than getting reviews for his books. If the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Staff will win any awards, it will be listed among the author’s books of unpredictable stories. This is not the first time Sean has written fiction he has also written it in the form of movies including The Indian Runner among others.

Sean Penn is determined to express his anger through his stories as he looks for solutions.


The Future of Dentistry is Fun.

Dr. Chris Stevenson Villanueva is not your average dental professional. Sure, he has had most of the standard dental work experiences over the years. He started his career working in a small office with little access to advanced technology. His career path led him to positions in larger corporate practices. Dr. Villanueva would be the first to admit that each side had its own advantages. The larger organizations had better, more high-tech equipment, economies of scale and shared best practices and the practices. The smaller practices, however, offered more autonomy and less bureaucracy. He believed that there had to be a better way, a middle ground between the two extremes. Thus the idea for MB2 Dentistry was borne, a company that could bring all the advantages of the large corporate dental groups to the small practices.

As a long time practicing dentist, the doctor knew that working under a manager who was not a practitioner, but instead a businessperson, often led poor quality patient care as well as unsatisfactory work environments for the doctors. At the outset, Dr. Villanueva decided that he would surround himself with the best, most qualified people, all of who were dedicated to customer service failed to understand the needs of the patients or the practitioners. This would improve the quality of patient care as well as create a positive and fun work environment for the dentists as well. It is a progressive organizational culture that he prides himself on promoting. He has gone as far as naming their main billing program ‘Jarvis,’ the name of the Avenger’s computer in the Marvel comics and movies. The doctor has also issued his staff ‘nerf’ guns so that they can relieve stress by shooting at each other with the foam darts.

MB2 Dentistry now offers over 70 small office affiliates, spanning six states, the service that they need to provide the highest quality patient care and support of dentists and staff. The dentist who started in a practice so small that his boss’s wife managed the office now supervises over 533 employees. By hiring only the best and brightest, he has created a team that can take on any challenge they or their affiliates’ encounter, from the need for more advanced technology, human resources, marketing, compliance or other legal issues. Dr. Chris Stevenson Villanueva has done all this while promoting a culture of fun.