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Can the Supreme Court Ruling Bring Sports Wagering to the West Coast?

The Supreme Court has overturned a ban that prevented dozens of states from hosting and regulating a sports wagering platform within their jurisdiction. A recent Supreme Court ruling has reversed this decision, and there is now an opportunity for either congress or each individual state to establish legislation to either regulate or continue banning sports wagering.

This news is controversial within the sports industry as the positives and negatives are weighed and perceived in different ways. Sports leagues had supported the ban up until this ruling because they feel that their integrity is at stake. This claim is somewhat questionable considering that within Canada, sports wagering is legal and many Canadians bet on the NHL or other American sports leagues and there seems to be no issue.

The major positives lay with the sports fans that want to wager on their favorite sports team. This decision moves that possibility significantly forward. Daily-fantasy sports websites like DraftKings are already preparing to launch a sportsbook platform within their interface as soon as possible. This could take some time as states decide whether or not they would want to regulate this type of platform. With millions of people already playing illegally on offshore websites, it seems imperative for states to take advantage of the potential cash flow and to actually tax sports wagering to increase their respective revenues. With all things however, it takes time to legalize through legislation, and with similar legal issues such as online poker, there is always the possibility that any potential bill could stall out and eventually die.

The decision that the Supreme Court announced is a positive step towards the national legalization of sportsbook wagering, but there are still some roadblocks before citizens will be able to bet on sports game from anywhere in the country. It is likely that sports wagering will fade into regulation over the course of the next several months, and it seems that states will be forced to act to pick up a piece of the potential revenue to come from this industry.

California Senator Kamala Harris Leads Fight for Net Neutrality

In a landmark decision, the United States Senate voted on Wednesday to protect net neutrality, overturning the FCC’s earlier actions to repeal such measures. One of the most prominent advocates for protecting net neutrality is Senator Kamala Harris of California, who, according to insiders, is especially motivated to fight for internet freedom given that she represents the technological capital of the world, the Silicon Valley.

On late Tuesday night, the Senator took to social media, tweeting that the fight for net neutrality was reaching an apex. Additionally, the Senator was also extremely active in Washington DC, with sources claiming that the Senator was personally lobbying several of her colleagues across the aisle in an attempt to raise bipartisan support for the measure.

It is still too early to see how effective the Senate vote will be as the FCC still has the authority to enforce any such law passed by a legislative body. However, today is still a victory for the budding Senator who many claim has ambitions for throwing her hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential election.

One group that may help Senator Harris in reaching the presidency is the west coast tech industry, which has been adamant about protecting net neutrality over the past several months.

In order to make a successful run in the Democratic primary, the Senator will also need to appeal to young millennial voters in her home state of California, many of whom unconditionally support more protective net neutrality laws. These voters may be impressed by Mrs. Harris’ ability to garner votes on the national stage, as many west coast states, including California and nearby Oregon, have began movements to further protect net neutrality on the state level.

Either way, Senator Harris’ activism for this particular law definitely helped her public perception. California voters now see the Senator as passionate yet level headed, as she was able to expertly convince Republican senators to vote for a law that her constituents found extremely important to them. These traits will help Mrs. Harris’ political career in general, regardless of any plans to run for the presidency.

California Files New Lawsuit Against Trump’s EPA

California, along with 18 other states, have joined efforts to file a lawsuit against President Donald Trump stating that he and his EPA have violated the Clean Air Act by not following the regulations they set forth by scrapping the national vehicle emissions standards that were set in place to help cut air pollution, carbon emissions into the air and oil consumption.


Governor of California Jerry Brown recently referred to President Trump as a one man demolition derby against both science and any efforts for clean air. Using President Trump’s own name calling actions against him, Gov. Brown referred to Scott Pruitt, Chief of the EPA, as Outlaw Pruitt.


Just one month ago, the EPA announced that it would be rolling back the regulations set forth during the Obama terms that tightened fuel standards on vehicles. It required that automakers, who agreed to the regulations in 2012, would create vehicles that averaged about 545 miles per gallon by 2025. That is nearly double the fuel efficiency of today’s vehicles. In turn, these new standards would likely drop oil consumption by consumers by roughly 12 billion barrels as well as preventing about 6 billion metric tons of planet warming gases from entering the ozone, in turn saving consumers between $3,200 and $5,700 in gasoline cost during the lifetime of each vehicle. In the statement rolling back these regulations, the EPA stated that it was reconsidering how these regulations would affect climate change and instead said that by removing these regulations, consumers would be benefitted with lower gas prices.


Upon this announcement, Washington, D.C., California and 17 other states objected with a lawsuit. They claim to be representing about 140 million American citizens as well as nearly half of the U.S. car market. This is the tenth lawsuit the state of California has filed against the EPA. Other plaintiffs in this current case include the states of Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. The case was filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Washington D.C. Circuit and is awaiting its day to be heard. For more information on this topic, head to Huffington Post.

Californa Makes Move Towards Greener State Starting With More Effecient Homes

In an effort to move the state into a greener way of life, beginning in 202 all low-rise apartment buildings and single-family homes built in the state California must use solar power. This decision by the California Energy Commission is the first of its kind in the nation and will put the state on the right path to meet their ambitious renewable energy goals to convert energy using homes into energy producing dwellings.


The move will require builders to combine solar panels, better insulation and many other requirements to create housing that will be net zero users of electricity. This new requirement will become official for the nation once the Building Standards Commission moves forward to support it, which follows the unanimous vote to move forward by the California Energy Commission. Currently, only 15% – 20% of new housing in the state of California come with solar panels, but this new requirement will mark an incredible shift in a new direction. The new code will come with some exceptions. Buildings that are too shaded by trees would not be required to use solar panels because they are ill suited for them, but they may be able to comply with the codes by tapping into the community’s solar energy system instead of relying on typical electricity.


One of the major concerns with this new code regulations is that it will likely raise the price of homes on average by $8,000 – $12,000 each. This is a very serious issue due to the fact that the state is already home to incredibly expensive housing, making it more difficult for people to afford a traditional home. Those in support of the new code claim this effort will actually save homeowners money in the long run with lower utility bills. They estimate that each year, homeowners should see a savings of about $1,000 per year on their bills while only paying an additional $40 per month on their 30 year mortgage. This actually produces a net savings of about $480 per year with no extra cost up front when purchasing a home. The most significant savings will be the environment costs that are saved, a move that will help ensure better living for future generations. On average, it is expected to curb about 700,000 metric tons of carbon pollution, this would be the equivalent of removing 115,000 cars from the road. For more information and details on this topic, go to Huffington Post.

Texas Native Beyonce Invaded West Coast Music Festival

The west coast is thriving when it comes to concerts. As spring turns into summer more people are going to be breaking their piggy banks and coughing up money for concerts. The first big spring concert of the year, Coachella, has already taken place and Beyonce with her live marching band in the background as already become the talk of the town.

It is true that there will be some blockbuster concerts coming up for the summer months, but very few concert venues are going to be able to top the two-hour show that Beyonce put on at Coachella. She really stepped things up by inviting Destiny’s Child, Solange and Jay-Z to the stage with her for various performances of songs. Beyonce has the ability to entertain in only the way Beyonce does.

There have been people that have complained about the $300 tickets for some of her shows, but most of these naysayers are clearly people that have never seen her in action. The average entertainer that starts a show will have concerts where they are not really doing much performing. Beyonce is different. She is someone that is dancing the whole time. She also has a crew with her.

When you have this type of energy on the stage there is going to be a reason to charge more. People are getting a full show with one of the hottest artists in the world. She has been able to solidify herself as one of the best, and Coachella gave her a chance to prove it. All of those that may not have realized that there was going to be such a stunning performance would have the opportunity to see a live Coachella feed on YouTube.

There are even videos of this performance on YouTube that people can watch now. This is something that was different for Coachella, but it was needed because the concert venue has grown so much over the years. Everyone does not have a chance to make it out to the West Coast to engage in these type of music festivals. Live streaming is the next best thing.

IC Systems: Brief Background Information of The Company

This will give information about IC Systems. An article from the site ReleaseFact written by Brian Harris will be recapped, “IC Systems Stands Out Among Collection Agencies”. In 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson established the company. The headquarters with outside of St. Paul, Minnesota and had been created with a guiding principle which gave ethical and honest service to its customers which are centered.


It seems that in the world of collections there are many companies with connections that vary to their communities and clients. Even though there’s numbers of agencies which are known for committing to their work, there are not that many that are equivalent to the service quality given by IC Systems, one of the field leaders.


To add on to the innovation commitment they have, IC System prioritizes also in assisting the world and community at large through many corporate responsibility initiatives. This company is the category of charitable outreach, the company has had many annual campaigns donating services, money, time, and resources. The past and current charitable initiatives have given contributions to organizations like Toys for Tots, the American Red Cross, and the Special Olympics, as well as others. However, this company adding to donating to charities also works in utilizing cooperate responsibility through the promotion of utilizing the sustainable types of practices. They have some sustainability goals like highlighting carbon neutrality in the efficient utilization of renewable resources and energy and being aware of sustainability while managing and maintaining lands and infrastructure.


IC Systems has core values which lead them in every interaction and decision. It explains how they lead business and how their office cultures are shaped by customers in addition. The first one is “People”, they regard people with respect and dignity. To them in the field of “Integrity” they perform in the things that are the best. In the area of “Performance” they bring out outcomes that go beyond expectations. In the area of “Pride” they are pleased with the action they do and how they get it done. Finally, in “Innovation” they look for improved outcomes to complete things.

Exponential Financial Growth Tips By Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas is known as a financial advisor and expert with a long history of background in his field. He specializes in a credit group that looks over principal Investments and investment counsel. He helps young people eliminate costly procrastination habits so that they can make the best choices when investing money in a stock market. He believes that anyone and everyone especially the young should definitely invest in stock no matter their situation, regardless of student loans and financial situation. His investment Focus areas are Scandinavia, Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, and Ireland,. His experience is embedded with a variety of international groups. He believes that young people shouldn’t wait so long to invest because of their financial situation. They’re not going to be retiring anytime soon so they don’t have to have a perfect background before they decide to invest in the stock market . He gives a lot of good tips for passive income and passive investing. A quote by Albert Einstein is that compounding and reinvesting equal to natural wonders of the world. One cannot forget about compound interest, which definitely helps with potential growth for money. One can end up with so much money at the end of their career because they decided to invest and save. If one were to invest 10000, it can multiply into 70000 within a 40 year time span. It is based off of 5% interest or dividend rate. Long-haul investing can definitely lead to reaping 5%. Mr. Christopher Linkas believes that young people should take more risks in this field. Instead of being so scarce with their money and financial situation, they should think more in the long run. One should have a nice balance of yielding stocks within the dividend that lead to a perfect formula for bonds. Mr. Christopher Linkas believes that young people should know the details ins-and-outs of the financial stock market. They need to find a good strategy that works for them and for the long run, because each person’s situation is different. Doing this early gives them time to compensate for any losses in the future.

The Man Turning Telereal Trillium’s to Billions, Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards has been the CEO for the property company Telereal, which was founded in 2001, and now Telereal Trillium, which was formed in 2009. But now he is going to step up from being the CEO to being the company’s new chairman.


The change of positions are as follows: Russell Gurnhill will succeed to chief executive, Adam Dakin will be the new managing director, while Graeme Hunter will continue to be the group property director, and Michael Hackenbroch will also continue to be the group finance director.


Graham Edwards claims that for a while they already had planned the change of positions for the company, and that they made sure everything was well thought out because they plan to continue to deliver great business regardless of the change of positions.


When Telereal was founded, Graham Edwards led the company into a 30-year strategic property partnership with formerly known British Telecom, now known as BT Plc. With the £2.38 billion deal, Telereal was able to acquire 6,700 properties and 59.2 million square feet of area. It’s thanks to Graham Edwards that the company’s business was able to grow.


And in 2009 Graham Edwards made another huge impact on Telereal. He was able to obtain Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc, from which then he created Telereal Trillium. And so, Telereal Trillium soon became the market leader in property outsourcing because the company began to create a business with an annual revenue of £1 billion.


Graham Edwards was able to successfully expand the company during his time as CEO because of the clients he brought into the company. The company has also won awards with Graham Edwards as the CEO, with awards like Investors in People (2006), and The Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year (2009). And in 2016 Telereal Trillium was recognized as The Sunday Times Top Track List of 100 Biggest Privately-Owned Companies.


Graham Edwards has committed himself immensely to improve Telereal Trillium, and now as the new chairman who knows what next accomplishment he will succeed at. We will just have to wait and see.

Innovation and Medication: Mr. Jeff Aronin

In today’s world of advancement and innovation. The world of medicine was in need of a drastic merging of innovation and medicine that would steer away from traditional methods of medicine. Such innovation was fostered by Mr. Jeff Aronin. Allow me to introduce some of the ways this man has made his mark in the realms of medicine and innovation.

One way Mr. Aronin has innovated the world of medicine is that he has not only made his presence felt through the developing of making commercialized medicines available to those who could not afford them. This man has also made it possible for those who are striving for financial independence to become owners of their own business by allowing them a chance to partner with his global innovation companies and making their own mark on the world as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Jeff Aronin track record is one of wealth, success, and tiresome hard work and dedication. This man took a lesser known Danish healthcare company and made it into a $900 million dollar behemoth. By his sheer greatness and wisdom, this company decided to keep him ow as CEO. This was a wise choice as that choice still pays off to this day. As selfless as he is, Mr. Jeff Aronin offers his unique style of wisdom to all those that will listen, but most of the lessons he can give are by simply perusing his past and look at the milestones he has set and continue to set.

Graduating from a traditional school, Northern Illinois University, Mr. Sronin did not stop his education there. He continued to obtain his MBA from DePaul University. These two institutions created the thirst for innovation and creativity that later gave the world one of the finest bioscience companies abounding. His background allows us to understand why his primal focus has been on patients and drug development.

In short, this is a man who has focused on helping those who need help and assisting those who need assistance and in most cases, these same people are unable to obtain help. Truly a man of innovation.

Glen Wakeman and The Reason His Launchpad Holdings Will Remain Attractive in Investors’ Eyes

Knowing how to handle a different set of people, personalities, leadership styles and workforce could play a huge role in your business or career success. While there’s a lot of contention on whether this is effective, it’s good to know that Glen Wakeman of Launchpad Holdings, LLC knows and puts a lot of priority on this idea and attitude.


The Global Executive With Passion for Growth


We should also say here that Glen Wakeman as the CEO and Founder of Launchpad Holdings, LLC is a renaissance man. He’s a man who has been through a lot of challenges but has also the great series of different potentials and abilities to handle them all.


Without such attitude towards business, Glen might not be able to build and grow Launchpad Holdings to where it is now, a leading consultancy and advising firm that helps transform the business into what they should be. He is now able to speak in various countries to help companies get the footing they need, and transform those start-ups into leading brands that they ought to be.


The Value of Products


Other than knowing how to handle the different people in a company, one thing that stands out in Glen Wakeman’s work is the fact that he’s able to give high value to his clients. He doesn’t do charlatanism. He doesn’t do schemes. He makes sure that he pays the price for his ideas, and the views he proposes are so intuitive and applicable that it would be impossible to ignore them.


Glen also sees value as probably the highest factor or element that should be guaranteed in any service provider. A business is virtually useless if it doesn’t make a person feel good, grow, increase his wellbeing or plain old make the client happy and fulfilled.


People pay money for the value you give them, and Glen succeeds in Launchpad Holdings’ assistance because of such value. His ability to bridge the gap between shareholders’ needs in growing a business and in his expertise in developing them is a fantastic way to make sure that his Launchpad Holdings always remains valuable in the eyes of investors.

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