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Daniel Taub Goes To Bradford Despite Threats

Daniel Taub showed great courage and leadership when he decided to go ahead and visit the city of Bradford in England back in 2014.

One of the ministers who represent the city of Bradford had recently given a speech in which he lambasted the Jewish state of Israel and the Israeli people. Taub was serving as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom at the time.

In his provocative speech, George Galloway called his constituency an Israeli free-zone. When he was talking about his constituency, Mr. Galloway was referring to the city of Bradford.

George Galloway was vitriolic in his rhetoric against the Jewish state of Israel going so far as to say that the city of Bradford does not need or welcome any Israeli goods, people or tourists. Galloway then attacked the Jewish state of Israel as being a barbarous and evil regime in the Middle East.

Daniel Taub was not spooked by Galloway’s fiery and hateful rhetoric towards his nation and his fellow Israeli citizens.

After George Galloway’s speech was published on the internet, Daniel Taub had received an invitation from faith and community leaders to visit the city of Bradford in an effort to prove that the hate of George Galloway was not representative of the vast majority of its citizens.

Taub had accepted the invitation from concerned citizens, religious leaders and community leaders in Bradford about the antisemitism and anti-Israeli bias being spouted by someone in politics such as George Galloway. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

His appearance at Bradford and meeting with the citizens there was a slap in the face of antisemites such as George Galloway who threaten to boycott and exclude the state of Israel and its people. With his visit to Bradford, Daniel Taub sent a strong and clear message that the Jewish people will not stand down in the face of bigotry but will instead unite with others to fight against it.

Daniel Taub has a close relationship with the United Kingdom despite serving as the ambassador to the United Kingdom for the Jewish state of Israel. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom and later immigrated or made aliyah back to the historic Jewish homeland.

His educational background includes studying at the prestigious and historic Oxford College in the UK and then the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Daniel Taub served as the ambassador to the United Kingdom for over four years beginning in 2011 and ending in 2015.

Shervin Pishevar Identifies Problems on Twitter

Shervin Pishevar, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Sherpa Capital, took to Twitter in February with a variety of concerns. Tens of thousands of followers were shocked because he had been radio silence for months prior. Then, Shervin decided to send out 50 tweets over the next 24 hours.

The Concerns

Shervin Pishevar wanted to voice the concerns he has about the US economy, cryptocurrency, and even the monopolies that might be taking over the world.

It all started with a tweet that said he wanted to make some predictions, which included a considerable drop in aggregate points in the stock market.

He also decided to identify five monopolies that have entirely too much power: Amazon, Alphabet (the parent company for Google), Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. Shervin Pishevar said that if they aren’t taken down, it may be years before another startup is able to gain any real traction. Much of this has to do with the fact that so many startups are being bought by the monopolies before they have a chance to provide any real competition.

What We Can Do About the Problems

Some of the problems aren’t ones that anyone can act on. For example, the concern about cryptocurrency is more of a “wait and see” than anything else. Although Shervin Pishevar sees it dropping, he also sees it going back up and then stabilizing.

Many people are more worried about the economy because his prediction about it dropping has already led to market instability. 2018 gains are gone and 2017 losses are slipping away quickly.

All of the tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent were numbered, making it easy for people to follow along with his train of thought. Reading his tweets can help to understand more about what’s going on in the economy as well as help with any investments that are in place.

The life and endeavors of Doctor David Samadi

Doctor David Samadi was born in the year 1964. He is a Hebrew who was living in the Persian Jewish Community of Iran. At the age of fifteen, they had to move, he and the brother to Belgium. Six months down the line they then moved to North London and after that, they immigrated to the United States of America.

He schooled in private schools where his parent had paid fees in advance but had to endure the loneliness of not seeing his parents and only speaking to them on few occasions. In the year 1990, he completed his first year at Stony Brook School of Medicine with honors.

David Samadi then majored in Biochemistry. He later enrolled at S.U.N.Y. However, the Stony Brook School of Medicine earned him an MD in the year 1994. He completed his post-graduate training at the Montefiore Medical Centre in the year 1996.

In the year 2001, David Samadi majored in proctology at the ‘Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre’. It was then that he started training in bladder, prostate as well as testicular cancer. It was also during this period that he joined the American Urologic Association of Urologic Oncology.

Doctor David Samadi came up with the smart technique. This is basically a custom procedure where advanced application of robotic technology is used for the removal of cancerous prostates. It ensures a number of things namely;

1. One has urinary control after prostate after surgery

2. Total removal of cancerous cells

3. One can engage in sex after prostate cancer

The brilliant doctor also put up Dr. Samadi television which airs every Sunday afternoon as from twelve thirty to one p.m. The main aim of this channel is to spend time with the viewers as well as patients and share important information.

Due to his impeccable work, Dr. David Samadi, has garnered himself a number of awards and recognition. He was named the best doctor by the New York Magazine. He has also taken home awards like, Most Compassionate Doctor, Americas Top Doctors of Cancer, Castle Connoly Top Doctors, Patient’s Choice Awards, New York Metro Area’s Top Doctor, America’s Top Doctor, Community Partner Award to mention a few.

Due to his renown expertise, former Republican president nominee, Mitt Romney, went to him to assess his progress. DR. David said that his cancer prognosis is good after a successful surgery.

Idea Mensch had scheduled an interview with the doctor where he was asked a couple of questions. How his day unfolded at work was one of the top questions. He started by stating that he wakes up at 4.30 a.m. and gets to work at 6.00 a.m. His most productive hours are between 6 to 7.30 a.m. He performs surgery two to three times in a week where he does multiple surgeries and before he goes home he checks up on patients to know how they are faring on.

He was also asked how he brings his ideas to life and answered by saying that he has a photographic memory. He sketches and draws his ideas which he rarely if never forgets. He also gave a good recommendation of Anything is possible by Elizabeth Strout.

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Arjun Kapur Succeeded In Creating An Advanced Platform With GoBuyside

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011. He received his education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and graduated with his Masters in Business Administration. This was when he entered the world of high finance and discovered the increasing competition for top talent. The Employers and applicants were dealing with too much asymmetrical hiring information and diminishing transparency. He decided to create a more effective means of filling the need for human capital in the industry of finance. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

The result of Arjun Kapur’s efforts was GoBuyside. His platform is enabled by technology and changed the traditional process of hiring. GoBuyside is a closed end network using online job boards, artificial intelligence and an applicant tracking system to provide employers with talented financial professionals from across the globe. GoBuyside utilizes nuanced search parameters to locate and screen candidates meeting the requirements of their clients. The platform is continually growing and now encompasses 500 cities, 10,000 firms and 500 clients all over the world.

The transparence offered to employers and applicants is responsible for a lot of GoBuyside’s success. The users can access networks in their fields, compensation reviews and receive notification of available career opportunities. The vetting process identifies the best candidates for the clients. Arjun Kapur is the CEO of the company and offers professional experience and knowledge ensuring GoBuyside is different from traditional recruiting businesses. He believes every business should make superior client service their main goal. He said there are many options for consumers and clients to purchase services and goods so the quality of service is often the determining factor. Follow GoBuyside on


Arjun Kapur believes all potential opportunities should be researched prior to devoting capital and time. His focus is the sales and development available through the opportunity. He also gives a lot of thought to the execution process. He feels the feedback from potential customers is the driving force for development. If a service or product gets to a point where it no longer makes sense he will not invest any further. Arjun Kapur is additionally enthusiastic regarding artificial intelligence. He wants to see this technology receive more research and development. The new programs and software enable recruiters to produce a more enlightened view of the applicants. This improves the matches between potential employers and applicants by making certain the applicant is suited for the position. He believes the potential for artificial intelligence is still at the beginning stages .


Governor Brown Claps Back At President’s Twitter Attack

Governor Jerry Brown (D) of California and President Donald Trump have never really seen eye to eye on, well, anything. The two have had a few squabbles and it seems like that is just how their unique relationship works. Most recently, Brown was all too please to take the opportunity to use Trump’s own words against him.

Just one day after President Trump declared that April would be “second chance month”, he returned to his favorite social media platform to take Brown to task for pardoning immigrants in an effort to give them just that, a second chance. Brown wasted no time in pointing out that Trump’s own words, which were available on the White House web site, stated that April was a month to celebrate those who have left the prison system and successfully been able to rejoin society, a month of expanding opportunities for people who have served their time and worked to overcome their past bad choices.

During the time of Good Friday and Passover, Brown reduced 14 sentences and granted 56 pardons. All of those who were pardoned had finished serving their sentences years prior and seemingly had earned their pardons. Five of those pardons were granted to immigrants, which was the point President Trump had an issue with. In a tweet he mentioned that Brown had pardoned criminal illegal aliens who committed crimes like robbery, kidnapping, abuse and drug related crimes, then asked if this is what the people of that state really want. Brown was quick to take to social media to reply that in a month that the President himself noted was a time to celebrate those who had successfully completed their sentences and have successfully rejoined society, and he and his state are happy to celebrate those second chances for all people who have worked to turn around their lives.

While it is no surprise that President Trump and Brown are not seeing eye to eye, it is certainly a feud that people everywhere are keeping an eye on. Aside from these small spats, the state and the President’s administration have been involved in a series of lawsuits that go back and forth over rules and regulations each side is proposing. For more information on this topic, click here.

Warriors to Keep City Name

For the past 5 years, one of the most popular professional sports teams in the entire world has been the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors, who are in the Western Conference of the NBA, have been extremely successful and popular with fans do to their fast style of play, high winning percentage, and very marketable talent. While the Golden State Warriors have been very popular, there has been speculation that the team may be changing its name in the near future.

Prior to the start of the 2019 NBA season, the Warriors will be moving into a new home. Currently, the team plays in a stadium near Oakland but will be moving into a new high profile stadium located in the Mission Hill district of San Francisco. Due to the move, there was a lot of speculation that the team would be changing its name to the San Francisco Warriors to account for the move of the team. However, the team has debunked this rumor and will continue to operate as Golden State ( This, they feel, will continue to give a sense of unity in the northern California region.

It would not have been a huge surprise for the team to change their name. From the 1962 season until 1971, the team also played in the stadium in San Francisco and did call themselves the San Francisco Warriors. Regardless of what the team name is, the Warriors are bound to continue to be quite successful.

Over the past three years, the Warriors have won two NBA titles and have set many different NBA records in terms of scoring, shooting, and winning percentage. One of the main reasons why the team has continued to be very successful is that it has a lot of very talented players on their roster. Currently, the team is led by a variety of All Stars including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. This has helped the team to be very good on both sides of the ball as the rest of the league has tried to keep up.

As the current season comes to a close, the Warriors look ready for the playoffs. They have had some injuries recently, but are expected to be near full health in the near future.

Orange County Sheriff And Prosecutor Accused Of Informant Scheme

Both the ACLU Foundation of Southern California and the American Civil Liberties Union have filed a complaint in Orange County Superior Court against Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins and District Attorney Tony Rakauckas. The two are accused of an running an illegal jail informant scheme that spans over three decades and has, in turn, violated the rights of countless people.

Hutchis and Rakauckas found themselves in the middle of a bombshell lawsuit recently where they stand accused of a massive corruptive scandal that has thus far led to the upending of more than 20 very famous cases with more still on the line. The pair stand accused of working together to plant informants within jail cells to garner dooming evidence against some defendants who were waiting for their pending court cases. This type of scheme gives the prosecutorial team an unfair advantage to information that the defendants lawyer is not privy to. This also is a violation of the sixth amendment which guarantees the defendant to the right to a speedy and impartial trial.

The lawsuit specifically states that the informants were frequently able to gain knowledge and confessions from the inmates via threats of violence, which included threatening murder. In return for the information these informants obtained, they were awarded with payments and reductions in their sentences. Once in court, the prosecutors did not inform anyone of how they were able to garner this information, which they are required by law to do. Not only do these two face losing their jobs, but the acts were criminal and could land the two in very hot legal water.

One of the most prolific cases involved is that of Scott Dekraai who was convicted of massacring eight people in Seal Beach. During the time of his trial, Dekraai was placed in a cell with a known jail informant. The informant had been used in a recent trial where he had also gained knowledge during his time in jail. It was this informant that began to make people stop and think and eventually led to the unravelling of the entire scheme. Last year, Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals removed the death penalty option for Dekraai because he believed there was misconduct happening on the part of the prosecutor and their team who were either not able to or refused to provide the necessary documentation to provide Dekraai with a fair trial.

While the hope of the legal system in the United States is always to seek justice, that must be done in a fair manner that follows the laws of the nation. In this case, these defendants were not awarded the opportunity to have a fair trial and that goes against the very fabric of what this nation stands for. For more information on this topic, click here.

California Proposes New Law To Curb Police Shootings

The media has found their fire when it comes to stories of what they deem questionable police shootings, the public has often found this topic one of hot debates online and in person. California is taking a step in a different direction, one that they hope will help to curb these police shootings, by considering a law that will make it harder for police to shoot suspects.


Just last month, police in Sacramento, California shot an unarmed black man which resulted in his death. State lawmakers quickly jumped on the opportunity and announced their plans for a unique bill that will raise the standards that allow police officers to open fire on suspects. This legislation that is being proposed would alter the process that allows officers to shoot at suspects from “when reasonable” to “only when necessary”. The bill was created by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty and Assemblywoman Shirley Weber. The two, along with Sacramento leaders from NAACP, Black Lives Matters members and grandfather of the most recent shooting victim, gathered for a press conference to discuss their plans. They listed the names of numerous unarmed black victims of police shootings before stating they wanted to change the current practice of shoot first, ask questions later. The group cited the belief that black men are killed at a disproportionate rate when compared to unarmed white men, and this new legislation is aimed at fixing that. A representative from the ACLU went so far to state that they believe that the current laws are in place to protect the police, not the citizens.


While the goal is to lower the amount of police shootings on unarmed black men, the thought process of shooting only when necessary instead of when it is reasonable still leaves much to question for the person chasing or cornering a suspect. In the split seconds it takes for a suspect to turn on an officer it is easy to mistake a cell phone or other object for a gun. If an officer believes the phone is a gun in the blur and excitement of the moment, they would likely believe that it was necessary to shoot. The legislation may help prevent some shootings, but for now it is still only in the proposition stages and has not made it to the books. Only time will tell what the future of this bill will be. For more information, click here.

Sheldon Lavin’s History Going From Banking To Food Processing Celebrated At Global Vision Academy Event

Sheldon Lavin understands both growing a business and having a sound financial plan to go with it because he has done this for more than four decades as the CEO of OSI Industries. An event was held at Global Vision Academy, an institute in India that celebrated international business leaders and Lavin was given a Global Visionary award at this event. Lavin expressed his deep gratitude and honor at receiving the award, and he was pleased to look back on the story of how he turned OSI Group from a local meat market group to its current position as a leading meat processing company.

Sheldon Lavin managed accounts for businesses and wealthy executives in his previous career in investment banking, and he had turned that into his own business in professional financial consulting. The owners of the original meat market currently known as Otto & Sons wanted his help to get financing from a big bank for a large factory they needed to build. Their local meat market center had just been selected by the CEo of McDonald’s to provide the meat for the restaurant. McDonald’s was still young at this point, but their profits were now enabling them to grow on a huge scale, and if Otto & Sons was going to keep up with their demands they too would need to build up their food processing capabilities.

Within the initial time period of working with Otto & Sons, Sheldon Lavin had been approached by the bank he was applying for financing with to see if he could become a partial owner in Otto & Sons. He turned down that notion at first because he wanted to remain in financial consulting, but he got along well with the company’s current owners and continued to help them grow their financing to open even more plants. Otto & Sons started seeing a lot of revenue come in, and not long after the company owners and McDonald’s wanted him to come on full-time. The company owners decided when they retired they would sell their shares to Lavin and told him it was completely up to him to grow the company as large as he wanted.

Sheldon Lavin not only maintained the strong partnership with McDonald’s over the years, he also helped other restaurant franchises deliver quality meats like Subway and Pizza Hut. Key acquisitions he made both in North America and overseas were Nation Pizza and Foods, Select Ready Foods in Canada, Vista Processed Foods in India, GenOSI and K&K Foods. Lavin helped fund two recent plant openings in the Philippines with GenOSI and OSI Spain that have heavily increased chicken product output in their various markets. He also gives money to and serves on the boards of the Jewish United Fund, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the National Multiple Sclerosis Institute.

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