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Nick Vertucci: Taking a Look at His Early Years

This will give information about Nick Vertucci along with his new book he wrote. His book is called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book serves both as an assistant and a profile of his life. In this publication Vertucci addresses the challenges he has and does and describes with both direction and detail. Something in this publication that’s truly defined by Verticci is the most vital feature of the success he had. He explains the specifics of the lessons learned by him. He also explains how he used change to make right his past mistakes. One example of a lesson he teaches is on how to exceed fears and change our mindset to go after the dreams we have. It is also important to noteNick Verticci’s book had the privilege of getting endorsed by an original shark from “Shark Tank”, Kevin Harrington, who established “As Seen on TV”.

Verticci had grown up from a family struggling to get ends to meet. He was born into the middle class. His family was very good at getting what they required even if they didn’t have much money. Vertucci, even lived in his car when he reached the age of eighteen. Instead of him giving into fear he began in his first company. In this company he sold parts of computers. In the time of his job he realized the freedom he got from being an entrepreneur. This was both with the resources of money and time. He found that with the factors of discipline and hard work, he went from car living to getting seven figures. His life expanded when he got married met he got married and had three daughters who were beautiful with his wife.

Sadly, in the year 2000 there was the crash of the dot com industry. All of the capital of Nick Vertucci had dissolved at the height of the dot com bubble. From there he got into a financial quagmire as his debts gathered to the point of his house being lost. Nick Vertucci then had signed up into a real estate academy. That had given him inspiration in his venture into the business of real estate. This gave him freedom from his problems of finance. He had found success in that type of career. He then had started up the “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or NVREA”.

Roger Federer Dazzles Fans In First Bay Area Performance (And Bill Gates Tags Along Too!)

In his first appearance in the Bay Area of the United States, Roger Federer did not disappoint. The world’s greatest tennis player has been dazzling fans for many years now, compiling a record of 105 wins along with a record 6 year-end championships. Even if he appeared on the stage himself it would be a treat, but he brought along a visitor who is every bit as unique in his own way.

Federer is committed to helping as many African children as possible through his foundation, and he played a rather unique doubles match in San Jose with an extremely unique partner – none other than Microsoft Founder and Chairman Bill Gates. Even though the match didn’t count, Federer was quick to praise his newfound partner and proud to be appearing for the first time in San Jose. After adroitly pointing out that Bill Gates “knows numbers very well”, he exclaimed that this doubles match was one of the perfect unions of teamwork he has ever seen. Indeed, each person had their own unique role to help with Federer’s foundation – Gates would do the calculations regarding the numbers and Federer would be quite content just to do all of the running.

At the end of the day, Federer was not only pleased with his partner, but he was also pleased with the amount of money that his “Match For Africa” was able to raise to help the plight of the children on that continent.

The match sold 15,000 tickets and raised $2.5 million in order to benefit African schoolchildren and help equip them and their teachers to have a better start. He and Gates made a great team, with Bill Gates noting that he feels he is good at “picking partners” with that same boyish smile and enthusiasm that he normally feels for the latest electronic gadget his company has come out with. Giving back to the community – it’s something that we can all get behind because whether you are an ordinary person or Roger Federer and Bill Gates, it is simply the right thing to do.

The West Coast Becomes Music Festival Heaven with Coachella

Music Festivals have become something that many music fans are raving to get to. They want this time where they can go outdoors, and this is why many of most popular music festivals are on the west coast. The weather is perfect for an outdoor concert and that is what usually causes such a big push for this type of concert environment. One of the things that has become very big on the west coast is the Coachella Festival.

This is the music festival that has been able to bring out everything from Eminem to a hologram image of Tupac. All of the mainstream and indie artist performances makes it one of the hottest tickets around. Lady Gaga and a ton of other big-name artists have graced the stage, and this festival tends to get bigger every year. There’s a lot of talk about it far in advance because there are even some celebrities that come as spectators.

It is a big open field party that really gets a lot of people talking about all of the different acts and the great amount of music that people see on the west coast.
Another large part of the reason that the west coast tends to be perfect for music festivals has to do with the amount of stars that are already coming to perform in other areas on the west coast.

There’s always a concert of some sort going on and various stadiums in Los Angeles and San Francisco because this is where many musicians live. They have put a large portion of their time into performing on the west coast, and having access to a crowd outdoors music festivals is a musician’s dream.

The iHeart Music Festival that happens in Las Vegas is also a big thing as well. The west coast tends to rule the music festival world varsity because of the weather. It’s perfect for outdoor fun, and many artists prefer to have a festival in this area over everything that might be outside in colder cities like New York.

This is something that people keep in mind when they are trying to find an outing. People that want to check out the music culture on the west coast will not be disappointed.

California Couple Arrested For Child Cruelty

Mona Kirk and Daniel Panico, of Joshua Tree, California, were arrested recently on charges of willful cruelty to a child. Authorities say that their three children were forced to live in a large plywood box with no running water, no electricity, and conditions that could only be called disgusting.
The police stumbled across the situation while making a “wellness check”. What they found was a family of five living in a garbage dump. There was a dilapidated travel trailer, and a large plywood box which was about 20 feet long, 4 feet high, and 10 feet wide. All around the trailer and the box, authorities found piles of trash and human waste. A large number of cats were also found on the property. Authorities say that 30 or 40 cats were present.
According to the defendants, the three children built the box structure themselves. They claim that the children and their mother chose to sleep in the box, while the father chose to sleep in the trailer. The children, aged 11, 13, and 14 years, had apparently been living this way for the last four years.
The BBC article on this story can be found here:
While this may appear to be a case of child abuse, it may not be that simple. Police Captain Trevis Newport said via Twitter that the children were not confined to the box. He said the entire family was simply living in a confined area without water, electricity or heat.
Kirk and Panico were released on bail, as they were not deemed to be flight risks or dangerous to the community. Further, the children were not found to be malnourished or injured in any way. In spite of this, Children and Family Services took custody of the children. Several of the couples’ neighbors have since spoken up in their defense, saying that they were simply poor people who lost their home due to an economic downturn, though they did own the land they were found living on. Neighbors also described the children as being happy and well-treated.
Mike Reynolds, one of the neighbors, says that they are not criminals, but poor people doing their best to survive. Leeana Munroe, another friend of the couple, said that the authorities were simply punishing the family for being homeless.

Colorado State Wants Becky Hammon to Lead

Colorado State University might make history in college men’s basketball soon. Reportedly, the school’s athletic director Joe Parker has been considering the idea of hiring San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon, to lead the Colorado State Men’s basketball team after former coach Larry Eustachy resigned amid allegations of misconduct.

Parker stated to the Coloradoan, that he is “not closing the door on any thought,” when considering which candidate should take charge of the men’s basketball team. If Hammon were to take the position with Colorado State, it would make her the first woman head coach for a Division I school in college basketball history.

Hammon is no stranger to the university, she attended Colorado State University and played for the women’s basketball team while there. Her college career included a number of accomplishments such as setting the all-time records for points per game, free throws, field goals and a spot in the Colorado State University Sports Hall of Fame.

Hammon went on to play in the WNBA, with teams like the New York Liberty and later the Silver Stars where she averaged 19.5 points per game. Later Hammon would sign onto various basketball teams outside of the country including a stint with the Russian national team in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, respectively.

Her success as a player is matched by her coaching abilities. Hammon’s position as an assistant coach for the Spurs made her the first full-time woman assistant coach in the history of the NBA. In 2015 Hammon became the team’s Summer League head coach and led the team to victory in the Las Vegas Summer League title.

As the first full-time female assistant coach, Hammon’s position is unique. Not just for the NBA, but of the five major sports played in North America, Hammon is the first woman to hold her title.

With Hammon’s stellar credentials the Colorado State Men’s team, which has been struggling throughout its 15-year history to win NCAA titles (they’ve only won four) just might be able to change course next year and produce a winning season.

The Best Basketball Team Deserve To Have The Best Player

Sports fans will travel the country for the excitement of seeing their favorite team play. They sometimes go over board when it comes to the great showmanship and atheletic ability of their favorite player. They want silence when the games are on the television, with no voice being heard but theirs. You cannot interrupt them for any reason, unless the house is on fire. True sports fans keep up with all of the activities of their team, and they know all of the stats, and can predict the outcome of every game, down to the number of points the star player will score. There is nothing like a true sports enthusiast. They are as active in the game as the players are.

The fans of basketball great Kevin Durant are delighted of his decision to play for the Golden State Warriors. They feel like this franchise is getting the best of the best. Kevin is not really focused on the amount of money that he could receive, but more about the fact that he wants to be a part of this team. He is a young player who has proven himself to be among the greatest players of all times. He has captured the hearts of many fans with his skill of the game. Kevin is a hard player, and gives his all to his team. Now he wants to give that all to the Warriors. Your text to link… His reason for not seeking a large pay check is because he has accumulated much during his career.

This is a perfect example to set for those younger, and older, than he. Often times it is not all about the money as much as it is just doing something that you like to do. The one thing that Kevin wants to do is to play with this team. Much of the responses to his announcement have been very much in his favor. Fans would love to see him continue his career with one of the best teams in the basketball league. Not only does he deservs to play for the Warriors, but the team deserves to have him play with them. Here is wishing him the best in his venture to play with the Warriors.

San Francisco Pledges Support For Fiber Network

As the Internet continues to grow in popularity, it is becoming more and more evident that it is the lifeblood of most businesses nowadays. This comes as good news as just last week San Francisco one of the largest cities in all of California, just announced its pledge to have all of the homes and businesses within the metro area connected to a fiber optic network.
This stands in stark contrast to the country’s typical responses to upgrades to infrastructure. In a time where most of our decisions for infrastructure are typically shortsighted, this is an obvious glimpse at a potential future where decisions are made that will impact generations in the future for the better of all.
For the last several years San Francisco although being a technology capital in the country has been dealing with some serious issues as it had no previous plans to make sure that residents of the city had reasonable access to data connectivity.
Although it is the next logical step fiber is not always the most economically feasible for the private market to implement on its own particularly when considering extensive upgrades. Currently, the most significant Internet service provider in the area Comcast has no plans to replace the cable lines it has been using which have decent download speed but not great uploads with almost no capability to scale to the capacity that fiber is capable of supporting.
This is not the first time that San Francisco as a city has tried to implement a city controlled utility fiber network. In fact ten years ago a city partnership with Google and EarthLink failed due to inexperience by both sides. Finally, the city has garnered enough support and expertise to meant a functioning plant. The mayor of San Francisco just recently released a document that shows a range of public-private options for network construction. More or less what would happen is franchise opportunities would be offered by the public to private companies in order to help build fiber networks that could reach every home and business. In this model, the city would not be competing with existing Internet service providers but instead providing the needed infrastructure for private companies to utilize.
Perhaps the most significant part of this deal is that the city is almost definitely not undermining the private market and its provision for Internet services. In fact, this plan would not only increase the access to data connectivity that the average resident has within the city limits but also lower the cost for the private market to provide for the access.

West Coast Sees Decline In Chinook Salmon Populations

Fishing, one of the largest industries on the West Coast, was just recently delivered alarming news. The most massive Chinook salmon fish which are known as “kings” and revered for their large size have seen substantial decreases and have nearly completely disappeared along the west coast. This has been the principal finding of a study from the University of Washington which is published in late February in the scientific journal Fish and Fisheries.
In this study, over 40 years of data for the populations of these fishes all along the West Coast from California to Alaska were analyzed to detect patterns which have emerged during the last four decades. As a whole, the population of Chinook salmon have seen the most substantial declines in Alaska in both age and size with Washington salmon not far behind.
This particular breed of salmon are known for being the most abundant Pacific salmon and are highly valued because of their size. This has the potential to affect recreational and subsistence fisheries which typically target these fish.
Chinook salmon normally began life in freshwater and then move to salt water climates where they spend most of their adulthood. The lifestyle of the fish varies depending on where they can find sustenance, with California Chinook typically staying in the marine waters off the coast while other populations such as the ones found in Oregon and Washington have been known to migrate over thousands of miles northward towards the Gulf of Alaska to find feeding grounds.
At the end of their adult lives which typically last from one to five years, the fish will return home to the streams where they produce their offspring before passing away. Regardless of the differences in lifestyle for these populations of fish a real reduction in the average size of returning fish over the last four decades has been recognized with some extreme cases showing up to a 10% shorter links in the average fish.
This reduction globally and the size of fish suggest that something about the ocean climate as a whole is driving the patterns rather than regional fishing patterns. As of now, there is not one specific reason for the change in size and age. However, data tends to support that pressure from fishing and Marine mammal predators are the two most significant factors.

Go for the Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a global network marketing company that sells coffees, teas, and personal care products. Their mission is to “Bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world.” Their products are available through their independent distributers to people in over 50 countries around the world. Their mission is to supply 1% of all the coffee consumed in the world. A staggering amount considering that approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day. They invite people to join their organization and become distributers for a company that is catering to some of the fastest growing markets in the world. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold offers a healthier version of coffee and tea, catering to the health and wellness market as well as the coffee market. The special ingredient, that they use in their name, is what makes their products different. This ingredient is an herb that was widely used in Asia and has been renowned for its health giving properties for thousands of years. This herb, harvested from the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, has recently started gaining recognition in Western culture for its immune boosting power and support of major body systems. This product is grown organically and added to the teas and coffees. It does not change the flavor of the products, allowing you to have the flavor you love with all the benefits of a health supporting herb.

Organo Gold’s products include many different coffees and teas, such as their Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, red, and green teas. They also offer body management products and personal care products, many of which contain Ganoderma.


For people who are looking to start their own business, or just make a little bit of extra money, Organo Gold offers the opportunity to join their team and get behind some of the world’s fastest growing industries. Each of the 50 countries that they supply has access to the support team as well as regional leadership and country management to support their distributers. Distributers can also choose among seven different ways to get paid, including bonuses and commissions.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation has collaborated with Organo Gold. Their book “Think and Grow Rich” has received acclaim for helping many people start and become successful in their own businesses. Organo Gold is also the proud corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation that is dedicated to helping the world’s youth to find their purpose and helping them to prepare for it. Visit to know more.

Talk Fusion Delivering Innovative Video Marketing Solutions

The world of marketing continues to evolve and transform with time as the corporate world finds a new way to attract the customers. As the competition among the companies in just about every niche gets more robust with time, the marketing world continues to get more exciting and innovative. It is primarily because the enterprises are trying new and unique marketing methods to woo more customers towards them. Even though in the digital era, the online marketing seems to be the leading marketing tool that everyone is using, video marketing is the newest form of marketing that has been captivating the consumers these days.

One of the companies that have been at the forefront of video marketing from the very beginning is Talk Fusion. Founded by Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion helps the companies as well as individuals to capture the power of the video marketing and use it productively for their business. There are some products such as video conferencing, video chat app, video e-mail, and more, which Talk Fusion has innovated and launched in the past few years. It has helped the companies to attract more customers, improve their sales, widen their outreach, and increase overall revenue. It is a well-known fact that video is more attractive than only words, and it is why using videos for presentation and explaining concepts is more useful. It is this concept that Talk Fusion wants to promote among its target audience.

Talk Fusion also helps in empowering its member through its direct selling and network marketing model. The members of the company help in promoting and selling its products, which helps them in not only furthering the mission of the company but also achieve their financial independence in doing so. Talk Fusion is a company that continues to grow as a unique marketing firm delivering innovative video marketing solutions for its clients across the globe.