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Reasons for Optimism with Giants

The 2017 MLB season was a very exciting and competitive one that saw a lot of great storylines take place. While the season was very competitive and saw a lot of great teams and players play very well, there were some teams that were not able to live up to expectations. One team that did not do as well as many expected were the San Francisco Giants. The Giants ended up finishing in fourth place in their division and 40 games out of first place. While the Giants had a rough season, they now appear prepared to compete in 2018.

As the offseason comes to a close, thousands of avid Giants fans came to the fans day event to celebrate the team ( While at the event, fans were able to meet players and learn more about the upcoming team. While 2018 was a down season, there is plenty of reason for optimism. One of the main reasons why is because the Giants made many big moves in the offseason that should help to make them a better team for years to come.

One of the biggest moves this year came when they traded for Evan Longoria. Longoria is one of the most talented third basemen in baseball and previously spent close to ten years with the Tampa Bay Rays. Another key acquisition that the Giants made was the trade for Andrew McCutchen. McCutchen is best known for being a perennial all-start outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now that the pirates were looking ot rebuild, it was a perfect change for the Giants to get the very talented player. These players will join Buster Posey, a former NL MVP, and Joe Panik to complete a very solid starting lineup.

While the Giants have added a lot of good players to their starting lineup, they will also be able to utilize their existing starting pitching staff that was considered the best in the MLB just a few years ago. One of the big questions this year will be whether the starting pitchers can avoid injuries for long. Madison Bumgarner has been a very dominant pitcher when he has been healthy. However, he was limited to just 17 starts because of a number of different injuries and setbacks.

Talkspace Consult with Therapist Conveniently and Affordably

Many people need someone to talk discreetly so that they can confide in them and share their pain and grief. As per the research, the number of people who are suffering from mental health issues or traumatic stress disorder is way too high than what is reported. Depression is one of the most common forms of mental health issues that people suffer from, and it has not only affected the elderly but the young people as well. Teenagers, as well as the young adults, are increasingly showing signs of depression, and if not treated in its early stages, depression may become suicidal as well in many cases.

Talkspace, one of the new start-ups that offer mobile therapy, has been highly effective in addressing the issue of mental health in the society. A New York-based mobile app, Talkspace was founded by Oren Frank and his brother in 2012, and so far has provided professional therapy to nearly 500,000 people. At present, over 1,000 licensed and trained occupational therapists are registered with Talkspace, and the count is increasing. Getting started at Talkspace is reasonably comfortable, and the best part is that Talkspace offers its members complete privacy and discretion. The relationship between the therapist and members are bind by the same privacy principles that are applicable in a conventional therapy session in office.

Talkspace recently reported a massive surge in the number of new members joining up after Donald Trump won the election in the United States. It cannot be said for sure as to what is the correlation between the surge experienced by Talkspace and Trump’s winning, but Talkspace’ management is happy that people are opening up about their need for therapy. As the cost of therapy at Talkspace is meager, and it provides the convenience to consult with a therapist through mobile remotely, it has become an ideal app for people looking for therapy.

Are Video Emails the Wave of the Future?

Technology is the future, but Talk Fusion really holds the key to the future on communication through email. There has never been a better time for the technology that the company has released, but now Talk Fusion is at the top of the list for one of the top tech companies in the country. What do they offer? They bring a lot to the table, and right now they are getting rave reviews from companies that are hearing about their products.


Product Dashboard, one of the latest additions to their inventory is now stealing the show. This dashboard was designed for the Talk Fusion Video Suite product. This updated dashboard makes it easier for customers to navigate, and it also enhances the user experience. CEO Bob Reina, said that the new dashboard is not just an enhancement to their current product, but is also evident of the continuous improvements they desire to make with the product line within Talk Fusion. Additionally, Reina wants to make sure that all products are user friendly, encouraging customers to keep trying other products put out by the company.


Although there are products out there similar to what Talk Fusion offers, Reina believes that what they have developed is far superior to them. Never settling for average, Reina and his team are always focused on what is new and trending within the technology industry. It is no surprise that Reina has always been referred to as ahead of his time for what he first started with when he launched Talk Fusion in 2002.


Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion after he attempted to share a short video clip with his family via email. Upon his interest in an investment property while traveling, he took images and made a short video to send to family to get their opinion before buying. When the email failed to transmit properly he saw the potential for a new product.


Reina chose to use direct sales as his business model for Talk Fusion to get the word out. He continues to encourage and direct his team as they experience greater growth year over year. Learn more:

Utah to Sue California Over Coal Power Fees

On Monday, Utah lawmakers gave approval for a $2 million proposal to sue California over their cap and trade Program. Republican Rep. Mike Noel spearheaded the proposal that hopes to reduce fees for coal-fired power in Utah. Only one Democratic lawmaker objected.

California is currently charging an extra $15 per megawatt hour to purchase from Utah’s Intermountain Power Plant, a coal-fired plant in Delta, Utah.

Noel contended that California’s laws are violating the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause. He believes California’s fees are hindering an already hurt coal industry that’s key to the economic health of several rural Utah counties. Noel believes that California is trying to push their “values” on Utah.

Of course, California regulators would disagree, asserting they’re not “singling out Utah” but merely trying to reward less pollution regardless of its origin. They assert their green initiative as in no way biased.

Not everyone in Utah wants to see this $2 million proposal to go through, though. Ashley Soltysiak, Utah chapter director for the non-profit conservation organization “The Sierra Club,” condemned the proposal, citing it as a poor use of taxpayer money at the expense of the environment.

For the past few years, we have seen the clash between GOP and Democratic ideals over the use of environmentally-damaging natural resources such as coal. While coal hurts the environment, it also hurts blue collar workers. The industry has seen a 40 percent drop in production since 2015, says Larry Johnson, mine manager of Alton Coal Development, who is in support of the proposal.

The issue of renewable energy in the U.S. is a highly divisive topic. California is taking a strong initiative to influence the rest of the country to follow suit in what they believe is the country’s best interest. Meanwhile, Utah is more concerned with the welfare of those who need the coal industry in order to survive financially. It’s a highly contested moral dilemma on both sides without an easy answer.

Portland Has The Most Expensive Cans Of Tuna–And Other Interesting Statistics

The Council for Community and Economic Research, also known as C2ER, is an economic research group based in Arlington, Virginia. They have just published a cost-of-living index for 269 cities. IN their data, they compare the prices of more than sixty goods and services. These goods and services are put into six classifications: transportation, healthcare, housing, miscellaneous goods, utilities and grocery items.

Portland has been included in their results. The results for Portland are quite interesting. For example, it is enlightening to know that out of all 269 cities, Portland came in first place for having the highest priced cans of tuna. The average price for a bottle of wine is $13.75, which puts Portland in 5th place. Regarding transportation costs, Portland was ranked 62nd. The average price of a six pack of beer is $9.82, putting it in 31st place. When it comes to the cost healthcare services, Portland ranks in 55th place with an average of $107.61 per exam. The costs of veterinary services also ranks in 55th place with an average of $57.17 per exam. The city comes in 16th place for the highest cost of groceries.

Overall, the cost of living in Portland comes in 17th place. New York ranked as the most expensive, and San Francisco ranked as the second most expensive. Seattle ranked as the eighth most expensive. Out of all 269 cities, McAllen, Texas, was the least expensive.

When it comes to the most expensive utilities fees, Portland comes in 259th place. The average energy cost each month is $145.24, while the average costs of monthly phone bills is $19.33.

The places that Portland scores in these statistics appear rather disheartening. After all, being under 100th place, and especially under 50th place, on the lists of highest prices does not seem very promising to those who are living on lower incomes. However, there are some things to think about:

• The prices might seem higher, but they may not really be that much higher than a lot of other places.

• How much a product costs depends on the brand and type.

• The costs may seem higher, though there may also be more job opportunities and amenities to balance things out.

• People’s salaries might be higher.

Michael Burwell is the New CFO of Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory in the world of broking, has announced Michael Burwell as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Michael Burwell will be using his 30 years of experience as a Chief Operating Officer and Head of Transaction Services into the position. He will also be bringing in 11 years of audit experience and 12 years of transaction services and advisory experience, which has helped many companies in pre-merger. Willis Towers Watson‘s Chief Executive Officer John Haley believes his experience will help the company achieve its goals and lead to long-term growth. He also thanks the company’s previous Chief Financial Officer Roger Millay for his leadership, who resigned from the position to retire.


Willis Towers Watson is a company that helps clients turn financial risk into a path of growth. They work on designing and delivering solutions to managing risks, optimizing the most benefits, and expanding clients’ capital to strengthen them as individuals and institutions. The perspective of the company helps them to see through the intersections of assets, talents, ideas to make sure each client and institution has a specialized plan to be helped and unlock potential. Established in 1828, Willis Towers Watson has over 40,000 employees in over 140 countries.


Before joining with Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell worked at Pricewater House Cooper, LLC (Pwc) as a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Global and US Transformation Leader, and Partner. He has also been a US Leader of Transaction Services Group and the Midwest Leader of Transaction Services as well as an automotive industry leader. He has been endorsed by others as being skilled at leadership, finance, and financial reporting. Other skills of his include financial analysis, portfolio management, internal controls, and mergers & acquisitions. View Additional Info Here.


In 1997, Michael Burwell began his partnership with PWC’s Detroit and its transaction services. After Burwell’s success in Detroit, he went on to be the leader of PWC’s central region. In 2012, he became the Vice President Global and of US Transformation. Through his role in Transformation, he oversaw human capital, finance, and technology. Michael Burwell is a CPA with a bachelor’s in business administration from Michigan State University.


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A Story Of Resilience; Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is a medical doctor licensed by the Florida and Georgia Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine. He is natively from New Orleans, LA, and a graduate of Tulane University medical school. Dr. McKenna is also an outstanding and determined entrepreneur. After getting his medical degree, Dr. Mark McKenna began practicing with his father who was also a doctor. Meanwhile, he was also looking into the real estate industry which he considered his first passion. He launched McKenna Venture Investments and a few years later also founded Universal Mortgage and Lending Uptown Title. His companies offered real estate closing services, finance, and building services. He was happy to be practicing his first passion that is real estate.


In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta and decided to move back into practicing medicine. He did not waste any time to come up with a new idea being the serial entrepreneur that he is. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with the idea of ShapeMed and quickly put it to practice that very year.


ShapeMed is a medical practice with several offices that offer aesthetic and wellness services like Botox injections, laser hair removal, nutrition and weight counseling. It was known as the clinic with the most comprehensive medical weight loss solutions. ShapeMed went on to do fairly well, and seven years later Dr. Mark McKenna sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. he stayed put for a year and worked for Life Time Fitness Inc. as a Medical Director before moving on to launch OVME (pronounced as of me) in 2017. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that relies heavily on technology. His goal for this firm is to reinvent elective health care.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s success story is one of resilience, hard work, innovativeness, and perseverance. Dr. Mark is a voracious leader who rose from all his challenges and found out where his destiny lies and put even more effort which has led him to where he is. His level of creativity and innovativeness is unmatched, and the world cannot wait to see what he comes up with in the coming years.Get Related Information Here.


Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a firm believer in working hard and smart so as to achieve good results. He is a performer and dedicated professional who has spent not less than quarter a decade as a top professional in the financial services niche. He was so good at what he does such that at one point he was appointed president of one the largest financial institutions that were state-chartered at the time.


Matthew went to school and graduated in the year 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance degree from the Michigan State University. Before he started his professional career, he was also lucky to graduate from the University of Denver’s Graduate Tax Program that was only accepting invitations from highly qualified students.


When it comes to his professional career, Matthew Autterson made a debut by working at First Trust Corporation that was by then, a subsidiary of Fiserv. Just after two years, he left the company and joined other likeminded professionals who were about to start a state-chartered financial company in Colorado. After a few months deliberating and laying strategies, the company finally opened and started operating under the name Resources Trust Company.


After four years in operation, he was made the company president and as expected, he steered the company to greater heights. Since becoming president, the company started making very good progress and many bigger companies were throwing deals with the intention of buying it out. In the year 1989, it was bought out by Broad Inc. together with all other assets owned by its subsidiary company, Integrated Resources Inc.


Before the sale was made, Resources Trust Inc. was ahead of the pack in terms of the manner through which it had managed to become a solid and reputable company. For instance, it had over seven hundred employees and with fifteen thousand independent advisers that had been able to bring it not less than two hundred thousand clients.


It is under Matthew’s able leadership that Resources Trust Company was able to become a state-charted financial company of repute. Over the years, he has exhibited true dedication and commitment to the different things he has set his mind to achieve. Currently, he is a board member of different companies and organizations serving in different capacities. He remains committed, down to earth and dedicated. He also commits his time to philanthropic activities in the community in the quest of improving the lives of those who are not privileged in society.


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Larkin & Lacey

When despicable Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was indicted in 2007 on federal charges of ignoring a judge’s orders to stop racial profiling, many people thought at long last, this man would finally get his comeuppance.

Donald Trump put all that to a halt after he pardoned Arpaio, assuring that he wouldn’t see one day inside prison. The ruling was formally validated by U.S. Judge Susan Bolton.

Two Arizona newsmen Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey weren’t very surprised. Trump and his buddy Arpaio have been in lock step for years. When Trump drove the “Birther” bus, Arpaio happily rode shotgun. The lie, invented by individuals of the right-wing fringe, which accuses President Barack Obama of being born in Kenya, is still being pushed by Arpaio to this day.

Larkin and Lacey have a much deeper and darker chapter in their lives when it comes to dealing with the worst sheriff in America. Larkin and Lacey, former owners of the Phoenix New Times spent well over a decade exposing Arpaio for the corrupt and vile human being he is.

In 2011, both men made front page news when they were arrested by Arpaio for telling the truth. The thin-skinned sheriff had just about all he could take. So he had members of his elite goon squad whisk the men away from their in the dead of night and hold them in jail. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio was and is a horrible person for sure. Some of his most despicable acts while serving as sheriff include racial profiling, the constant harassment of Hispanic people, questionable arrests, countless unexplained deaths in his jails, tortures and forcing inmates to stay in the notorious tent city, where temperatures could reach 120 degrees. And that’s just the beginning.

There were many questions about missing jail funds, sex crimes against children that were never addressed. But his zeal of targeting Latinos led to his ultimate downfall. The Melendez vs. Arpaio class action lawsuit is what really exposed Arpaio’s racist playbook. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

“Sadly, he probably wouldn’t have served a day in jail anyway had Trump not stepped in,” according to Lacey. “It just shows how the justice system has failed people.”

Arpaio leaves behind a legacy of pure evil. He ignored court orders, tortured people and other equally despicable things and he’s not being held accountable, says Lacey.

But Larkin and Lacy know the former sheriff better than most.

The Arizona State University drop-outs built a newspaper due to their outrage over the Kent State killings. The executives sold the conglomerate in 2013. Incidentally, they also won a $3.75 million lawsuit against Arpaio and Maricopa County.

Instead of pocketing the money, the duo used it to establish the Frotera Fund. An organization to help promote migrant rights around the state of Arizona.

James Larkin

James Larkin is one of the few people in England who was born at a time when employees were disregarded. This very group also saw an end to employee maltreatment, all thanks to James Larkin’s activities which brought rise to many more like him.

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts that one can have because a friend is someone that understands you more than anyone else. James Larkin had lots of friends when he was young, but he soon lost all of them as he grew up.

People drift from one another due to unavoidable circumstances like work, education and even marriage. James Larkin drifted from his friends after the death of his father because he had to leave school and start working.

One of the friends that he never lost, however, is James Connolly. James Connolly not only gave James Larkin counsel but also supported most of his activities. He also supported James Larkin financially when there was a need, and the understanding and bond between the two grew more daily.

When James Larkin joined NUDL, James Connolly kept a closer eye on him. He had seen something in James Larkin that some people did not see. James Larkin would not give up ever until he had achieved whatever it is he was fighting for. And he would not fight for anything if it was not for the benefit of others.

James Larkin was dismissed from NUDL because of his actions which the union deemed displeasing and disappointing. But that would never be the end of a trade union organizer. He approached James Connolly with the idea of a uniting organization of Irish workers, and the idea was met with so much gladness that the two soon formed ITGWU.

James Larkin also formed the ILP with his friend, before the former went to the United States of America. The Easter Rising was an unfortunate happening in Ireland because James Connolly died in the rising.

James Larkin had lost a friend, so he formed an organization and the name he gave it was one in honor of Connolly. Both the names of James Larkin and James Connolly will forever fill the history books.