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California Bill for Immigrant Healthcare Proposed By Lawmakers

The California state coffers are full due to many years of economic expansion in the state. Democratic Lawmakers in the state congress are proposing to spend up to 1 billion dollars to pay for healthcare for undocumented immigrants. This proposal was released on Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017. It has not worked its way through the Assembly and it would eventually need to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Currently, there are legal residency requirements for California’s Medicaid program for anyone over the age of 19. Any resident, citizen or not is eligible for Medical if they are under 19 years of age. This expansion proposal comes in the form of a 4.3 billion dollar package proposed by San Francisco Democrat Phil Ting who heads up the budget committee in the state assembly.

Other members of his party also want to raise the tax credit for the working poor while providing afterschool childcare and preschool programs. In addition, they are looking to reduce college tuition and increase government funded scholarships. At the same time, this bill would commit 3.2 billion dollars to state reserves according to the Sacramento Bee.

The state has drastically lowered the total number and percentage of uninsured people in the state. Lawmakers were big proponents of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, up to 7 percent of the people in the state still do not have health insurance. Large numbers of those are undocumented immigrants who cannot qualify for federally subsidized health care. This bill aims to close that gap.

Most of the citizens in the state receive more than half of their healthcare costs subsidized by the federal government. Undocumented workers in the state would need to have 100% of their costs covered by the state government. This issue is not without contention in the state. Progressive activists have been fighting hard in Sacramento for the Legislature to make state-funded health care available for anyone living in the state- regardless of national origin.

There has been some opposition to the plan. HD Palmer, who works for the California Department of Finance was quoted saying that they would like to commit more money to reserves before embarking on such an ambitious spending program. Despite these concerns, the bill is likely to pass in the left wing California Legislature.

Lost Sea Otter Finds New Home in Portland

An abandoned sea otter has safely arrived in his new home at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. The baby sea otter made headlines in October when he was found on a beach at Morro Bay Harbor on California’s Central Coast. He was saved by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s southern sea otter rescue program after being stranded on the shore. Abandoned by his mother, the little sea otter was estimated to be only about two weeks old when he washed up on the beach. His caregivers were unable to release him back into the wild due to his young age.

Last week, zoo employees traveled to California and brought the two-month-old otter back to his new home at the Oregon Zoo. He currently goes by the moniker of 805, his number at Monterey Bay Aquarium. According to zoo officials, he now weighs 14 pounds and has begun to clean himself. He eats a seafood diet, preferring tasty tidbits of shrimp. However, 805 is not is not currently being exhibited and is not available for visitors to see. For now, he is being cared for in a separate nursery at the zoo. However, the zoo plans to release him into their Steller Cove marine exhibit in January; he will be one of three otters living in Steller Cove.

In 2014, Juno, the zoo’s 3-year-old-otter, was also rescued in California by Monterey Bay Aquarium. Like 805, Juno was in need of adult companionship so she was sent to the Oregon Zoo to live with an otter community. She is one of 39 southern sea otters living in North American zoos and aquariums that have been stranded on shore and deemed too young or too inexperienced to be released back into the wild.

Sea otters like Juno and 805 were once common on the West Coast until they were hunted almost to extinction by fur hunters in the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite being protected by the Endangered Species Act since 1974, sea otter numbers have not recovered. Oil pollution, parasites and commercial fishing nets continue to take their toll on sea otter communities. Today, most sea otters live on the California coast, along Alaskan shores, or in Russia. Small populations can also be found in Washington and British Columbia, but no sea otters live in the wild in Oregon.

The Volcanic Water of Waiakea Water

Have you ever imaged drinking water that has been filtered by volcanic rocks? Well if you have your wish has come true with the bottled water Waiakea Water. This article discusses the unique properties behind the new craze in bottled water. This water is filtered and packaged in Hawaii which the author explained, how could a person not want water from Hawaii. Waiakea Water has a prime selling point with having their water created in Hawaii. The article starts off with the author explaining how the sale of bottled water was unheard of years ago because their faucet water was pretty clean and in today’s age, bottled water is a billion-dollar business. The author even jokingly compared selling bottled water to selling rays of sunshine and purified air. Both might seem weird but so would selling bottled water years ago. The article also touches on how plastic bottles are dangerously polluting our oceans and how some countries pour millions of plastic bottles in the ocean every year. That’s why the author is liking Waiakea Waters, they are one of the first companies to have biodegradable bottles and they only use recycled plastic to create their bottles.



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Waiakea Water is the brainchild of Ryan Emmons who saw an opportunity to bring the world something new and since it was created in 2012 the company has seen a lot of growth. The water that is sold is rain or snow water that runs down the volcano Mauna Loa located on the Big Island of Hawaii. This idea came to him when he finally realized that he has been drinking some of the purest water in the world and decided to share it.




The water goes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock which it picks up nutrients. Some people have said that the purest filter water has an alkaline level of pH 7 whereas Waiakea Water has a natural alkaline level of pH 7.8 to 8. Waiakea Waters is a ten-million-dollar company and is protected to continue to grow since the world is loving their amazing pure water on earth. See This Page for related information.



Watch Waiakea Water on YouTube.

San Francisco Rent Prices Send Some Clients Flying

Nearly everyone has heard of the sky high rent prices in the San Francisco Bay Area. A high concentration of well paying jobs, limited housing, and little new construction all add up to some of the highest median rent prices in the world at $4,450/mo. Just renting a closet at those prices could prove formidable for most workers, and one law firm in Houston was so fed up with excessive rent prices they decided to take to the sky instead.

As reports Patterson and Sheridan, a Houston based law firm, has purchased a $3 Million jet in which to fly it’s employees back and forth to the Bay Area once a month in order to meet with clients. While this may seem a bit excessive, at 9 Seats, one month in the Bay Area for 9 employees would cost them at least $45,000 in rent. At these rates the law firm should quickly recoup its cost. Plus because the jet is only used for business purposes with lawyers working on board, it can be written off as an expense.

The plane is also a perk used to attract top talent in the Houston area. After all who doesn’t enjoy a trip on a beautiful private jet, and the chance to work in the glamorous Bay Area while continuing to live in Houston where monthly living expenses are a 1/3 of those in San Francisco.

As rising rent prices continue to price out top talent, firms will have to continue to find creative solutions to help fill the demand. Young and talented workers have high living expectations, and they are unlikely to want to move into an area where they would barely be able to afford to go out or own a car. Flying in talent is one of the most innovative solutions we are sure to see more of. Who knows, maybe the big idea won’t be putting your employees on a private jet and flying them in, but in a private submarine for an underwater voyage. After all in today’s competitive market place, a company has to be willing to go high, or low, to set themselves apart.

George Soros’ Dedication to Supporting Various Humanitarian and Charity Causes

George Soros is a world celebrated philanthropist. Over the years he has made vast contributions to various humanitarian and charity causes. Judging from his charity works across the world, it is evident that most of George Soros’ charity works have an immense rooting on his past. George Soros spent his early boyhood life in the Nazi-occupied countryside of Hungary.

Years later, while a young adult, Soros decided to immigrate to London, England hoping to find greener pastures. After briefly staying in London, Soros finally immigrated to the United States of America and is currently an American citizen. After Immigrating to the United States, Soros started trading on Wall Street. He is considered to be one of the most successful American investors on Wall Street.

Back in 1992, George Soros made one of the biggest gambles of his career. The American Wall Street trader bet $1 billion against the United Kingdom’s currency, the Pound. The move made by Soros gained mainstream media coverage which resulted in him known globally, mostly within the business and financial circles.

After Soros waging against the pound, the British bank embarked on devaluing the pound which was achieved through aggressively selling the currency. The aftermath of the events from Soros’ waging against the pound, to the consequent devaluing of the money earned George Soros the nickname “the person who brought the bank of England to its knees.”

Through Wall Street, George Soros acquired vast amounts of wealth and had since been giving it back to communities by supporting both humanitarian and charitable causes across the world. One area Soros has been putting significant effort in is in the promotion of democracy on a worldwide scale.

1984 marked the year George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in Hungary. In America, Soros has been supporting numerous Democrat candidates and their initiatives. In 2016, George Soros made significant donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign. He was also one of the vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton throughout the entire presidential election season.

Since starting the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has made it a trend to offer substantial donations to the Hungary based charity. The average amount of funds he donates to the Open Society amounts to $850 million on an average. Due to the changes made to his estate planning, Soros drastically changed the amount of the donations he makes to the Open Society. The aftermath of the changes made to Soros’ investment and estate planning saw him donate $18 billion to the Hungary based Open Society Foundation. The Wall Street Journal was the first media firm to break the news of the $18 billion donations.

Over the next few years, George Soros is expected to make additional donations to the Open Society Foundation that will amount to $2 billion. More details about the $18 billion contributions made by George Soros to the Open Society Foundation can be found in the New York Times. The Open Society Foundation is a reputable charity institution known worldwide for supporting various charitable causes across the world.

The Most Successful CEO of All Time- Louis Chenevert

About Louis Chenevert


Louis Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur who graduated from HEC Montreal an affiliated Business School of University of Montreal. Mr. Chenevert graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. In 2014, he received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal while in 2014 he was awarded another honorary degree from Concordia University.  Read This Article to learn more about Chenevert.


Louis Chenevert’s Career


Louis Chenevert is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was named as the CEO in April 2008 and chairman in January 2010 respectively. Mr. Chenevert had served in other companies prior to that where he also held senior positions. Louis Chenevert served at General Motors for 14 years and became the General Production Manager but left in 1993 for Pratt &Whitney in Canada. He served as the vice president of operations and later became the president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. He would later join United Technologies Corporation in March 2006. (More:


Moreover, Mr. Chenevert not only headed the United Technologies Corporation but also served as director as well. With Louis Chenevert at the helm, the company grew tremendously such that during his tenure UTC’S share price rose from of $37 to $117 in a weeks’ time. That was a record of a 200% appreciation in shareholder value considering it was during a time of deep subprime recession. Such was Mr Chenevert’s prowess in handling his business as the CEO that always turned out successful. Check him out on Forbes.



Notably, Mr Chenevert saved the situation several years ago where most of the company’s engineers would have lost their jobs when he did a minor restructuring. He did this by moving the engineers from a lower cost- local back so that the company would be in a position to fix them whenever their skill was required in commercial and military markets. Further, under Mr. Chenevert’s leadership, the performance was so remarkable such that UTC was able to generate twice as much shareholder returns of standard Dow Jones Industrial and S&P 500 for ten years ending December 2013.




2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, “Livin’ On a Prayer”

Eighties babies should start searching their wardrobes for their vintage Bon Jovi T-shirt’s and ripped blue-jeans in support of one of rock’s favorite popular hairbands being among the class of 2018 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The notorious Rolling Stone magazine reports Bon Jovi keyboardist, David Bryan as saying, “It’s a Christmas miracle. [We were] guys living the dream, getting on a bus with no guarantees in any way shape or form or anything. It was, ‘Let’s go out and make this happen.’ And we actually did.”

Bon Jovi is among other 80’s favorites such as The Cars, Dire Straits and goth group Depeche Mode, yet remain the only band in the line-up who started their lengthy, musical career in the 80’s, unlike the other candidates for 2018.

Other’s who were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2018, include the late greats Nina Simone, who passed in 2003, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who’s passing was in 1973, will receive the Early Influence Award.

Lastly, The Moody Blues complete next years class by accompanying the well-loved and revered bands mentioned above, on the applauded inductee list.

In order to have been inducted, the band/artist must have released their first commercial recording at least 25 years before the induction year. Those artists on the ballot for the first time this year include Sister Tharpe, The Moody Blues, Dire Straits and Miss Simone.

Fans can start getting pumped up now for the sure-to-be, mind blowing performance that is usually scheduled at the ending of each induction ceremony. This performance is carried out by all of the 2018 inductees on stage at once, jamming in synchronicity.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will hold their 33rd traditional event on April 14, 2018, at Cleveland’s Public Hall. Keep your ears open, and be on the lookout for details on ticket release date information. If you just so happen to miss this star-studded event, not to worry; HBO will ultimately show an edited version of the noted event, and SiriusXM will air a radio performance as well, in Spring of 2018.

California Man Has A Turnaround Of Fortune Thanks To A Navajo Antique

One man in California managed to have a complete reversal of fortune thanks to an old Navajo Indian antique that was in his possession. Loren Krytzer was living and working as a carpenter in California when he got hit by a car. The accident left him hospitalized for over a year on dialysis. Eventually his condition deteriorated and one of his legs had to be amputated.

Unable to work, Loren Krytzer applied for disability benefits, but was shockingly turned down multiple times. You would think that a person who was hospitalized for a year and had their leg amputated would get disability right away, but instead he would have to reapply many times. He would eventually get disability, but it was just enough to get by. Mr. Krytzer recalls living on about $200 a month and going to Costco for the $1.50 hotdog and coke. He even had to send his children away to live with their grandparents because he could not afford to take care of them. Those were very difficult and trying times he recalls.

One day while he was sitting at home watching TV, Loren saw a man on the Antiques Roadshow program have a Navajo blanket appraised for about half a million dollars. It was at this moment that Loren Krytzer realized that he had a blanket that looked just like the one on the Antiques Roadshow program. He ran to get it and compared it to the one on TV. It looked very similar and had the same line pattern.

His family was skeptical at first and though the blanket was worthless. It turns out the blanket was worth $1.5 million dollars at auction when he offered it up for auction in Pasadena, California. The Navajo Indian blanket was passed down from generation to generation in his family. It dates back to the 1800s when one of his family members obtained it at a trading post.

Loren Krytzer bought a home and a car with the money from the auction. He also set aside some money by investing it in stocks and bonds. Mr. Krytzer credits his strong faith for helping him get through the tough moment of his life.

Louis Chenevert Contribution To United Technologies Corporation Success

Louis Chenevert is a known entrepreneur in Canada. He is the former United Technologies Corporation (UTC), chief executive officer. UTC is a multinational conglomerate firm in America that deal with researches, manufactures, and develops of high technology commodities.


Work History


Chenevert has worked at General Motors for 14 years where he was the production general manager. In 1993 the skilled expert joined Pratt & Whitney Canada and was elected president after serving for six years. He is the vice-chair of Executive Committee of the Business Council for 2011-2012. The renowned leader was appointed as the chair of UTC in March 2006 and resigned the position in December 2014. In 2005, he started working as an exclusive advisor at Merchant Banking Division.




He left a remarkable legacy at UTC. He acquired Goodrich and made significant profits in the market during the recession. This acquisition represents extraordinary patience and business acumen. The GTF pet project ranks high in his achievements. It was selected to replace Airbus established Pratt & Whitney in the jet engine market. He discovered the advanced materials that could burn engines hotter. Chenevert led UTC to invest in a quality technology that drives growth in the firm today and boosts US economy as it creates manufacturing jobs.  Find out more about Chenevert on



Securing the Future


Louis Chenevert believes in investing in the high-quality technology and educating employee to set up companies for future success. He works on leaving each company better than he found it. The future needs investment to achieve success in both short and long-term. Educating workforce contributes to creation of new ideas.


Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine is an example of such investments. The engine cost $10 billion and took over 20 years to design and produce. 72 aircrafts by 14 airlines are using the new GTF launched last year. It lowers fuel burn by 16%, cuts noise by 75%, and emits 50% less waste. Go Here for related Information.


Under Chenevert leadership, United Technologies Corporation assembled the most advanced jet engines in the world for commercial and military use. UTC has an Employee Scholar Program to educate workers. Innovation investment grows the manufacturers and supplier’s business.


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Layoffs At The LA Weekly Signal A Change In Local Restaurant Reviewing

The Food sections that are often featured in various newspapers are great sources of recipes, food facts, and information about local restaurants. According to a recent Eater article, however, the LA Weekly newspaper has decided to lay off most of its editorial staff, including the paper’s food editor.

The Eater article states that the LA Weekly newspaper was sold by Voice Media Group to an organization known as Semanal Media in October 2017. In late November, the new ownership of the newspaper took over and the layoffs were announced shortly thereafter.

Foodies throughout the LA region are disheartened to learn that Katherine Spiers, the food editor at the LA Weekly was one of the nine staff members who were laid off.

The LA Weekly is a well-respected paper that has been in operation since 1978. The food section in the LA Weekly has long been a particularly popular and influential source of useful information. The restaurant reviews at the paper have been favorite reading material for people of all ages for decades, and have even garnered a Pulitzer Prize for one critic.

Very little is being said about the layoffs from Semanal Media. Evidently, the top editor at the paper was the person who informed the staffers that their services were no longer required. The new owners of the paper did not speak at all to the employees who were being laid-off, but they did also lay-off the paper’s top editor.

For the time being, the future status of food news and restaurant reviews in Los Angeles is uncertain. In addition to its large presence in the print version of the LA Weekly, the food section also produced several stories each week for the paper’s online edition.

Only time will tell how the new owners of the LA Weekly will handle restaurant reviews and food news. For lots of food lovers in Los Angeles, it just won’t be the same without the paper’s interesting reviews.