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Avaaz Works to Make the World a Better Place

Avaaz has origins in the Persian language meaning “song” or “voice”, and the translation is indicative of the goals of this United States civic organization. Since its foundation in 2007, Avaaz has worked to promote messages of global activism focusing on climate change, human rights, animal rights,corruption, poverty, and conflict. Its goal is to form a collective force to promote the rights of individual causes.

Avaaz is co- founded by Res Rubric,, and Service Employees International Union, and has quite a significant amount of followers boasting 44 members in 194 countries. One need not question why. Avaaz is an organization that focuses on democracy. Avaaz tries to promote the goals that best benefit the interest of its members. This is accomplished by listening to what members have to say. Avaaz is solely funded by individual funding eliminating any need for concern over issues of a hidden agenda often resulting from involvements with high wealth corporations. Avaaz does not accept donations from the government or corporations. Instead Avaaz dedicates time and effort to the needs of members.

Avaaz determines priorities by taking a collective poll from members. Ideas are polled weekly by a random sample from 10,000 member responses. The campaign ideas with the strongest ratings become an area of focus. Often members can become involved in a promotes cause in a matter of minutes.

Avaaz acknowledges that all members of the organization will not share the same beliefs. Thus, each member is allowed to be as involved or as indifferent to each campaign as he/she desires. However, Avaaz has discovered that individuals joining the organization for one cause often become interested and involved in other activist campaigns. A member’s level of involvement in individual Avaaz campaigns is contingent upon personal passions and beliefs.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Golden State Warriors Win NBA Title

The Golden State Warriors captured their second NBA title in the past three years on Monday night as they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 129-120, at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The series had been seen as the rubber match between the two teams that were meeting in the Finals for the third consecutive year, the first time that had happened in league history.


The turning point in the game took place in the second quarter, with Cleveland leading by a 41-33 score. At that point, Golden State scored 28 of the next 32 points to take a 61-45 lead. At that point, a heated dispute between Golden State’s David West and the Cleveland duo of Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith resulted in technical fouls being assessed to all three players.


The Warriors held a 71-60 halftime advantage, with subsequent comeback attempts during the second half of action by the Cavaliers were never able to get the margin closer than three the rest of the game.


The Golden State duo of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry combined for 73 points on the night, with Durant’s 39 points cementing his award for Most Valuable Player in the series. While the victory for the Warriors was their second championship since 2015 and third in their history, it marks Durant’s first since he entered the NBA a decade ago.


Durant’s decision last year to leave his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Warriors, caused much of the same criticism that the Cavaliers’ LeBron James had faced in 2010. That was when he left Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat, before returning to his hometown team four years later.


Despite the loss, James performed admirably in his seventh consecutive Finals appearance. He scored 41 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and handed out eight assists. He also made league history by becoming the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double, which are double-digit numbers in three different statistical categories.


California Economy

There are many great things happening in the economy in California. Not only is job growth high, but a lot of people are moving to the state in search of a better life. With this growth in the population, the state is bringing in more income than ever before. This is leading to more jobs and companies in the state. Here are several factors that are influencing the positive economic trends in California.





For many years, California had the highest tax rates of any state in the country. However, the state has made a lot of changes recently in their business model to be able to lower taxes. This is encouraging companies to move into the area to set up business. In addition, this is bringing in new jobs for the people who are living there. In the coming years, the state is excited to continue to make these changes in order to drive growth and innovation in this field. This is an exciting development for a lot of people who live there.





There are a lot of great jobs in the state of California right now. The technology industry is growing rapidly, and now is a great time to work in that industry. The great thing about that industry is the fact that the jobs have a lot of benefits. The big technology companies are doing well financially, and this allows them to extend benefits to workers. The people who live in California are able to make a lot of money and spend it in the state on goods and services.



Final Thoughts


Overall, the economy in California is doing well right now. With the coming growth in population, many experts expect this trend to continue in the coming years. Now is the time to invest in this state to start a company.


US Money Reserve: providing knowledge and security

With each new administration comes financial uncertainty, consumers stop spending, traders lose a couple more hours of sleep per night. But there is one thing that has always provided confidence and security…Gold.

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Drought Lifted While Impacts Remain

California residents can now say that the drought that has lasted for about four years is over. That doesn’t mean that the damage done by the drought will go away anytime soon. Whenever there is a significant lack of water in a state, there are always issues with the infrastructure of the ground and amount of water that is available for drinking in the future. Lawns are now seeking the water that they once had, damaged to a point where they don’t have the beautiful green color that they once had. There are forests struggling with trees that have simply died out from the lack of adequate water over the course of a few years. In some places, the land started to sink in, appearing as though it would cave in on itself.


Although it’s started to rain once again, the ground and the plants and the trees aren’t going to just bounce back to the way that they were overnight. Governor Jerry Brown removed emergency orders from 2014 and 2015 over the first week of June 2017. There are a few water restrictions in some of the counties in California, but for the most part, people can begin using water like before. When the drought started, there was only about four percent of the state that didn’t see any kind of dry conditions. Fortunately, the winter season of 2016 was abnormally wet, providing plenty of moisture for the state to come out of drought conditions. There isn’t a promise that there won’t be another drought in the future, and if there is, then there is a chance that it could leave conditions worse than what they are now.

Non-Autonomous Vehicles May be Banned from I-5

According to an article originally published on Drive, people being able to drive their own vehicles between Seattle and Vancouver may soon come to an end if a plan proposed by Medrona Group, a Seattle-based technology firm, cones to pass. The plan was recently announced during the Cascadia Conference during which Governor Jay Inslee and British Columbia Prime Minister Christy Clark pledged to work together more closely in development of the region.

The plan proposed by the Medrona Group would allow autonomous cars into the HOV structure of I-5 immediately. Then, the company suggests that new lanes for self-driving cars be constructed using some of the $2 billion of venture capital pouring into Vancouver. After the lanes are constructed, then non-autonomous cars and trucks would be banned from driving on the I-5 except overnight and on the weekends.

The plan further states that the speed of development for self-driving cars should be accelerated by combining the forces at the University of Washington’s new Mobility Innovation Center with students at the University of British Columbia.

There is no doubt that the 140 mile stretch of interstate between Seattle and Vancouver can become a nightmare. Medrona Company, however, does not want to see anyone lose their jobs or have to move when their plan goes into effect. Therefore, they recommend that a voucher system be developed where low-income people could receive a self-driving car for free.

Eventually, Medrona Company wants to see the plan extended to include other areas of the Pacific Northwest where traffic is a problem. Their next goal would be to include Portland, Oregon, into the mix.

While this plan may not be perfect, it does have the support of Bill Gates behind it. Microsoft recently moved to Seattle following a move earlier by Amazon. The future in the area seems bright for technology companies. Therefore, if any area of the country is ready to accept self-driven cars it seems like this would be the perfect place.




Scientists Discover New Type of Earthquake

Scientists working at Caltech in Pasadena, California, say that earthquakes may not be limited to the earth’s crust, according to an article recently published on Science Alert. They now believe that earthquakes can occur in the earth’s upper mantle.

So far, the team has just discovered smaller earthquakes in the crust, but there is disagreement over how strong these earthquakes that are undetectable using traditional seismic equipment may become. Some scientists believe that earthquakes occurring in the earth’s mantle will remain less than a 2 calling them localized chatter that cannot group themselves together to form a massive earthquake. Others suggest that they may become stronger than any earthquake that has happened so far.

Researchers started looking at this phenomena after a 8.6 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean on April 12, 2016. This earthquake did not occur in line with traditional theories. Therefore, scientists had to start looking for a new hypothesis. The earthquake did, however, occur along a fault line similar to those found in the San Andes fault line and the Newport-Inglewood fault lines.

Meanwhile, scientists with the Southern California Earthquake Center said at the National Earthquake Conference that they believe that a major earthquake may occur along the San Andes fault very soon. The Pacific plate is moving northwest at a rate of 16 feet every 100 years while the North America plate is not moving. Therefore, tension is being created under California. If a major earthquake occurs in this area, then scientists say that it could kill 1,800 people, injure over 50,000, cause $200 billion in property damage and cause six months of compromised sewer system problems. They are most worried about the damage spreading towards Los Angeles, although they say damage in the Coachella Valley, Island Empire and Antelope Valley would be extensive.

Scientists have also announced that they have found a new fault line under the Salton Sea. They believe that this fault line may be taking pressure off the San Andreas fault which is why major quakes have not recently occurred there. This new fault line has recently been rumbling producing 300 small earthquakes last week.

Climate Change May Benefit Pacific Coast Oysters

Oyster farmers on the west coast of the United States may have good news if they can survive the current conditions. Long-term climate changes should increase the number and size of oysters growing in the waters off the Pacific Coast of the United States. The question, however, remains if they can get to that point, according to an article recently published on UC Davis.

The current climate is causing acid to build up in the waters off California and Oregon where Pacific Coast oysters are raised commercially. This acid causes the baby oysters, called spat, to die. Now, oyster farmers are starting to raise spat in other locations and move them to the ocean.

Another problem that the oysters must overcome is oyster drillers. These sea snails are not indigenous to the Pacific Coast but were introduced to the water either from the East Coast or Asia. Drillers use their tongues to drill holes into the oyster’s shell. Once the shell is penetrated, they excrete an acidotic substance which further damages the shell. Eventually, they use their tongues to eat the oyster’s flesh. Long term, drillers should not be able to continue to live in the water’s raising temperatures.

Researchers with the National Estuarine Research Reserve say that warmer ocean temperatures should help Pacific Coast oysters grow faster and bigger. They say that while most oysters eaten today come from the East Coast that when this occurs, then people will switch to eating these oysters instead.

Researchers also say that it is imperative to protect the oysters because they help many other ocean species to survive. Plants and small creatures live in their shells along with the oyster. Therefore, other species may also disappear if the oyster cannot be saved.

Workers with the reserve also hope that one day oysters can be used to create a living shoreline. When this occurs, soil erosion may be stopped. As the erosion becomes less, then West Coast droughts may become fewer and less severe.

The future for Pacific Coast oysters looks bright if the oyster driller can be stopped. Climate change may actually help them grow bigger and stronger.

New California Fault Line Discovered

Researchers in California have recently found a new fault line that runs mainly under the Salton Sea, according to an article recently published on Wire. The fault line was discovered while a team of scientist was mapping the sea’s floor for other purposes using equipment that has just recently been developed.

Researchers at the Southern California Earthquake Center say that this fault line may be taking pressure off the San Andreas fault line and the Imperial fault line. If so, then this may explain why the promised big earthquake has not developed.

They say that the earth’s crust is covered with a series of small fault lines. Most of these lines go unmapped because of the expenses incurred in locating them and in mapping them. They say that they had long suspected that there was a fault line running between the San Andreas fault line and the Imperial fault line because the end of the two lines do not meet as they would expect.

The new fault line, called the Salton Trough Fault, has been sending off little earthquakes lately. Scientists measured 300 on one night recently that were under a 2 magnitude. Therefore, they increased the likelihood that a big earthquake would soon develop.

Officials with the National Earthquake Center say that the earth is constantly in motion. They know that the Pacific plate of the San Andreas fault is moving northwest about 16 feet per 100 years. They also know that the North American plate has not moved in recent years. Therefore, they believed that a major earthquake in California would occur soon. Now, with this discovery, they are rethinking their theories.

Scientists have recently determined that earthquakes can occur much deeper than they previously thought. They say that the new evidence suggests that earthquakes can start up to 15 miles below the earth’s crust. Since the depth of the new fault has yet to be determined, it is feasible that the Salton Trough Fault connects to the San Andreas Fault deep under the earth’s crust. Therefore, scientists say that they need more time to update their thinking and earthquake models.


Seattle Passes New Worker’s Rights Law

The Seattle city council and mayor have once again passed worker’s rights laws designed to give hourly employees more dependability when it comes to their schedules. The council hopes this move will benefit those workers making them feel more empowered. You may remember that last year, Seattle became the second city in the United States to mandate a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Under the new law, according to the AP,workers who are employed by food industry and retail establishments that have 500 employees globally and to full-service restaurants with 500 employees and 40 establishments. Under the new law, employees would have to be given their schedules a minimum of 14 days in advance, be given more than 10 hours off between shifts and be paid extra if they come in at short notice. Additionally, companies cannot hire new employees until all their current employees have a full schedule. Additionally, employees who show up for work and are not needed or employees who are called and told not to come to work will have to be compensated. Employees would also receive an estimate of their total hours needed from their employer.

Starting in July, Walmart already had taken steps to allow employees more control over their schedules. These employees can enter a computer system and tell Walmart when they want to work and for how long.

A person has to wonder about this new law. Many franchisers are actually small businessmen who own very few establishments so this law would not apply to them. Additionally, it does not cover other industries that may require employees to work long hours such as those in health care. Many business owners say this new law will force them to leave Seattle. While one has to applaud the city council for trying to look out for employees, driving these employers out of Seattle does not seem like a good business principle. For the most part, these are jobs taken by the city’s youngest workers or its poorest so residents need to prepare for an impact in the social service sector as these people may no longer be able to find jobs.