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Success Story of Yanni Hufnagel, a young Basketball Coach

Just like any other career, being a coach is an occupation. Yanni Hufnagel is an American basketball coach at Harvard. He is the assistant coach of Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team which is under Eric Musselman. He grew up in Scarsdale, New York and attended Scarsdale High School. He later joined Pennsylvania State University for one year and was a member of the school’s lacrosse team before he transferred to Cornell University.
At Cornell University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. He later joined Oklahoma University where he got a master’s in Adult and Higher Education with an emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. At Oklahoma, he served as an assistant coach for post-graduate men’s basketball team.
In 2009, under Tommy Amaker, Yanni Hufnagel joined Crimson men’s basketball team, and in 2011, the CBS Sports Survey of more than 100 coaches voted him as the mid-major assistant coach, who is most likely to make it big in life due to his recruiting abilities. In the 2012-2013 season, he was named to a CBS Sports college basketball “dream team” of assistant coaches.
In 2013, Yanni Hufnagel joined Vanderbilt Commodores coaching staff where he acted as an assistant coach under Kevin Stallings. ESPN later credited him for helping Vanderbilt land 29th ranked 2014 class that included both Matthew Fisher-Davis and Wade Baldwin IV. He later left the program.
Yanni Hufnagel joined the California Golden Bears coaching staff that was led by Cuonzo Martin. Here, he was again credited with persuading both Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown to accede the team. This Pair led the Golden Bears to a 2016 NCAA Tournament berth. In 2016, Yanni Hufnagel accepted an offer from Eric Musselman as an assistant coach at the University of Nevada, Wolf Pack. UNR President, Marc Johnson strongly supported the hiring of Hufnagel. This coaching job is likely to make Hufnagel rich very soon. Yanni has been a force to reckon with in the sporting career, and he is determined to be the best coach to record the best coaching record ever.He believes talent and hardwork equal to success.

Scottsdale, Arizona Resident Jason Hope Is A Businessman With A Philanthropic Worldview

To say that Jason Hope wears many hats may be the understatement of the year. The Scottsdale, Arizona resident is an entrepreneur, futurist, investor and philanthropist who is as passionate about technology as he is about giving back to the community.

The Arizona native grew up in Tempe and earned his undergraduate degree in finance from Arizona State University. Hope then went on to earn his Master’s of Business Administration from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Leveraging knowledge gained in the classroom to the real world, Hope has been instrumental in the development of technology that supports mobile apps, desktop software and gaming. But for Jason Hope, there is more to life than having a job that makes money.

He has chosen to support several philanthropic initiatives, including research currently being done at the SENS Foundation at Cambridge University. SENS is centered on helping people live longer, better lives by focusing on finding cures for such diseases like Alzheimer’s as well as lung and heart ailments.

Hope and the SENS Foundation strongly believe that too much money and time has been spent on treating disease. Instead, they argue that not enough attention and money have been spent on preventing disease in the first place.

Hope is also an angel investor who provides grants ranging anywhere from $500 to $5,000 to high school and college students who provide details of their research or start-up plans to

Sewage Spill at U.S – Mexican Border Creates Stinky Situation and Sick Wildlife

Federal officials are looking into the cause of a large sewage spill into the Tijuana River which eventually spread sewage up the coast from the border to Coronado. This sewage had been flowing and polluting the area for at least two weeks before being stopped. Though this is not the first time sewage has flowed through to the U.S. Side of the border, it is likely one of the largest, and some say it was intentional.


Residents of Imperial Beach, a small city which sits just north of the U.S. – Mexico Border, have been complaining of a huge stinky smell over the entire region since the flow of sewage began around the beginning of February. It turns out that sewage was deliberately released into the Tijuana River because of work being done on the pipeline on the Mexican side of the border. However, instead of rerouting the water back into the treatment system, it was, instead released into the river bed. Authorities on both sides of the border are investigating why this happened and why authorities on the U.S. side were not notified.


Some residents have noticed a rising number of sick and dead wildlife along the shoreline. The area immediately north of the border is home to the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve. This reserve hosts a large concentration of birds and sea life, including some endangered species. Many birds rely on this area for food and habitat. People have been posting photos on social media of dead birds and sick seals.


Though the leak is said to have been stopped, it will be some time before the sewage will break down and the smell will dissipate. Fortunately, the beaches were already closed due to runoff from the recent storms. Signs are still posted in the area and visitors and residents are still encouraged to stay out of the water even though the weather has improved.



How Jim Hunt Changes Lives Through Educating On Stock Trading

Jim Hunt could easily pass for the hero of the underdog in the stock trading system. He reveals hidden secrets used by millionaires trading the stock to help the average American cash in big. Jim’s methods are surprisingly simple to comprehend and follow at As an example, the serial trader promised his viewers to make his mother a millionaire using the same approach. Jim advises his dedicated YouTube viewers to have a keen eye for spotting the stock that consistently rises but often missed even by the big shots on In one of his tutorials, he explains that if one capitalizes on an affordable amount such as a thousand dollars, then multiplies it by ten and keeps the profits scaling up; it is possible to attain a million dollars. He likens the method to Einstein’s 8th wonder of the world.

Hunt has built a large following on YouTube with projects such as Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire. Besides always predicting stock markets, he is the chief executive officer of VTA Publications. Mr. Hunt established the firm to deliver sophisticated stock trading knowledge to the starting trader looking to invest in rising stock. VTA Publications focuses his efforts on providing useful information to his clients so as to meet their particular needs. Jim Hunt manages to always give the information by intently listening to complaints and applying human psychology to create genius tools on He utilizes direct mail marketing to advertise his products and services and reduce time and effort in focusing on uninterested parties.

Jim Hunt maintains high productivity while handling intricate details at VTA Publications by jumpstarting his day with a workout routine. He consumes a light lunch to save energy for the afternoon before retiring to spend quality time with his family. Jim is a disciplined professional who believes in executing goals by subdividing the tasks. Despite the popular belief that hard work breeds success, Jim values silence. He explains that he is most intuitive and decisive while relaxed. He recommends starters in the profession of finance to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad to understand the dynamics of money. Jim Hunt is an avid reader whose favorite collection is Jesse Livermore’s books.

Major Beer Business Battle Brewing in the West Coast

The Big Beer oligopoly reaches out to all global corners, particularly in the United States, one of the most lucrative beer markets in the world. The current beer business battle is unfolding in the West Coast, specifically in the Pacific Northwest, where two locally respected beer brands are being unceremoniously turned over to a Big Beer conglomerate.


According to a March report published by the Seattle Times, Olympia and Rainier are now in the hands of Columbia Distributing, a West Coast beer giant based in Portland. The two local beers are popular among locals and visitors alike; until recently, they were part of the sizable Pabst Brewing portfolio and handled by three families in Washington State.


The aforementioned brewing families were caught off guard by the harsh decision by Pabst Brewing. At this time, the three families are now plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against Pabst; the claims are based on breach of contract and unethical business practices.


The Washington families were not the only ones surprised by the Big Beer episode. Business analysts who follow the brewing industry were also shocker, albeit to a lesser degree.


It so happens that Americans are not drinking as much beer as they used to. Big Beer thrives on growth; when it cannot find this crucial aspect of business, it tends to move towards consolidation for the purpose of streamlining. The problem is that Pabst essentially handled two local beer brands to a single Big Beer operator that now essentially controls all beer distribution across the Pacific Northwest.


Beer market analysts are concerned that the abruptness of the Pabst incident could become a new and uncomfortable standard in the brewing industry. Consolidation is usually a longer process of buyouts and warnings.


With Columbia handling a venerable beer such as Rainier, beer lovers in Southern California may be introduced to a new brand; however, this will be done at the cost of business lost by three distributors in Washington that never got a chance to expand their market because of Big Beer operators such as Columbia. These drastic moves do not always translate into savings for beer drinkers, who will probably pay the same price for Olympia and Rainier.


Goettl Makes Big Moves in the HVAC Industry

Recently, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air have merged with Goettl Air Conditioning. As a result, Goettll has gained more than 20 new team members and a significant advantage in the air conditioning industry.

In addition to the acquisition of these two companies, Goettl has also gained many other corporations in the Las Vegas area. Goettl also has plans to expand in the southwest region of Nevada with its current expansion, and will be taking over the residential clients for Las Vegas Air and rental homes for Paradise Air.

Las Vegas Air employees have expressed that they are excited to merge with Goettl. Stephen Gamst, who had a long history with Ken Goodrich for a number of years says that he trusts Goettl and believes that the merger will benefit employees as well as the local economy.

This new team of air conditioning business will also make it possible to offer a variety of skills and services to clients. The merger will also assist team members in learning new services and skills. Prior to the merger, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air were only providing HVAC services. Now, the companies will be able to add plumbing to their list of services. Goettl also benefits, since the new business move will allow them to provide services in the commercial sector. Previously, Goettl acquired The Sunny Plumber and Desert Valley Mechanical.

The Goettl brothers started their lucrative business in Mansfield Ohio in 1926. Years later, the company moved to Phoenix to seek ways to grow the company during the Great Depression. Goettl has now become an international company and the corporation held over 100 patents at one time.

High Desert Mechanical, a company under the Goettl umbrella, has also experienced success. The company was founded in 1987 and services businesses and homes in northern and central Arizona. This is yet another example of how lucrative Goettl has been over the last two years, and the company continues to grow.

West Coast Air Pollution Could be Coming from Asia

Smog levels in major West Coast cities such as Los Angeles are failing to improve despite efforts to reduce carbon emissions. A new report issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggests that heavy industrialized cities in Asia could be exacerbating the situation in the West Coast.


As reported in early March by National Public Radio, air pollution in China and India could be drifting all the way across the vast Pacific Ocean and contaminating the West Coast. American researchers have been studying this phenomenon over the last few years, and their conclusions indicate that more than 60 percent of the Western ozone layer is the result of pollution in cities such as Shanghai and Mumbai.


In the 1990s, the most powerful economies in Asia decided to sharply increase their industrial output without paying too much attention to the high levels of nitrogen oxide being released into the atmosphere as emissions. Eventually, those air pollutants make their way to North America, where they can offset carbon reduction efforts by as much as 50 percent.


Thankfully, the People’s Republic of China has been trying to cut down on industrial emissions as officials realize that entire cities are essentially becoming sick from the excessively high levels of air pollution. In some regions of China, mining operations and metal factories release so many pollutants that city skylines can no longer be seen through the thick smoke. As a result of this widespread contamination, respiratory diseases have become public health concerns and farmers complain that their crops constantly die.


American scientists conducted a longitudinal study that looked at ozone levels from the 1980s until a couple of years ago. The United States regions where the data sets came from include Southern California, Denver and cities across the Eastern Seaboard. Big Data algorithms were applied to drive the study findings, which were published in the journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics in 2017.


The noxious gases emanating from heavily industrialized regions of Asia can be controlled with efficient policy that does not have to undermine gross domestic product. Asian and American scientists hope that solutions can be developed in the near future.


Redding Caught in the Eye of the Storm

Redding, CA is utopia of tranquility, harmony, and acceptance. It is a monolith of society, a treasure of California that must be showcased and emulated by all of its surrounding cities. From sweeping grasslands to the the urban sprawl of the Hilltop, there’s no better city in California to settle into than this proud metropolis. Unfortunately, extreme weather conditions have jeopardized the serene scene that usually befits Redding. Storms of all shapes, severity and volume have deluged all of Shasta County, with Redding taking a huge brunt of the damage and wear. While most of northern California is accustomed to precipitation, the sheer amount of strife inflicted upon this bustling city has the citizens and government scrambling for cover.


Mother nature was definitely not merciful to the city of Redding on Monday, as she unleashed a veritable downpour upon the entire populace. Eight inches of rain was the nature of the order, and the ensuing chaos caused backups and traffic jams on streets and highways alike. The historic I-5 was no exception, suffering from a torrential flood that had drivers scrambling for purchase on the suddenly more liquid than solid freeway. Flooding was so extensive that the San Joaquin River reported a levy breach that warranted partial evacuation of the area. Though conditions in the area eventually stabilized and the flash flood warning put out throughout the area was rescinded, the impact of such a forceful happening could be felt for days on end. Meanwhile in the Sierra, meteorologists predicted an onslaught of snow, a frozen counterpart to the troublesome precipitation that has plagued the county in recent times. Residents of the area are advised to exercise extreme caution when going about all daily activities and errands, for the sake of safety and public security.


While Redding doesn’t always make the news, its sporadic appearances in the national spotlight are always a force to be reckoned with. Residents of the city and sleep secure knowing that though this unpredictable weather system has wreaked much havoc, it has also brought fame.

Andrea McWilliams – One Of The Most Reputed Female Role Models In Texas Today

Andrea McWilliams is one of the top political strategists, lobbyists and political fundraisers in the state of Texas, based in Old Enfield now. She has been the center of attraction in the political sphere in the State of Texas and has helped many political leaders in the state through the company she co-founded with her husband, Dean McWilliams. Her company, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultant, is one of the top government affairs consultancies in the state.

Over the past few years, Andrea McWilliams is also known as one of the top philanthropists in the state and is associated with many leading charity organizations in Texas, including Austin Children in Crisis, HeartGift, Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Mexi-Arte, Rise Across Texas Challenge, and much more. She is also the member of Inherit Austin, which is an organization that works towards keeping the cultural integrity, heritage, architecture and social fabric of the state intact through various measures it undertakes.

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most dynamic political figures in Texas, and her charming personality, fiercely aggressive approach and go-getter attitude help her achieve the goals she set. Andrea McWilliams was named the chief of staff at the age 21, which exemplifies her leadership qualities right from the very young age. Her company, McWilliams Government Affairs consultancy serves both the political parties and is famous, not only locally, but nationally as well.

Andrea has won many awards over the years, which includes “Austin under 40” and even “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year” award by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She has featured in many leading news publications, including on TV and print media, such as FOX News, USA Today, BBC, Newsweek, CNN, NPR, and more. She has a vast influence over the high-profile social circle in the state, which helps her with the legislative fundraising initiatives.



Bakersfield of Dreams Becomes a Nightmare

When one thinks of California, images of a sun-kissed paradise or energy-efficient urban utopia immediately spring to mind. It would come as a great surprise to many, then, that the great state of California is not as pretty as it seems. Hidden between these sparkling gems of civilization are strange towns, tiny rural settlements and crumbling cities that have taken a turn for the worse with the evolution of society. Bakersfield, CA is one of those cities. While a startlingly high rate of crime and unemployment are already perilous grounds to tread, the besieged city of Bakersfield suffers from an inordinate amount of air pollution. While oil refineries, factories and other industrial endeavors have brought the city modest financial success, Bakersfield regularly pays a steep price. Emissions from such a wide variety of sources have earned Bakersfield the reputation of the most polluted city in the United States of America. Now, with the looming menace of the Trump administration in full swing, experts fear the pollution problem is about to worsen exponentially.


While the constant pollution in the atmosphere can make Bakersfield seem like something out of Mad Max, there have been small, incremental improvements in environmentally-conscious legislature. The field of agriculture has taken the brunt of the burden as of late, experiencing reduced burning of dry plant matter and downgrades in farming equipment. Unfortunately, the appointment of one Scott Pruitt, to the head of the EPA, has threatened to put a damper on all eco-friendly progress. Pruitt, who is a vehement climate change-denier and opponent to any and all air quality regulations, has no qualms in undoing the previously implemented regulations and replacing them with lax guidelines that would only serve to worsen the air pollution problem in Bakersfield. A proposed increase in industrial activity, which already makes up roughly 80% of the pollution in the city, would further worsen the situation.


Things are looking grim in Bakersfield, and one can only hope there is a clear, smog and haze-free light at the end of the tunnel. Only time will tell.