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QVC Continues to Expand Footprint by Building New Distribution Center in California

QVS is well known for being the owner and operator of the Shopping Network on television and also being one of the largest e-retailers in the world. While the company has a very dedicated group of customers and has hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year, their lack of presence in retail malls can be a disadvantage. The main way that they are able to compete with other retailers is finding the quickest ways to get products to their consumers. According to a recent news article (, QVC is taking major steps to ensure they are able to service their customers’ needs on the West Coast.


QVC recently announced that they would be opening their first distribution center on the West Coast of the United States. While the company has typically operated out of distributions centers in the Midwest, the growing communities located across the West Coast and favorable demographics made it perfectly clear that having a West Coast distribution center would be a huge advantage. This should greatly cut down the speed and cost that it takes to deliver products to customers on that side of the Untied States.


Due to its proximity to a variety of highways and close proximity to the major cities in Southern California, QVC ultimately chose to Ontario, California as the destination for their new facility. The online retailer has been preparing the new space for months, but officially held its opening ceremony on Monday.


While the facility will be advantageous for QVC, it will please a variety of other groups of people as well. The Inland Empire and Ontario, CA area should experience some modest job growth. The company has already hired around 500 people to start working and another 500 people are expected to be hired to manage the new 1 million square foot property in the next few years. The new property will also be carbon footprint conscious, as it will greatly reduce the amount of miles that QVC needs to drive. It has been estimated that trucking miles will be reduced by as much as 10 million per year.


Yanni Hufnagel Passion and Hard Work Meets Success

According to the online article written in 2013 from by Ben Z. Cohen, Yanni Hufnagel was one of the hottest coaches in the country that year. And the nice “Jewish boy” who was cut from his varsity high school basketball team, may finally find success where his passion lies, basketball. But as you will see it didn’t come without sacrifices.

In college he played at Penn State for a year on the lacrosse team before quitting and transferring. In his first year at Cornell he was a basketball manager and then snagged a summer and fall internship with the New Jersey Nets. It offered him the experience he wanted and needed, but as with most internships, no pay. After graduation, his Nets colleague Ryan Krueger, connected him to Oklahoma basketball Coach Jeff Capel who was looking for a graduate assistant.

Then in 2009 Coach Capel recommended Hufnagel to Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker. As a volunteer assistant coach, his salary was the same as his unpaid internship. Passion moved him forward. In the last four seasons on the bench as the assistant basketball coach for the Harvard Crimson’s, Hufnagel and Harvard, has found success on the courts. Moreover, the Crimson team won the Ivy League for the first time ever. As to Hufnagel’s success, he was able to recruit Jeremy Lin, considered by many as basketball phenomena.

And currently, Yanni Hufnagel will be able to call the shots as to what job, be it a head coach or an assistant coach, he wants to take because all of his hard work has finally paid off.

Hufnagal’s coaching career includes the following:

  • Assistant Coach at Harvard-2009
  • Assistant Coach at Vanderbilt-2013
  • Basketball Recruiter at University of California, Berkeley-2014
  • Assistant Coach University of Nevada – 2016

Bringing Ideas Into Fulfillment With Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco has a sensible approach to bringing ideas to life. This is a very important factor to success in the field of real estate. After all, while many people do say that it is good to take every idea and jot it down, one must also understand that not every idea is going to be a good idea. Tammy Mozzocco knows this. Therefore, she has a procedure that helps her take on the ideas that are presented to her or that she comes up with. This is a good way for her to know whether or not her idea is worth pursuing.

When Tammy Mazzocco gets an idea, her first step is to brainstorm the idea in order to see what can come of it. This could involve meeting with others to discuss the idea. She could gain input on what the idea could bring forth. During the brainstorming or even after, she does the research in order to see if it is worth pursuing. After all, research is one of the most important steps one could take in order to see not only if an idea could work, but how it could work. Afterwards, comes the testing process.

Among the things that Tammy Mozzocco could do to test the idea is come up with a business plan. If the business plan turns out to be successful, then she could use her ideas in order to bring forth the results that she is working for. Of course, there is also a lot of adjustments that could be made to her ideas, especially when it comes to the industry of real estate. Given that she is in the career she is passionate about, Tammy could handle a lot of challenges that come her way throughout her career in the real estate industry.



Overuse of Water Continues Amid California Drought

California is in the middle of a long, seemingly unending drought, but that does not stop the widespread abuse of water restriction policies that are currently in place. Not only are private citizens being cited for watering lawns and otherwise overusing water, but the city of Los Angles recently made headlines for watering fake grass.


Accordign to an article in CBS news, the Los Ángeles Deparment of Water and Power, which makes many of the rules regarding local water restrictions, appears to be violating some of its own policies. The DWP installed fake grass on their lawn in order to reduce the amount of water that they use so that they can stay within their own departmental policies. They are also looked up to as an example for the appropriate way to behave during a drought.


But CBS Los Angeles investigated and discovered that the DWP is watering this grass for a few minutes each week, which not only is a potential waste of water, but also causes grey water to run off into the very limited supply of drinking water. The drought in California causing serious problems for people in some parts of California, who are finding they do not have enough clean water for drinking or bathing. The report also angered neighbors because they have been following the stricter water restrictions that the DWP has created.


For it’s part, the DWP says that they are simply trying to keep the fake grass clean. They insist that they are trying to wash off dog pee. While this seems like it could be a legitimate concern, as there is no reason to keep watering grass that does not grow, it begs another question. It seems like there must be some other way for the fake grass to stay clean without causing water to run off and be wasted, even if it takes longer and is a little more work.


Using as little extra water is incredibly important in California where droughts have plagued the state for decades. The population continues to grow, taxing the limited natural resources the state has. Envromental problems also contribute to the drought in California, and until these issues are resolved, following the water restrictions is very important for everyone in Calfornia.


A World Of Imagination

Gene Wilder is probably best known for his role as Willy Wonka in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” On August 29,2016, Gene Wilder passed away. He was a man known for making people laugh. He has starred in several comedies and dramatic movies, such as “Young Frankenstein” and “Stir Crazy.” Wilder always seemed to bring a smile to those around him. He never tried to be funny. It was just his personality as he wanted those around him to live life to its fullest.


Wilder’s nephew made a statement about the cause of death, stating that Wilder passed away from complications associated with Alzheimer’s. The man was more than just an actor on the big screen. He performed on several stages across the country, and he also wrote a few screenplays. The first movie that Wilder was in was “Bonnie & Clyde.” It was released in 1967. The movie was about the famous couple who robbed banks. Wilder’s second film, “The Producers,” was one that showcased just how funny Wilder could be on the big screen.


Gene Wilder is remembered for his enticing blue eyes and his out of control hair. He was an anxious person who always seemed to want to be active. His role as Willy Wonka earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe in 1971. Even though the movie wasn’t as big of a success as some would have hoped, it’s the role of Willy Wonka that Wilder is often known for being involved with. He has been in movies where he is a quiet Waco Kid as well as movies where he is a mad scientist.


Wilder’s acting career tapered off, and he seemed to become more of a quiet person who had things on his mind that bothered him. He would call out to God at random moments, and he would walk up to people just to give them a hug. Wilder has left many quotes for his fans to read and follow, but he mostly wanted others to know that it’s alright to smile and use the imagination.


Brazilian Legal Services in Association with Great Lawyers

When dealing with legal matters spanning more than one individual, firm or country, the legal formalities can get pretty complicated. That could be as a result of the technicality of the law itself or the variances of the law across the borders. Therefore, an exceptionally talented lawyer is needed to see through these complex cases.

Brazil is a country of lawyers, thanks to the myriads of law schools with which it is endowed. The process of becoming a lawyer is equally strict based on the regulation standards students have to go through before eventually taking the bar examination. It takes dedication and commitment for one to graduate as a fully-fledged Brazilian lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most prominent litigators and strategists in the Brazilian law. He runs a highly regarded corporate law firm in the region serving both local and international clients. His flagship clients include public figures, corporate organizations, multinationals, politicians and even the government itself. That is an enough indication of Mr. Tosto’s prowess and in-depth knowledge of the law.

Ricardo Tosto is very good at what he does and has been faced with high profile and demanding cases which he still won for his clients. He played a significant role in the creation of laws governing the Brazilian economic practices. Some of his policies are still being used to date as a basis on which the solid Brazilian law is established. In addition to that, he has a heart of giving, hence takes part in pro bono cases for the Non-governmental organizations within the region.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados is the law firm managed by Mr. Tosto. The law firm has won many important cases under his tenure and is renowned across Brazil. It has featured in leading law magazines and blogs as a market leader in litigation. The firm has an insight into mass litigation and offers excellent legal services with experience gained from tough cases they have tackled since establishment.

One of the areas of expertise of Leite, Tosto e Barros is commercial law. They have dealt with leading Brazilian as well as international banks guaranteeing all of them with effective financial policies. Their core values include dedication, professionalism, proactive nature, and efficiency. Leite Tosto believes that the key to successful business litigation is knowing your environment. They have therefore invested in robust methods of information gathering in various fields to know exactly how to apply the law in different scenarios.

Smoking in Californian Colleges Could Be Banned Soon

Smoking cigarettes in Californian college campuses could soon be a thing of the past if the bill seeking to bar the act is assented into law by the governor of the state. The law, which will be effective at the beginning of 2018 if passed, will make the Californian State University and California Community College compounds smoke-free zones.


This development comes after the state assembly voted the bill that bans the use of tobacco products including electronic cigarettes on all college campuses. The bill was proposed by Kevin McCarty and was inspired by the Californian University’s semi-autonomous system that advocates for a tobacco-free policy in its campuses. McCarty’s initiative was further provoked by the research findings reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke is detrimental to overall health of people.


According to McCarty, there is a need for everybody including the Californian State government to promote healthy practices and a healthy environment for everyone. He recognized that the majority of the population consists of young adults and teenagers who still have a lot to accomplish in life and that it could be unfair to expose them to risk factors of life-threatening diseases associated with smoking such as lung cancer and heart disease.


If the bill is passed into law by the Californian Governor Jerry Brown, 72 community college districts and university campuses will be under the protection against exposure to tobacco smoke. 18 of the 72 community college districts and 37 campuses already have policies that ban tobacco smoking within their compounds. This could mean that more than 500,000 young adults will enjoy their learning activities in campus without being exposed to external risks that could damage their state of health.


Those who will violate the laws stipulated in the bill will face clear consequences. Violators will be fined $25 for the first time caught committing the offense. The second offense will attract a $100 penalty and other additional fines. The money collected from the fines will be channeled to the anti-smoking initiatives to help create awareness and set up cessation programs in all parts of the Californian state.


Scott Rocklage: Leading Healthcare Professional And Venture Capitalist

Dr. Scott Rocklage is the current managing partner at 5AM Ventures. He attained a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and from MIT, a Ph.D. in Chemistry. While he was at MIT, he carried out his research in the laboratory of 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Richard R. Schrock.

He is an inventor, with up to thirty U.S patents to his name, and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Rocklage is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Professional Background

Dr. Rocklage has more than two decades of experience in the field of healthcare management, proven strategic leadership skills, combined with a strong scientific background. His versatile background has enabled him to serve as the president and CEO of organizations such as Nycomed Interventional Inc., and Nycomed Salutar Inc. from 1990-1994.

Scott Rocklage then proceeded to Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. where he was responsible for the research process regarding design and implementation of programs. These programs contributed to the development of three FDA-approved pharmaceutical products that were also approved for clinical testing.

His time at Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc was characterized by the initial public offering and other favorable financing projects. He has successfully led productive teams at numerous reputable firms.

Rocklage has also served as the Director of MDS Proteomics, and Milkana Therapeutics; served as Board Chairman of Achaogen Inc. (2004-2015), Relypsa Inc. (2007-2014); served as a member of the boards of Pulmatrix (2006-current), Massachusetts Biotechnology, and the BIO Emerging Company Section. This has also seen him sit on the Board of Associates of the Whitehead Institute, which is a nonprofit board.

Dr. Rocklage became a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures in 2004 despite the fact that he had joined the firm in 2003. He ascended to the team of Andy Schwab, John Diekman, and Carin Mueller, who were the original founders.

5AM Ventures was founded in June 2002 as a spin-off from Bay City Capital. The primary source of funding for this firm is the parent company, Bay City Capital, and Versant Ventures, the two most prominent firms in life science investment.

5AM Ventures is a seed capital investment fund that concentrates its efforts towards creating and developing biotechnology companies. The strategy that accelerates the company’s success is the creation of new companies, and investment in new start-ups that have validated products and technology.

As a company, 5AM Ventures has widely diversified investment portfolio that is differentiated by the sector and the type. The portfolio, however, focuses on early stage investments in advanced life science technologies.

Concerning the sector, the company invests in products with shorter development cycles, corporate spin-offs, and platform technologies. By type, they are focused on drug development, medical technology, and product discovery.

Rocklage is also a philanthropist and has offered support for groups such as the U.S Lacrosse Foundation, and the Sudbury Valley Trustees. Most recently, he and his wife Patty were involved in gifting the Chemistry Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology assistance associated with renovations to the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, and Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory.

The Story of CEO Whitney Wolfe And Her “Feminist Dating App” Bumble

The dating app Bumble has been helping couples get together for a few years now. Similar to Tinder, Bumble users can either express interest or disinterest in prospective partners by swiping left (“no”) or right (“yes”). Women have a distinct advantage on Bumble, since females are the only ones who can initiate a conversation once a match is made. If the woman doesn’t respond within 24-hours, the match disappears. The only power a man has is to extend the 24-hour window by one day, but a date can’t be set up until a woman starts texting the interested male.

Recent stats show Bumble is an extremely successful dating app. There are around 3.5 million active users on Bumble, and around 80 million matches have been made using this platform. Within only one hour, there are around 2 million swipes on Bumble.

The reason Bumble sounds so similar to Tinder is because Bumble’s co-founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe, was actually Tinder’s co-creator and former VP of marketing sales. Wolfe left Tinder after two years due to what she perceived as a sexist work environment. Wolfe quickly teamed up with Andrey Andreev, creator of Badoo, to create a more female friendly app: Bumble.

Bumble is touted as the world’s first feminist-friendly dating app. Whitney Wolfe told reporters at Vanity Fair that putting the responsibility in the woman’s hands is a major step towards empowering women on the modern dating scene. Whitney Wolfe hopes Bumble will encourage men to be more respectful of women, as well as help boost the modern woman’s self-esteem.

In addition to finding romantic partners, Bumble is also developing side-companies to help people just looking for friends or business connections. Bumble also has numerous ways for homosexual couples to interact.

Whitney Wolfe grew up in both Salt Lake City and Paris. She attended SMU in Dallas and received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. In college, Wolfe founded two companies, one of which was designed to clean the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. After college, Whitney Wolfe went to Thailand and Cambodia to work with orphaned children. When she returned to the USA, she worked in marketing and sales for the company Cardify. She then went on to work with Tinder for two years, and then, finally, Bumble.

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What You Need To Know About UKV PLC Wines

UKV PLC wines is a service of dedicated and experienced wine consultants who will guide you through the options available to you when choosing the appropriate wine and champagne for your events. UKV PLC is an independent wine company that uses a variety of wine selections. As a result of their independence, the company is not tied to any particular wine brand.

UKV PLC wine selections includes Haut Brion 1996, Haut Brion 2007, Haut Brion 2009, Margaux 2007, Margaux 2009, Palmer 2009, Latour 1998, Latour 2005, Petit Mouton 2008, Lynch Bages 2010, D’Yquem 2009, among others.

UKV PLC have an impressive social media presence. They have a Facebook page, Twitter Page and Instagram page where they post regular updates about high quality wines and also interact with their followers. A wine enthusiast can follow their social media pages to get daily updates about good wines.

The benefits of purchasing wine through UKV PLC are numerous. Their wine experts will advise you on the wine that is most appropriate for your occasion making sure that you purchase the right wine at the right time. UKV PLC also offers delivery services directly to your door steps. When you use UKV PLC you can be sure that you will only get high quality wines.

UKV PLC Wines consists of an excellent team of fine wine consultants that will be able to inform you about the many wine options available. UKV PLC has a wealth of knowledge about the wine industry, and they will be able to educate any wine lover about the most appropriate champagne or wine for any occasion.

If you wish to discuss your wine requirements with UKV PLC consultants, you will be able to understand exactly what type of wine that suits your needs the best. This will allow you to have a successful event with the perfect wine for your occasion.