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A New View On the World – The Kabbalah Centre

For those in search of lasting happiness and fulfilment, the Kabbalah Centre is the place to go. Founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre teaches ancient wisdom to give students a new view on the world.

Kabbalistic teachings aim to demonstrate the way for students to navigate through the material universe, as well of the non-material universe and give them an understanding of the spiritual and physical nature of the entirety of humanity through the ability to remove all forms of pain, suffering, and chaos. By studying Kabbalah, students aim to learn their true potential as a human being. Once they have learned Kabbalah, they are tasked with using it in order to find understanding, clarity, and freedom in lives, so they may eventually erase death itself.

More than forty cities have at least one physical Kabbalah centre. The Kabbalah Centre also has an online presence available for students. The web presence offers study groups, live classes, and more for those who do not live close to a Kabbalah centre or study group. Students have access to lectures of all types, video courses, and audio courses. New content continues to be available throughout the week , so that students can be continually learning new Kabbalah teachings.

All people, no matter their origins, are welcome to study Kabbalah. The online course offers content in English and Spanish, often with subtitles. Some courses are even available in Russian, German, or Italian. The Kabbalah centre even offers scholarships to give everyone a chance to learn their wisdom. To learn more about The Kabbalah Centre and the teachings of Kabbalah, or to see if you qualify for a scholarship, you can visit their website or find a nearby Centre. If you choose to study Kabbalah, the website also offers books to help you in your studies and tools you can use to create a study plan.

Equities First Holdings is the Principal Provider of Share-based Loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a recognized giant in offering alternative financial solutions. It supplies funds against publicly traded shares to allow customers to meet their short-term and long-term investment goals. The firm has expanded its operation across strategic countries in the world. Since 2002, it has completed over 650 transactions totaling to over $1.4 billion. It offers loans that attract low fixed interest rates to its both new and loyal clients.With service centers in nine nations, EFH has a strong global presence. It delivers its services through independent subsidiaries such as Equities First (London), Hong Kong-based EFH, Equities First Holdings (Australia), and South Africa-based EFH. The firm has strived to offer ingenious financial solutions despite its immense expansion.

A unique and secure loan process :

  • Individuals who need share-based loans should start by contacting EFH with details about their proposed collateral as well as the amount of funds they require. They can contact the firm via email: or phone: 1.866.507.9160.
  • Once the EFH’s professionals determine that an alternative financing solution is ideal for the interested individuals, they will come up with the loan terms and compute a loan-to-value ratio and the interest rate.
  • Terms agreement and transfer of collaterals: Clients should read and understand the EFH’s terms agreement. They should proceed to sign the agreement and move the collateral to a custodian account provided by EFH.
  • Funding: EFH uses a delivery-versus-payment strategy to fund loans. This method ensures both loan proceeds and collateral are moved into holding accounts concurrently.
  • Return of collateral: Borrowers must pay the agreed upon interest throughout the loan period. At the end of the loan period, the borrowers receive their pledged collateral in full, but they must have cleared the principal funding.

Growth in stock-based borrowers :

Equity First Holding has noted a significant growth in share-based loans and margin loans in an arena where many financial institutions have restricted their lending standards. The company is rapidly gaining popularity among borrowers who are looking for quick means of raising capital. The founder and chief executive of EFH, Al Christy, see stock-based loans as a groundbreaking financial solution for individuals seeking urgent capital. The loan-to-value ratio of share-based loans is higher when compared to that of margin loans. Additionally, share-based loans have a fixed interest rate, offering certainty throughout the entire duration of the transaction. Al Christy says that share-based loans are a unique strategy that investors can use to navigate economic downturns.

EOS Is Truly The Evolution of Smooth

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth is revolutionizing what is seen as a cluttered and dull market. Lip care might not be as exciting as other industries, but it sure is just as profitable. Chapstick has a had a firm grip on the industry and it’s competition for nearly a century, but in recent years has been overtaken by two of it’s biggest competitors. Burt’s Bees is currently the industry’s leader in sales and the up and coming Evolution of Smooth is now knocking it’s doors. EOS lipm balm has dramatically grown in seven short years and is currently the most popular new lip care product on the market. It’s reshaping the lip balm landscape as we speak and it’s success comes from many different variables.

According to, strategic Marketing has boosted this brands success in a short period of time. Company Marketers used a style known as selective marketing which targets a specific group of people. This turned out to be a winner as EOS lip balm has exploded in popularity. Many famous female celebrities are consistent users of the product, which is another form of advertisement in itself. Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera has provided an extra bit of magic with their presence. Since females make up a huge percentage of the market, Evolution of Smooth uses it’s target marketing to pull further pull these individual in.

From it’s vibrant colors to it’s fun egg shaped container,, the brand just stands out from the crowd. While searching the shelves of lip care products, (EOS) sticks out like sore thumb. The Racked sold brand focuses on creating attraction by appealing to the senses and when you appeal to the senses, much stronger emotional connections are formed. It’s simply genius and over the next few years, Evolution of Smooth with be the undisputed king of the hill.


Why People Get Gooee IoT Lighting

If you have never heard about home automation before in the past, you will be amazed at what this can actually do for you and your household. Lots of people are making the switch to Gooee IoT Lighting because of the fact that this allows them to control every single light and fixture that is in their home simply by downloading an app to their smartphone or tablet and using it on a regular basis. Being able to get this type of option for yourself can easily help you to feel confident and what is being done and this is why so many people are finally choosing to automate their homes and get exactly what they need from this option as well.

There are so many people who are switching to Gooee IoT Lighting because it enables them to control every single light in their house simply by using a smartphone app that is free to download and begin using regularly. You are also going to find that smart lighting as well as iot lighting is a great way for you to budget more easily because you have better control over the electricity in your house. What this means for homeowners is that you can actually turn lights off if you are away from the house and forgot to do so when you were actually there. Not only is this ideal for homeowners, but this is a great option for many businesses that would like to switch to Gooee IoT Lighting.

Fabletics, the Best Brand for You in This New Century

If you’re looking for the perfect outfit, then look no further than Fabletics. You’re sure to appreciate how perfect their clothing is, and you’ll love that mom and actress Kate Hudson started up Fabletics to make sure that all women get the clothing they need. This brand is marketed on diversity and openness and inclusion of all women. Hudson, though a mom and actress, doesn’t expect all women to be just like her, and the clothing choices here show that.

If you sign up for Fabletics, you can get a new outfit each month, and if you have to cancel by the fifth of the month, that’s okay, too. You will see that Fabletics clothing line offers the best quality and most interesting products for your money. For just $50 a month, you can get the ultimate outfit from Fabletics, the best of style and the best of diversity. All women—all sizes, all careers, all preferences—are welcome at Fabletics.

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When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out a detailed survey with your preferences for what you want to wear, and your tailor-made outfit will arrive from Fabletics each month with that in mind. Which means, basically, that Fabletics keeps you in mind as the ultimate decision maker about what you will end up wearing. You will love the unique, exercise and leisure wear that Fabletics offers. Fabletics is marketed as “athleisure,” which means that it is the best for a variety of activities that you may find yourself participating in.

If you’re not yet sure, take a moment to sign up on, and find out what Kate Hudson and company can do for you. You’ll love that you are ultimately in charge of your own design, and you’ll appreciate the style and comfort that Fabletics brings straight to your door.


Who is Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a name that has become synonymous with the fight for human rights. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation, he has been front and center in fights for basic human rights all around the world.

Born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoz, Halvorssen is of Venezuelan heritage. Halvorssen was surrounded by volatile and unjust events throughout his life. When he was just a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was investigating the Medellin Cartel on suspicion of money laundering and bank fraud when he was suddenly arrested. He was stuck in prison where he was beaten and tortured and even had threats of being murdered. The unjust action lasted 74 days in a Caracas jail where he was held on trumped up charges, the real reason was because the cartel was not to be messed with. He gained his freedom with help from Amnesty International, the group organized protests with other international organizations and eventually Halvorssen Sr. was found innocent of all charges.

Nearly a decade after Thor’s father was wrongfully imprisoned, his mother suffered a terrible blow. During a peaceful protest of the Venezuelan recall referendum in 2004, Hilda Mendoza Denham, Thor’s mother, was shot and wounded. Photos and video of the Venezuelan government supporters firing at demonstrators was circulated around swiftly, Thor himself even headlined an article in “The Wall Street Journal” where he recounted all the details.

These unsettling and disturbing events led Thor to become the man he is today. He witnessed the unjust actions of countries around the world first hand through his parents and decided that he would not stand for these acts to continue. Today, he travels around the world fighting for the side of good and against unjust and corrupt governments. His specialized areas of expertise include human trafficking, dictatorships, threats to democracy, and slavery. When he isn’t actively fighting for what is right, he spreads his message through articles, films, and even speeches at prestigious places including Harvard Law School and United Nations Association in New York.


How To Decide On The Best Business Attorney For Your Matter

If you find yourself in legal trouble, you need to act fast and get the right lawyer for the case. To choose the best business attorney, you may be in need of to start out by determining which law firms are delivering business services in your area. With this information in mind, you can then compare law firms based on their availability, reputation, and experience to take on your lawsuit.

It is important to understand that you should not simply choose a business or corporate lawyer or law firm. In addition, you may find it easier to secure a good lawyer or attorney if you have a friend, relative or colleague who has hired a lawyer or attorney for similar case. These people will be happy to recommend a lawyer who has provided good service to them.

Before you ultimately decide who to hire, you also want to do some background check on the lawyer you are considering. Contact reputable organizations and associations to find out if the lawyer you have in mind has had any complaints filed against him or her.

Set up a consultation with the lawyer’s office to discuss the case in details and find out what the lawyer thinks about it. This is an opportunity to find out about the lawyer’s personality as this can determine whether or not you will be able to get along with him or her.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has numerous clients Brazil and he is recognized around the world. Business clients go to Ricardo Tosto with their most vital and also difficult business conflicts. He works very hard for his clients to settle their legal issues, using his know-how and his understanding of his clients’ business goals.

Ricardo Tosto handles disputes as complex and also varied as today’s organization. He advises and guides popular financial institutions and international companies in cases involving intricate business matters. Businesses rely upon Ricardo Tosto in company control competitions, insurance disagreements, contract disagreements and also various other business and corporate issues. He also represents politicians and individuals in high profile cases.


Don Ressler and His Role in the Foundation of JustFab Company

Don Ressler is a businessman and a brand building specialist. He has started several businesses all of which have performed well in the market. In 2001 he sold his first company, to Intermix Media. He partnered with Adam Goldenberg the Chief Operations Officer of Intermix where they founded Alena Media an e-commerce company. Alena Media became Intermix main source of income and in turn generated millions in profit. After Intermix was purchased by New Corp in 2005, the two partners decided to leave the company due to frustrations from the new management.

Owing to the skills they had gained in their former company, Don and Adam decided to start a brand building company which they could run freely. Together with some former employee of Alena, they engaged in a 2 week brainstorming session. The result was the formation of Intelligent Beauty. This company ventured in selling of cosmetics and skincare products online. Their first product was “DERMSTORE”. Two years later, they launched SENSA, a weight loss system. Although the company does not release its financial reports, both SENSA and DERMSTORE are believed to be very profitable.

In 2010, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler launched their third company, JustFab Inc. This was a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. In 2011, Matrix Partners funded this new business with $33 million. In September, KimoraLee Simmons was appointed as the President and Creative Director. By December the same year, the company had reached over 4 million subscribers. After attaining 6 million members in April 2012, the co-founders appealed for funding. By June, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had secured a joint funding of $76 million from a Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty their patent company.

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With regard to the success JustFab had gained in the past two years, there was the need to expand its markets. The management thought of engaging in selling children’s wear. They purchased FabKid in January 2013. In May the same year, JustFab expanded its wings further by acquiring a European e-commerce Fashion site. Fab shoes came along with its 500,000 members who added up to 1.5 million members JustFab had acquired in the UK and Germany. By the end of 2013, JustFab had acquired over 3 million active subscribers all over Europe.

JustFab conducted a third funding round where they acquired $40 million. They used this finding to launch Fabletics, an e-commerce athletics wear site in collaboration with Hudson. They bought ShoeDazzle their main competitor in selling athletics shoes and expanded their services offline by opening flagship stores. In 2014, JustFab further acquired additional funding of $85 million from Passport Opportunity Fund, Matrix Partners, Shining Capital and Technology Crossover ventures. This enabled the company to have a working capital of $250 million.

With millions of customers all over the world, JustFab is doing well and with time we expect it to be the leading online outfit seller company.

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A Small Look at the Wessex Institute of Technology and their eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology is well known for their expertise at publishing the best information when it comes to scientific and engineering research. WIT has published dozens upon dozens of works in major journals and have contributed to many major books. Wessex Institute of Technology also has a way of storing and saving the contributions that they have given. Those articles can be found in their eLibrary.

The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary has access to over 28,000 peer reviewed papers published by WIT. Some of the subjects of these papers are Engineering Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, Biomedicine and Health, and Ecology and the Environment. WIT’s eLibrary has an open access format with all of the papers and articles online being in PDF format.

The eLibrary at the Wessex Institute of Technology is certainly the perfect place to go for research and resource. When it comes to engineering and the sciences, the eLibrary at the Wessex Institute of Technology holds work and research that has been recognized all around the world.

Fighting for Human Rights in the Modern Age

The World Needs A Hero

Thor Halvorssen has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation he is tasked with helping those living under dictatorships across the world with finding ways to empower themselves and establish the parameters of their freedom. Since dictators usually don’t take opposition to their regimes lightly. They use prisons, intimidation, and violence to suppress those willing to challenge them. Nonetheless Halvorssen continues his fight for humanity. Born and raised in Venezuela he has personal reasons for his activism. His family bears the scars and pain that come with challenging authoritarian government.

The Family That Fights Together

Halvorssen isn’t the only freedom fight in his family. Both his mother and father are staunch opponents of the dictatorships that dominate their native land of Venezuela. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was once imprisoned on false charges for investigating possible drug trafficking activity involving Venezuelan officials. His mother was shot and killed during a protest against the Hugo Chavez regime. More recently Halvorssen has seen one of his cousins imprisoned in Venezuela for his activities against the government.

The Daily Risks Of A Fighter

The president of the Human Rights Foundation isn’t in a particularly comfortable position. Everyday he risks actual danger to his person and well being. An example of the immense sacrifices of Halvorssen is the time he was arrested in Vietnam. After interviewing the head of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Thich Quang Do, he was placed under arrest and imprisoned. Fortunately Halvorssen thought quickly and told the authorities he was simply converting to Buddhism. While he managed to escape a gloom fate this is a reality he must live with everyday. He understands that his work may some day end in a tragic fashion but he continues to stand up for human rights.

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