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The Midas Legacy Offers Outstanding Wealth Management and Protection Ideas

Wealth management is rapidly transforming into a top industry across the globe. This tremendous growth is being facilitated by the ever-growing demand for wealth management services. The Midas Legacy is a leading and most trusted provider of innovative wealth management solutions. The Florida-based company offers success shortcuts to people who have goals of becoming wealthy within a short period. The firm provides advisory services to individual investors who need to manage their wealth properly, ambitious entrepreneurs who have plans of bettering their life situation, and individuals who have desires of becoming better persons, living a happier life, and finding inner peace. Additionally, the company addresses the needs of people want to heal their illness using natural means.

Apart from focusing on finances, The Midas Legacy considers what clients are planning to do with it. The company helps entrepreneurs in making wise business and financial decisions so that they can establish successful businesses, create more job opportunities, and improve their lives. The company focuses on aspects of life that are commonly ignored by other businesses.

Why The Midas Legacy is Unique

The Midas Legacy helps people to better their lives by assisting them to develop disciplines in various aspects of their lives. It helps clients to come up with different business opportunities and options so that they can venture into a new opportunity when one option that they have tried fails to materialize. The company has a team of veterans who offer proven advisory services that meet the needs and desires of every customer. The firm carries out rigorous research before advising clients to venture into a particular business. The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs to put their ideas into actions.

Philanthropic endeavors

The Midas Legacy is one of the top socially responsible companies that financially support several community organizations and charities across the globe. These organizations include The Give Hope Foundation, Central Florida’s families that are struggling with childhood cancer, and the Florida Sheriffs Association. The company funds St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that works toward eradicating childhood cancer.

Investment advice

Sean Bower advises investors to protect their wealth since an economic recession similar to that of 2008 might occur. His articles touch on topics such as Federal Reserve, interest rates, and insurance companies. As a Midas Legacy publisher and professional adviser, Bower publishes on Unlock Your Secrets that is availed in the website of the company. The firm provides membership to individuals, new and experienced investors, and business owners.


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Projects Planned on the NYC Real Estate Slate

During the month of June, there have been many large-scale real estates development projects that are taking place in New York City.

The biggest project will be done by Tishman Speyer, and involves a 1 million square foot project in Long Island City. This developer filed permits for two connected towers which made it the largest project proposal in the city. Both towers will be around 27 stories, and will have 900,509 square feet of office space and 27,569 square feet that will be dedicated to manufacturing.

The second largest project comes from Thor Equities. This company is looking to build a 645,103 square foot office development right along the Red Hook waterfront. In the plans for this building, the fifth floor with have a roof deck as well as a walking track.

There are several other projects that were filed with the city. One of these projects is held by Steiner NYC. With land in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, there are a couple building that will be built in the 248,489 square foot area. 74,000 of this will become a Wegman grocery store, and the rest will be dedicated to other industrial usages.

Another project that was submitted in June is from the NYCHA. This development project will look to build a 160 unit building that will be located in Chelsea. The mixed-income project was originally planned 12 years ago, but unfortunately, it was stalled. This building will span 122,955 square feet, and will have 18 floors.

With several residential places being built it is no surprise that there will be a rise in relators. One of the best New York City real estate services is TOWN Residential. In just five years this company has become New York’s foremost luxury real estate firm. They specialize in residential sales, leasing, as well as the marketing and sales of property development, both commercial and retail.

TOWN Residential has put together a team of professionals that have years of experience and are very knowledgeable about real estate. They have also made a name for themselves in their high-quality customer service.

Kenneth Goodgame is a Game Changer in the Business World

Anybody who knows something about the Chicago-based company known as Value Hardware Corporation will surely know about its principal officer in the name of Kenneth Goodgame. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. Being an operations management leader, he is associated with many changes in the company including the ones that he worked for previously in different capacities. The company’s main areas of specialization include Merchandising, Marketing, Business Strategy and Financial Oversight.

At Value Hardware Corporation, where he is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Goodgame is known for his proactive contribution in many areas. Among his chief fields of operation include the balancing of corporate alignment, analyzing performance indicators and quality assurance systems to improve profitability in business operations, and employee engagement. He is also involved in navigating of market shifts and the avoidance of costly management mistakes.

Among his most notable contributions to Value Hardware Corporation include the hiring of a full category management team which was useful in driving merchandising and SKV investments at both the store and cooperative level. He was able to improve the company’s savings up to 10% from the initial 2% by reforming line reviews and by turning around low-performing buying teams. He is the one who was responsible for the ‘Pay for Play’ initiative, which is an annual vendor- supported advertising investment program that was able to raise about $14 million in the year 2015. He has helped the company in improving the customer count, average ticket amounts, and the retail comps. He was able to deliver full margin percent by lowering retails on most price sensitive SKVs by launching the 250 SKV EDLP program for retailers.

The most successful program that Goodgame contributed majorly was the ‘New at True Value’ and SKV program which saw the participation of more than 2,800 stores. This was a significant milestone in his career as the chief principal officer with the company. Previously, Kenneth worked for other businesses in different capacities. He has worked for Ace Hardware as the General Merchandising Manager. He has also worked for Techtronic Industries North America in Anderson as the President for the Baja Motorsports. Other of his postings are at Newell Rubbermaids in Huntersville as the Senior Vice President for Marketing, Sales, and Channel, and also at Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia.

In his career life, Kenneth Goodgame has been able to manage cross-functional groups to create corporate strategic long-term planning for growth in the areas of pricing, advertising, the rebuilding of merchandising teams, talent acquisition, marketing, and merchandising. This makes Kenneth Goodgame among the most influential personalities who have made significant changes at Value Hardware Corporation.

More Links: Says Mudslinging Can Lead To Tarnished Reputation

Every day, thousands of reputations implode amid a sea of negative information. The reality is, without the help of premier reputation management firms like, negativity turns into widely read rumors, and then the rabid conversations begin. Yes, it’s a bit peculiar why negative news quickly rises to the top in search results, but that’s because most people don’t understand how destructive hyperbole works.

The Economics Of Negative News

Good and evil have been explored for centuries, and with stunning regularity, nothing satisfies an audience more than a messy story. Unfortunately, the internet bears a twisted incentive for negative news: increased traffic, popularity, and profit. Yet, there is a thin line between fact and fiction, and the internet doesn’t always verify the news. Move Bad Press reiterates, anyone can write anything to poison a good name, but it requires a special skill-set, referred to as a fixer, or reputation consultant to bury bad articles.

A recent article published in offered terrific guidelines for dealing with negativity.

1. Forego The Mudslinging

Although it’s perfectly natural for negativity to ignite that fire inside of you, throwing mud back at your online attackers won’t appear professional, so forego the mudslinging.

2. Place Focus On Loyal Customers

Negativity can breed fear in current customers. Validate your good name by assuring your loyal customers you’re here to stay, and your business is committed to customer satisfaction.

3. Invalidate That Negativity

The better the value, the more you can thwart that negativity. Start by showing current and potential clients that you can exceed expectations and over-deliver. Reputations speak for themselves, so show what your business is made of.

Reach Out For Support

Hiding from an attack won’t make it go away. Many businesses simply ignore negative intrusions but this allows an attack to further violate a good name. Typically, online attacks simply fuel the fire for an onslaught of rumors that become out of hand, requiring a massive redress. says there’s no need to surrender your reputation to those who have nothing better to do. Reach out for support and develop a plan to un-tarnish a good name.

A Higher Minimum Wage in Los Angeles

If you haven’t heard the news, Los Angeles just increased its minimum wage for the first time in years, marking what is the first in a series of scheduled increases that will bring California’s minimum wage closer to what a living wage actually is in the state.

I think this is a great idea, and it’s an idea that both Republicans and Democrats tend to support time and time again when asked that question in polls. Higher minimum wages don’t generally mean fewer jobs, or at least they don’t mean fewer jobs to the extent some have predicted in apocalyptic terms. Providing a minimum wage frees up money in the economy for the lowest-income workers, who are statistically almost certain to reinvest all of that money directly into the economy if not pay off debt and then spend more into debt. This returns more into the economy that was put into it through mandated higher wages. More money in the economy and more demand for goods and services creates more jobs. It’s a beautiful cycle, really.

Having higher wages is also important as a means of reducing the size of government spending, something conservatives prioritize above all else and something liberals look at when deciding where to redirect social spending. More people earning a living wage means less working poor still applying for government benefits like food stamps and Medicaid. That means more government revenue is freed up, adding more years to government programs’ solvency or creating waste that the government could cut out.

Win win, right?

A Better Democracy for Los Angeles

You may have heard the recent news that some votes in California are being accused of manipulation by government officials based on party registration status of certain voters. This is scary, and this is something people of all backgrounds and political persuasions can agree is a terrible threat to the health of our democracy and the viability of our Constitution’s guarantee to each state a republican form of government.

That sounds dire, but let me explain. If we can’t trust the process by which voters choose their leaders, how can we trust the leaders who are elected therein? If we can’t trust them, how can we have faith in policies they advocate for and how can we possibly buy into the notion of nationalism?

Democracy is being threatened in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change. First, we need to come together to decide we are going to publicly fund elections in this country at all levels of government, thereby creating an equal playing field for parties who can reach a high but reasonable bar. We need to make voter registration automatic so that voters can vote at any time, even if they choose to do so on Election Day. This also prevents voters from being abused by repressive voter ID laws. We need to consider limiting our political campaign season to six months by statute, as other countries have done with much popular support.

We can take steps to create a better democracy for cities like Los Angeles. We just have to have the courage to.

California Universities Prefer State Residents and Minorities

University of California is boosting enrollment among state’s residents. Per LA Times, UCLA and UC Berkeley each enrolled a 1,000 extra Californians. Among the freshmen is the largest number of Latinos and Afro-Americans since the state placed a ban on affirmative action 20 years ago.

“It’s such a treat to be able to admit more Californians this year and to see that diversity among our California admitted students has increased as well,” said Amy Jarich, Director of Admissions at UC Berkeley.

At the beginning of 2016, a state audit accused UC of preferring out-of-state and international students at the expense of Californians, even though the former pay higher tuition.

“I think it’s a significant start, but we still have a long way to go…California students must come first,” claimed a Democratic Assemblyman, Mike Gipson.

Under a deal to admit more California residents, UC will get extra $25 million in state funding to accept 5,000 more state residents. The campuses will also accept more minorities. For example, Westwood-based campus now offers 38% more seats to Afro-Americans. Latino population among freshmen will also get a boost, estimated to be 20% increase. Meanwhile, the percentage of Asian Americans will decrease from 42% to 39% of the total students.

When it comes to UCLA, this campus “has aggressively recruited promising African-American students,” according to LA Times. Meanwhile, there’s a debate as to whether the Asian Americans are held to a higher standard when it comes to admissions.

Two New Red Pandas Born at Denver Zoo

Red pandas are loved and are an endangered species. Now, Denver Zoo just added a couple of cubs. These baby pandas, both female, were named Lali and Masu, Denver Post reports.

Born on June 6th, the cubs initially suffered from pneumonia but were given world-class veterinarian care. Daily tube feedings and antibiotics were used to assist in recovery. Now, Lali and Masu are getting better and are gaining weight.

The baby pandas will be kept with their mother behind the scenes for another two months, and then will join their father, Hamlet, in the exhibit open to visitors. Hamlet was born in 2013 and came to Denver from Toronto Zoo. Around this time, Faith, cubs’ mother, was brought to Denver from Trevor Park Zoo in New York. The aim was for the couple to reproduce, based on a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan.

Red pandas, just like more well-known giant pandas, come from Asia. Both panda species are endangered as they have specialized diet requirements. They can eat only certain types of bamboo, which comes from habitats that are disappearing, largely due to human intervention and climate change.

Red pandas look quite different from giant pandas. Many visitors wouldn’t even know these are pandas without being given information. Red pandas are read, have white spots, pointed ears, and puffy tails. And they’re as cute and in need of protection as the other panda bears.

Lake Mead Keeps on Draining

The largest water reservoir in the western United States, Lake Mead, is at the lowest level in its history. That’s due to ongoing drought. The climate change forecast will make it even worse, claims LA Times in its recent post.

This can lead to water shortages. Instead of an all-encompassing solution, individual Congress representatives are seeking to protect their own states first.

There are some solutions such as water conservation. For example, the state of Arizona now consumes less water than six decades ago despite sixfold increase in population from slightly over one million to 6.7 million today.

Draining of Lake Mead was noticed a decade ago and plans were made to stop it, but the levels of water kept on getting lower. Now, under the new plan, fresh limits will be imposed on how much water can be taken out of the reservoir.

Based on the new plan, Arizona and Nevada would take first cuts, and California would be expected to follow.

“I think the drought in California, the severe impacts on the state water supply, have made them feel what it’s like to be Arizona,” said Tom Buschatzke, director of the Arizona’s Department of Water.

Ongoing water shortages will possibly lead to conflict among the western states and the Feds may need to get involved.

There are other proposals to solve this water crisis. These include desalination, transforming sewage into water, and even reducing agriculture. Even water markets were proposed.

Cuddles For Change: Today’s Interesting Must Read

A Portland, Oregon businessperson is making news for doing what she does for a living: professional cuddling. Samantha Hess’s a professional cuddler who looks to engage and connect with clients looking for relief, support, and connection with others.

I know. When I first heard this, it sounded weird. Then, it sounded ridiculous. Then, I started to think two things. First, it’s really cool that this businessperson has found a way to make money with no inventory, no product, and a relatively low-impact deliverable to the consumer. I certainly appreciate this person for having the creativity to make money however she could and wonder how much one of your hugs would go far.

Then, the second thing I thought was how meaningful this must be to the niche community in Portland who benefit from this. Sometimes, we don’t feel a connection with people in our lives, and some folks don’t have people in their lives at all. So, very basic desires like human touch and connection become unattainable for them and life can sometimes start to feel more and more isolating. Having someone like Samantha Hess provides one outlet for these people to connect with another person in a safe, emotional environment, but not for free.

What can I say? This is Portland, and crazier things have happened in Portland. What do you think about the professional cuddler, and would you give her business a try?