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‘Transformers’ Tom DeSanto, China’s CITIC Guoan Pact On Co-Productions – Watch Online Movies for free

X-Men co-writer and Transformers producer Tom DeSanto has teamed with Citic Guoan, a division of Chinese conglomerate Citic Group, on a series of films for the global market. The pact, which was unveiled at the close of the Beijing International Film Festival, is said to include a $120M U.S.-China co-production project.


Netflix Scales Chinese Entry Wall By Striking Licensing Deal With iQiyi

“We are joining hands with Hollywood legend Tom DeSanto to jointly create a series of movies incorporating Chinese culture for the global audience,” CITIC Guoan said in a statement, according to local reports. “We hope that Chinese movies can appear on the global film stage to let more moviegoers appreciate Chinese culture’s long history and charm.”

No further details of the projects between DeSanto and CITIC Guoan were available, although DeSanto was previously working on a re-imagining of the millennium-old Chinese story, Creation Of The Gods.

He is a producer on Transformers: The Last Knight, the next installment which releases this summer. The franchise has found great success in China. The previous title, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, is the No. 3 highest-grossing import of all time, only having been eclipsed at No. 2 by The Fate Of The Furious this past weekend. Age Of Extinction was made under a cooperation agreement with China backing. (That film’s partners, Jiaflix, 1905 Pictures and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are working on Speedhunters, eyed as the start of a new global franchise and seeking Chinese co-production status.)

In order to qualify as a China-U.S. co-production, which ups Hollywood’s PROC revenue share to about 40% from the typical 25% on direct imports, there have to be a certain number of Chinese elements. The Great Wall is the biggest example of a co-pro that married east and west. The expensive picture grossed $170M in China and $332M worldwide.

In 2015, CITIC Guoan hooked up with former Disney Chairman Dick Cook to invest $150M in his Dick Cook Studios. DCS last year entered into a $500M motion picture financing production agreement with China’s Film Carnival.

CITIC Guoan also has interests in studio facilities. In 2016, it partnered with Film Carnival as the effects hub on Jeffrey Lau’s Ne Zha, the status of which is unclear.

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FreedomPop- A New Way of Providing Mobile Service

FreedomPop was first created in 2011. It is a company that provides mobile service to consumers for free. They offer their services of free data, text, and voice minutes to millions of customers in the United States and Europe. FreedomPop’s business model allows them to give out 500 MB of data with an additional 200 voice minutes, all for free to it’s users. They offer three different plans. The first one as mentioned above is absolutely free. There are no mundane credit checks, or contracts, activation fees, or cancellation fees. The company has a line up of various mobile phones.
A consumer can either choose to buy a brand new phone, or purchase one that is Certified Pre-Owned. The line up includes the latest smartphones. The second plan which is the Premium plan, allow users access to Sprint’s voice network,with Wi-Fi tethering, and a visual voicemail by way of FreedomPop’s voicemail Android app. The plan cost only $5.99 a month. With this plan, you can also use your phone all over the world without worrying about roaming charges that some of the bigger companies in the industry charge. If you do not necessarily like the phones that FreedomPop offers, with the Premium plan you can elect to bring your own device. The plans range from 2GB up to 10GB of data.
Even though FreedomPop offers such an incredible deal, the company lacks in customer support, something that other major carriers have perfected over the years. It is noted that they can be extremely tough to get a hold of and when you do, the person on the other end might not speak clear English. Overall FreedomPop is a great service that will allow you to keep more money in your wallet. The story was originally reported on the website RCRwireless. For more information visit

U.S. Money Reserve Has A Lot For The Gold Buyer

Investors in the precious metals market have much to cheer about. From December of 2015 to the middle of March 2016, the price of gold increased by $200. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported this, and goldnewsnetwork also notes the value of silver may increase as well. Concerns over the dollar may be driving the price of precious metals up. Interestingly, a recent podcast interview with Philip N. Diehl revealed the president of U.S. Money Reserve feels concerns over currency do drive interest in gold.
Those with a serious interest in gold, silver, or platinum may wish to contact U.S. Money Reserve. Located in Austin, TX, the Chamber of Commerce-affiliated entity has facilitated the sale of untold millions in precious metal coins. Coins are the specialty of U.S. Money Reserve, and coins do provide an alternative to the somewhat boring asset of gold bars or bullion.

One huge benefit to selecting U.S. Money Reserve is the company sells mainly U.S. Government minted and backed government coins. That means these coins are real currency. Customers who want to be sure they are procuring legitimate investment assets are not likely to find something more legitimate that actual coinage produced at the United States Mint.

Not all coins are the same, and the procurement specialists at U.S. Money Reserve realize this. They do not add coins to the company inventory until after a great deal of serious deliberation.

Customers surely want to deliberate on their purchases as well. U.S. Money Reserve is not inclined to performing any high-pressure sales tactics. Customers are able to take their time and weight options to purchase. Potential customers may wish to like them on Facebook in order to stay up to date on all new developments at the company.

Customers who do make a purchase from U.S. Money Reserve should take note of the company’s “100% money-back guarantee” according to PR Newswire. Anyone who is not thrilled with a purchase does reserve the option to get a refund. A full refund is available at the original purchase price for the first 30 days after purchase. Beyond the 30 days, a refund is still possible but additional terms and conditions apply.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the company can always follow on LinkedIn. Follow U.S. Money Reserve on Twitter as well. Twitter is home to updates and news from the company.

Lime Crime: A Cutting Edge Cosmetics Company

It’s safe to say that most people are interested in optimizing their aesthetic appeal. One great way to realize the objective is by gaining access to cosmetics companies that offer top notch make-up tools that can help you make the most of your appearance. One such cosmetics company is Lime Crime. Learn more about this cutting edge make-up line by referring to the information offered below:

Lime Crime: A Brief Overview

Lime Crime is a top notch make-up company predicated on the belief that cosmetics can be appropriated to help people make a statement or simply look their very best. The company offers a wide range of products to ensure that consumers can accomplish either of these objectives. Some products sold by the company include eye liner and lipstick.

Company Philosophy

There are several guiding principles that give substance and shape to Lime Crime. Some of them include:

1. Be Original.

There’s nothing quite as disheartening as cultivating a look that is generic and robotic (unless that’s what you want!) The professionals of Lime Crime understand that most people want to develop a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from their peers, and that’s why they offer a highly original line filled with colors and styles that will enable individuals to create a unique look.

2. Stay Current.

The cosmetics industry changes with lightning speed, and that’s why CEO Doe Deere makes a point to remain current with respect to current trends in the field. In so doing, Deere is successful in bringing clients an up-to-date line of cosmetics.

Don’t Delay: Get Gorgeous Today!

Individuals who want to look their best should know that the Lime Crime make-up line exists to help them realize the objective. Visit the website now at to begin your aesthetic journey.  UrbanOutfitters is a great place to shop, but Lime Crime is also on Dolls Kill.

Talk Fusion Take Advantage of the Changing Mobile World

Talk Fusion is one of the companies that are capitalizing off of the changing world of technology. The company has released apps for both iOS and Android devices so users can take advantage of the features offered by the company. Among the features offered by Talk Fusion are video communication. One thing that people are starting to realize is that video has become an ever-growing part of the online experience. When the Internet was released, there were hardly any images. When video started being showed on the Internet, the quality was very low and the motion was choppy. Now, the Internet is very capable of displaying high definition images. On top of that these are images of people on the other side of the communication line.

Bob Reina is one of the people that were involved in the development of such advancements. He is the brains behind the cutting-edge video technology that is offered by Talk Fusion. He has started off Talk Fusion with Video Email. Such an invention is what amazed people and helped get Talk Fusion off the ground. One important feature is Talk Fusion CONNECT which has tons of features like live video chat, video newsletters, marketing, reporting and analytics.

Bob Reina is also involved in animal and community causes. He does more than just run business. He makes sure that animals are taken care of in his community. Among the things he has done was rush to save an owl that crashed into the window of his window. He got professionals to the scene in order to rescue the bird. Bob makes sure that any animal that needs help is taken care of.

New York Counselor Ross Abelow Helping Animal Shelters Raise Money For Resources With GoFundMe Campaign

In a plea to sponsor homeless animals, New York lawyer, Ross Abelow, recently dedicated a GoFundMe fundraiser. With this, he hopes to raise $5000 or more in charity money, which will go towards buying animal shelter resources. The campaign which he started earlier this year (January 13) will strengthen financial support and care for strays roaming New York without a home. While there’s been countless accounts of the city lending shelter to strays, resources aren’t enough. Abelow gesture of compassion will definitely prevent animal death by cold or another misfortune.

Vulnerable animals wandering the streets of New York now have hope with this new campaign, counselor Ross Abelow has launched. With this sponsorship, Abelow hopes to help amass enough money to buy vaccines, food, medicine and blankets for a swollen animal shelter population at temporary rescue homes. He’s set the threshold to a reasonable $5000, which can gather some necessities for the city’s suffering animals. With food rations, limited accommodation and medical care, shelters are skeptical about new placements. Animals suffer during the harsh winter months. This campaign is a worthy cause to lighten the burden on shelters and strengthen their resources.

Certainly, the market for New York attorneys is chaotic as there’s an abundance of talent. An example of true expertise is Ross Abelow. With an incredibly long career practicing law on a multifaceted landscape, he’s became an influential candidate among his peers. Besides law, Abelow is an advocate for animal charity who’s recently dedicated a fundraiser to help shelters gather resources. Ross Abelow has injected himself into community development outreach in recent years. He’s passionate about improving the quality of life for residents, including vulnerable animals. Too often, strays die, get injured or sick because they’re without a home. Shelters are in place to prevent such tragedies, but without adequate supplies, these agents of compassion cannot do their part. Abelow attended SUNY-Albany (State University of New York at Albany) where he earned his BA and later entered Brooklyn Law School. He currently holds a J.D. from the said institution.

He has a specialization in entertainment law, matrimonial law, commercial law and family litigation. Additionally, he’s a regular contributor of legal writings shared via his official blog space. Throughout his years practicing law, Ross Abelow has maintained a fairly outstanding track record. He handles each case diligently and with extreme confidentiality. He’s a powerhouse lawyer who’s been practicing for 20+ years. Currently, Abelow serves the Abelow & Cassandro, LLP law office as an associate partner.

George Soros Warns Investors Of A Looming Financial Crisis

 The state of the financial markets around world is something each and every person should be concerned about, Bloomberg reports George Soros has warned as the markets of the world remain volatile in 2016. George Soros used his own appearance at an economic forum in Sri Lanka to reveal his gloomy prediction of what lies ahead for the global economy in the coming year and possibly longer into the future. The legendary hedge fund manager believes his own experiences as a refugee and philanthropist allow him the chance to enjoy a unique position in understanding just why the world sits at the brink of a global collapse to match that of 2008.

One of the areas George Soros has revealed as being of major importance to the future state of the global economy is the refugee crisis currently engulfing Europe. Soros himself spent a period of time as a refugee after his home country of Hungary was invaded by Nazi’s during World War II, and Soros was placed in a concentration camp. Over the first months of 2016, George Soros has explained his view that Russia is pushing for the collapse of the European Union by bombing civilian areas of Syria to add to the refugee problem; Russian officials have responded by banning the George Soros backed Open Society Foundations that have been promoting democracy in the country for a number of years, according to CNBC.

George Soros made sure those who witnessed his interview in Sri Lanka understood the major issue facing the world markets are the problems in China, which has struggled for a number of years to cope with a changing economy. Soros used his interview to reveal his belief that the global economy has been struggling under an indecisive policy from Chinese officials, who have yet to come to terms with the changing economy they are managing. The man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 stated investors should be wary of making new deals until the future of the Chinese economy has been assured and the volatile markets have stabilized once more.

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Jennifer Walden Lectures and Speaks About Your Skin and Wrinkles

Plastic surgery is an art as well as a necessary medical procedure or surgery. Plastic surgery does not mean that you are using plastics in any way. Surgery to change the way a person looks is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons use the knife as well as treatments like Botox. Cosmetic surgery or Botox are both guaranteed to give a chance to the person and their looks.

A fifty-year-old woman walks into the plastic surgeons office. She has wrinkles all over her face. This woman is looking for a miracle. She hopes to have her face lifted and her skin tightened so she looks 20 years younger. When the surgeon asks how she got so many wrinkles, she explained about all the years sunbathing. She also told of the 30 years that she was a smoker. These two things combined gave her the look of being 100 when she was only 50. The doctor began working with the woman. He first told her about sunscreen and how important it is to use it every time you are going outside. He then told her about smoking and how it damages the skin. The woman agreed to do everything the doctor told her. She would stop smoking and she would take better care of herself.

Surgery should be one of the last options. Jennifer Walden will tell you that you must take better care of your skin before you reach surgery status. Using sunscreen and moisturizers will help. Jennifer Walden is using her knowledge and expertise to educate the public about the importance of caring for your skin. Taking better care of your skin can help you to reduce the possibility of surgery later in life. Jennifer can be seen online and on numerous talk shows speaking about wrinkles and avoiding them.

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin Texas. She completed her high school in Texas and went to college at the University of Texas. She earned a degree in biology and a doctorate in medical. After receiving her degrees, she took a job in New York. It did not take her long to discover that being close to family is important. She packed up herself and her children to return home to Austin Texas. Now she is happy practicing there in Texas. She will be happy to see you if you make an appointment.

Skout Introduces People to New Concepts

Some are apps that come along sometimes that allow people to discover things that they didn’t know about. Skout is the app that allows more people to become acquainted with a things that are having in the world that are relevant to many young adults. This is why many teenagers and young adults are signing up as registered members for Skout.

This is the app that has become associated with a lot of cool stories about online dating and networking online. There was a recent article that connected readers with Random Acts of Kindness Week. This is something that a lot of college students participated in. This is a great concept, and it is something that actually sparks a lot of Skout users to consider doing this themselves.

That is the great thing about social media apps like Skout. You can connect with friends and inform them of things like this. You can even send a virtual hug to someone that you meet through social media. This is one of the most amazing things about the post for a simple article like this. It brings everything into focus. More people have the ability to see this through social media. There are people that started doing random acts of kindness just because there was a lot of social buzz about this.

Many people use Skout to meet other people that they would not have access to. They talk about other articles that are posted on Skout, but they also talk about jobs, entertainment and friends. They discuss their lives. There are times when they even make plans to meet. This is the best thing about having an app like this. It will give you access to a large number of people that are able connect with others that may know about jobs. It gives you access to people that can tell you about a different culture or vacation spot.

There is a certain type of excitement that comes with meeting people online. Many people are able to get online and chat with random people. Chatting with random people can often lead you to chat with new people that may have the same interests you have. The site spotlights new people that are registered on the site. This allows new people to get a welcome from other users that are already registered. Users get to make friends instantly because of this spotlight.

George Soros Obviously Knows Energy Worldwide


George Soros is certainly a leader in the world of finance and he shares his financial view of the trending market while capturing a snapshot of today’s economic picture. As a young man, Soros left his birthplace during WWII when Nazi Germany occupied his homeland, Hungary. Alone, he fled Hungary and headed to England where he continued his education at the London School of Economics. Soon after graduation, he found it possible to venture to America where he completed his education in international finance and began to grow his wealth.

Soros didn’t become a billionaire overnight, but he continued his study of market fluctuations, the economy in every country, and the growth of countries supply and demand. He certainly didn’t become a billionaire from bad judgment calls and flaky decisions. Like an eagle, he views the entire market before making a decision. Of course, as the most recent article states, “The best way to invest like a billionaire is to, well, start with a billion dollars.” If only it were that simple. Soros didn’t start with any money, but he built his wealth from making good decisions and recording his decisive moves.

Today, the Soros Fund Management reports they dumped their shares in Chevron (CVX), Chesapeake Energy (CHK) and NRG Energy (NRG). With the energy prices so volatile this year, the last week in February will offer opportunities for the investor as many of the major players in the market will be reporting their earnings. Oil prices did surge last week after Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed on an oil production freeze in an attempt to boost the oil prices in the coming months. Unfortunately, this maneuver failed as Iran rejected the freeze and they have one-fifth of the world’s oil reserve. Iran’s revenge was to dump oil onto the global glut as a revenge tactic for the recent sanctions they received.

The oil market today leaves investors scratching their heads over “which-way-should-I-go?” The U.S. spends over one trillion dollars each year on energy, which accounts for 8.2% of the GDP. Each day the per capita energy consumption in the U.S., includes 2.5 gallons of oil, 16 pounds of coal, and 230 cubic feet of natural gas. Our residential usage of electricity is 12.1 kWh per person. The percentages listed above are an example of the usage pattern of the U.S. portion of the GDP. (Please consider peak usage times, may cause the results to fluctuate slightly.)

Goldman Sachs recently reported that when oil prices are this low for a long period, such as we are experiencing now, the pain is experienced way beyond the energy companies. It would behoove the public to review the earnings reports as they are released from the companies. Many company reports are expected to be rather gloomy.