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Doe Deere Doesn’t Believe in Fashion Rules

Evey year fashion magazines seem to flock at attempts to make a new list of fashion rules that you should or should not abide by. As I scan these lists each year I often ask myself do fashion rules really exist? Who comes up with these rules? What makes these fashion editors the end all be all of the fashion world? Who makes these rules anyway? Aren’t rules meant to be broke? Doe Deere seems to think so.

If you are not a follower of the fashion industry you may have no clue who this Doe Deere lady is. She refers to herself as the unicorn queen and she is also the CEO of Lime Crime make up line. This unconventional CEO believes in not only shaking things up in fashion but also using different types of palettes and shades that do not always match.

So what cool rules does Doe break? She is a firm believer that you do not have to limit your boldness. What exactly does that mean? Simple. Just because you have a smokey eye does not mean you can not have any other smokey make up features. She is a firm believer that there is no fun in predictable make up trends.

Deere has told many that she breaks the bold make up rule daily. She really feels like the more vibrant you are the more exciting it is. Is make up the key to happiness? This unicorn queen absolutely thinks so. On any given day you will catch her with a blue milk eyeliner and a red velvet lip.

When it comes to color is there anything such thing as too much color? According to Deere it depends on the person. Color does not have to be your enemy especially when great confidence is involved.

Most importantly, Deere believes that the key to her ensemble is color coordination. Sure, not everyone has what it takes to pull of some of the outrageous patterns that she can wear but everyone knows that if it were that easy then she would never be able to keep her unicorn queen title, at least not for long.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Reveals Surprising New Zika Virus Vulnerabilities

Until now, there was only a presumption by scientists that the Zika virus could be passed on via sexual contact, but officials now report the first case has occurred in Texas. Dr. Sergio Cortes, a Brazilian medical expert, consistently reports updates about the Zika virus on his blog. According to Dr. Cortes, no one has been concerned about sexual transmission, instead focusing on the links between the virus and microcephaly. However, it’s been reported that the virus has been detected in semen, questioning precautionary measures.
Until a few months ago, scientists classified the Zika virus as largely harmless. Many infected individuals do not realize that they carry the virus since less than 20 percent show any of the flu-like symptoms. Conjunctivitis, headache, and low-grade fever do not typically stir-up concern, but since the outbreak, there are many more reasons to pay attention to Zika. For years, there was also speculation that the virus could pass from person to person, and the WHO confirmed that the pathogen can be transmitted through blood.

Zika Virus Symptoms

Symptoms usually occur three to seven days after an infection by a mosquito bite, and they typically disappear after two to three days. “The disappearing act is why the majority of infections go unnoticed,” says Dr. Sergio Cortes. The explosion of the Zika virus has resulted in the World Health Organization declaring an international health emergency.

The Aedes mosquito or Tiger mosquito is mainly the culprit that transmits this tropical disease, however scientists say there is a very large number of mosquitoes capable of transmitting the virus. The real problem is, there are no special precautions or extensive measures to take to protect individuals from mosquito bites. “Long sleeves, dark clothing, and repellent spray is the typical defense,” says Dr. Cortes. The Zika virus can also hamper blood donations, necessitating enhanced screenings.

This virus is also associated with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological disease that can cause paralysis, and microcephaly (a reduction in fetal head circumference). The virus can cause serious complications in pregnancies. When the virus is contracted in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, it can result in fetal malformations, therefore, Dr. Cortes suggest pregnant women avoid high-risk areas.

Keep updated with the latest news about the Zika virus by visiting Dr. Sergio Cortes’ LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

George Soros Urges Caution Among Investors

George Soros is one of the most respected names in the world of global finance. The billionaire investor often talks about the state of the markets and how he believes they will move in the future. At a recent economic forum held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Soros has advised investors to proceed with extreme caution. Bloomberg has reported on what he told attendees.

Soros has talked on Bloomberg at length about China and how its economic performance is affecting not only other Asian countries, but also the entire world. He believes that China is having trouble finding ways to grow its economy and the devaluation of its currency is having an effect on other markets around the world. He also added that he sees many similarities between the current economic climate and what took place in 2008.

During the first week of 2016, world markets have performed quite poorly as a dropping Chinese yuan has caused a lot of concern among investors. While China has the second-largest economy in the world, there are doubts as to whether the country can do enough to grow it. The Chinese economy is now starting to move to consumption and services, which signals a change from having an economy that relied heavily on manufacturing and investment.

China is well aware of its economic situation and has taken action to try and remedy its problems. So far, the People’s Bank of China has significantly cut down interest rates and local authorities are working hard to put hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy. In the longer term, the Chinese government is pledging to increase the convertibility of its currency by the year 2020 and to progressively get rid of capital controls.

Whether China will be able to get its economy back on track remains to be seen. In the meantime, Soros is urging investors to play close attention to the markets and to make careful choices.

According to the official George Soros information website, the wealthy financier was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He has faced many challenges in his early years, including surviving Nazi occupation and having to flee his country in 1947 when a communist government took over. He traveled to England, where he studied at the London School of Economics, before moving to the United States. This is where he started Soros Fund Management, one of the most successful investment funds of all times. He has since donated billions of dollars to various charitable causes and regularly speaks his mind on issues related to economics, politics and society.

Penny Sparrow’s Racist Statement Denounced By Woke Twitter And Brenda Wardle

Oftentimes, people think of racist thought and action as a thing of the past that forward-thinking, modern citizens no longer have to deal with. Yet groups like Woke Twitter exist to show people that this interpretation of reality is inaccurate. Specifically, the Woke Twitter community is diligent and dedicated in demonstrating the ugly portent and power of racism as it takes shape and form through the fast-paced, interactive world of social media. Thus when real estate agent Penny Sparrow submitted racist suppositions about black South Africans through her personal Facebook account, the words struck a chord with group members and generated discourse both within and outside the online world. Learn more about how this distinct manifestation of racism unfolded by reviewing the short summary that appears below:

Some Specifics Regarding Penny Sparrow’s Suppositions About Blacks

Penny Sparrow is a South African citizen who was somewhat unknown prior to her decision to unleash a dehumanizing, demeaning rant about people of color through her Facebook account. After observing black South Africans on a nearby beach, Sparrow typed a message including her assertion that the people were comparable to monkeys and apes. She then published the statement. Outrage ensued as people grew cognizant of the comment. Some South Africans asserted that the statement, reflective of the apartheid mentality and realities that gave shape and substance to world history, would not be permissible in the contemporary world. Sparrow also received angry text messages and voice mails from individuals who gained access to her number.

Wardle Interprets Racist Rant In Terms Of Constitutional Law

Many people chose to weigh in regarding the significance of Sparrow’s racist suppositions, including legal analyst Brenda Wardle. Wardle viewed the anti-black statements through the lens of the constitution, arguing that the dehumanizing words against black South Africans constituted a type of derogation which the law did not permit. Since the constitution asserts that individuals cannot use their free speech rights to deny other people dignity, Wardle concludes that Sparrow’s equation of South African blacks to animals can be construed as an illegal enunciation.

Who Is Brenda Wardle?

People who are curious about Brenda Wardle’s background and her motivation for discussing Sparrow’s statements should know that the woman is passionate about all things pertaining to the legal sector. At this time, she is working towards her law degree. Upon completing all of the required coursework, Wardle plans to work within the legal field in a manner that generates greater justice and equality in the world.

Wardle on the Pistrorious Trial:


Brian Torchin Helps People To Help People

As important and unique a profession as nursing, physical therapy, and other medical professions are, there are aspects of them that are just like any other job. One of them is the search for these jobs themselves. Some laypeople mistakenly think that successful completion of a nursing or therapy degree automatically guarantees an entry into a professional position. And there’s no question that such a diploma accompanied by an impressive academic record can be very helpful. But that’s not all that’s involved in successfully finding a job in these fields. So how should one proceed?

Job applicants in these and related fields certainly have the option of making the rounds of employment agencies and checking postings at hospitals’ human resource offices. But they have another option as well, in Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. HCRC is unique among employment agencies in that it focuses on connecting hiring facilities and job seekers from across the spectrum of the medical profession. The company continually helps to fill positions such as medical administrators, billing office staff, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, and more. HCRC does so by offering professional counseling to job seekers, and maintains an extensive database that allows them to connect job seekers and employers quickly, usually in less than seventy two hours. In utilizing HCRC, employers are never charged until a successful match is made, and never forced to use HCRC as their exclusive job poster.

HCRC was founded in 2007 by Brian Torchin as his resume indicates, a health care professional who after years as working as a chiropractor, understood that it could be difficult to find jobs in the medical field. Such jobs often weren’t formally advertised and were quickly filled. Competition for them was often intense. And qualified job seekers often didn’t understand how to properly market themselves. Even more, it could be hard for job seekers to make sure that they were up to date on training and certifications as they transferred among jobs without professional guidance.

And as in any other professions, those within the medical fields sometimes leave jobs without warning. What might be annoying within another profession can be catastrophic here. Torchin felt that there should be a service in place that specialized in filling these gaps as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Torchin also felt that employers should feel confident as well that employees that they were taking on had been vetted and approved by other sources before coming to them.

Because of Torchin’s obvious success with the HCRC strategy in an initial Philadelphia office, he has expanded beyond Pennsylvania, and now has offices in Florida and Delaware. In all of these undertakings, Torchin says his company’s goals remain the same. HCRC wants to provide medical facilities across the country with talented and
professional staffing quickly.  He frequently talks healthcare on his Vimeo account.  But he’s also known for sending out the occasional tweet about healthcare from his Brian Torchin account.

Premium Dog Food Takes 45% share of the Market as Owners Show the Love

High-quality eats are starting to take over the dog market. It’s the old “Let your pet eat what you eat” passion of yesteryear. But today’s dog owners are also more educated so these new type of premium dog foods really do let the owner feed his pet dog food that actually does contain many of the things that you would normally eat as a person. I an article recently about premium dog food the Daily Herald spoke about the “eat like the owner strategy” and explains how premium dog food sales have surged to 45% of the $10.5 billion US market. So the smaller gourmet type of dog food companies are now finding themselves in competition with big companies who are fighting back through the use of innovations and acquisitions. Companies like Purina, for example, have purchased Merrick Pet Care. Purina has entered the premium dog food market with the Beneful brand of dog food. The idea here is a high quality tasty dog food with extremely beneficial qualities for your pet. Beneful playful life is for puppies, with a protein rich nutrition and ingredients like real beef, eggs, blueberries and spinach, this super high quality and protein rich dry dog food comes back of 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 15. lb and 31.1 lb. bags. Beneful comes in three forms, dry dog food,wet food and dog treats. With 39 products in total the Beneful line of premium products has every type of food for your pet dog. Whether you own a puppy or an adolescent or an older dog you pet will benefit greatly from the high-protein dog food offered here.Beneful dry dog food “Originals” comes in three flavors, there is the”Originals”with real beef, “Originals”with Real chicken and “Originals”with real salmon. Benefuls “Healthy Weight” is designed for your adult dog and is engineered to help your adult dog maintain its full healthy way yet still be excited at no time. This blend gives him 100% of the nutrients you need while still being calorie smart so that he can maintain his proper healthy weight. Beneful uses some awesome ingredients including

Alexei Beltyukov Switches Career from Medicine to Business and Excels in the Latter

Education is the key to success. Good education prepares one for future undertakings through provision of better foundation to establish and run any form of business concern. Alexei Beltyukov is a successful entrepreneur. The Russian is also a renowned philanthropist. Over the years, he has established different corporations. These corporations include A-Venture limited, Endemic Capital, Mechanicus and New Gas Technologies. A-Venture Ltd helps struggling Russian companies through provision of financial assistance. Endemic Capital is an angelic club that was founded in 2013. Mechanicus is a car repair business. New Gas Technologies is a venture project that is affiliated to petroleum gas.

Alexei Beltyukov’s llatest enterprise is SOLVY. SOLVY is an education platform that brings together professionals in the teaching field, students and technology experts. The platform has been designed for high school students. It generates homework assignments based on set parameters. Through the program, teachers are able to create and oversee customized learning exercises to their students in an effective manner. The advantage of SOLVY is that it does not have multiple choices thus students are forced to show their workings and arrive at their answers. This way, they are able to learn how to tackle different questions on their own. By making mistakes, students are able to embrace progressive thinking on their mindsets.

Alexei asserted that the objective of SOLVY was to be recognized as the best platform in terms of math education. Through the program, tutors will be able to comprehend the progress of their students thus developmental feedback that is outside the classroom setting. Most students consider Math to be the toughest subject in class. Through SOLVY, high schools around the country would be able to have a cutting edge in math by being able to practice and enhance comprehension of the subject. Alexei asserted that SOLVY utilizes real problems that allow students to have different approaches to the subject in order to find solutions.

Unlike online textbooks where one cannot interact, SOLVY allows interactions between the teachers and the students. In addition, students can interact with the program as it has hints and feedback that facilitate learning among the high school students. The program has been designed in such a way that tutors can receive performance reports that will drastically cut down on the tedious process of grading the student’s homework.

Alexei did not start his career as an entrepreneur. Initially, Alexei pursued medicine but switched gears to zero in on business. CrunchBase showed that Alexei enrolled at INSEAD where he pursued his MBA program. The 1997 graduate of INSEAD asserts that the opportunity to undertake his studies at the institution opened his horizon in terms of business inputs and experience in the world of business. It is imperative to note that Alexei managed to complete his studies at INSEAD through a scholarship. After graduation, Alexei and his friend formed an association that helps to provide scholarships to deserving and needy students.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov on his Twitter for business, and Solvy updates.

The Manse On Marsh – Living A Peaceful Retirement Life

You cannot always rely on nursing homes or other health professionals to lead your daily life if you are a senior or nearing retirement age. For one thing, nursing homes are expensive and conventional health clinics don’t offer comprehensive living arrangement. The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility located in the serene atmosphere of San Luis Obispo that offers its residents a wide range of features, from private accommodation to transportation and medical care. Employees at this assisted living facility can help residents with their daily needs such as fresh meals, laundry, cleaning, bathing and entertainment.

The way residents interact with employees and other residents in similar situation at this location is undergoing a profound revolution at assisted living facilities like this. Here, residents get to enjoy the daily perks offered by the facility and at the same time lead a peaceful life. These days, more and more people are expecting to have a hassle free retirement years and this facility is the right place for such people. And many health professionals support such a shift in lifestyle because they are meant to benefit senior citizens. The Manse on Marsh has the right combination of amenities to make it easier for its residents, and Manse on Marsh has won awards that way.

Some people like to live independently in assisted living facilities. Others do not want to take on the extra effort involved due to lack of energy or underlying health issues. The Manse on Marsh is designed for people from all walks of lives, and they have a ton of activities as such. And there is much certainty about what is the best approach out of a number of options available at the Manse on Marsh. All you need to do is be proactive in seeking out information about the options that fit for your needs and budget. You also need to be aware that living here is one important decision to make and that decision is going to get paid off in the future. A relevant option is worth knowing at this facility.

Considering your options means more than simply identifying the choices that are found at the Manse on Marsh. You will be able to learn the potential benefits of each option. There are certain programs designed at this facility that are crucial for overall health and well-being of seniors, such as yoga, mild exercise, meditation and so on. What counts is what is important to you. It can be very confusing for anyone to get a full hold on these choices at first glance. Know that the management staff at the Manse on Marsh will walk you through the selection process the moment you seek this information. In essence, the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is the right place to spend your golden years.