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Brenda Wardle and Woke Twitter Unite To Fight Racism In South Africa

The new year has ushered a great deal of controversy in South Africa after unrelated racists remarks were made by a prominent entrepreneur, economist and estate agent – Justin van Vuuren, Chris Hart and Penny Sparrow, respectively. All of the comments were made on January 3, 2016 via Twitter and Facebook. The remarks were followed by a flurry of social media reactions that rallied against the insensitive remarks that demeaned black South Africans. The comments were unilaterally brought to the attention of the world through a social media concept called Woke Twitter. This term refers to a state of becoming conscious and socially aware of people and organizations that are attempting to promote discrimination and civil rights violations through unflattering statements or policies.

The result of Woke Twitter is a combination of social media activism with hashtags, memes and the mobilization of mass Twitter posts. The effects of the latest reaction by the Woke Twitter community has penetrated deep into the hearts and minds of the general public, government officials and corporate sponsors. For example, Justin van Vuuren, who is the owner of fitness gyms in South Africa, has lost an endorsement deal from FutureLife, a health and well-being food company as a result of his racially provocative statements against black people.

Chris Hart has also suffered serious repercussions for his negative comments against black South Africans, which has led to his suspension from his employer Standard Bank Wealth and Investment. Unfortunately, the peaceful backlash has been mixed with violent threats against Penny Sparrow, which has resulted in her going into hiding as a result of threats against her life for not apologizing for her comments, unlike Vurren and Hart.

Many activists have positioned themselves on the forefront of this issue to represent the voice of many people, black and white, who were offended by the statements of these individuals. One of the activists is famed legal analyst Brenda Wardle. Wardle made this statement regarding Sparrows comments comparing black people to monkeys, “simply put, she unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impaired the dignity of black people by using racially offensive language.”

Wardle has been on the forefront of controversial issues for many years, such as the Oscar Pistorious murder case. Wardle has a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of South Africa, and she has been a staunch advocate of issues related to children, education, human rights, politics and poverty. Wardle has made numerous appearances as a guest analyst on major news networks in Africa, Britain and America. She is also the author of the highly analytical book To Kill A Fragile Rose: The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

Treat your pet to the food they deserve

Many pet owners are beginning to give their pets food fit for a thanksgiving dinner. The gourmet pet food industry is growing, a whopping 45 percent since 2009 to comprise over $10 Billion dollars of the the $23 Billion dollar a year pet food industry. High quality ingredients can come at a high price, but if your pet has a place at the table why not serve them food made specifically for them? Purina has been a name in animal nutrition since 1902. With their recent acquisition of Merrick Pet Care, the first certified producer of organic dry and wet dog food, their Beneful brand will have access to clean organic food production and recipes. Recognizing the consumer demand for high quality pet food the brand is delivery what the people, and theirs pets truly want. Many pet owners are health conscious, so why not be conscious about what you’re feeding your pet? With people opening their wallets more and more for the animals they love they are increasingly buying products like Beneful, and Blue Buffalo for the quality they represent. The large gains the niche market has seen is sometimes viewed as a Twitter trend, but dogs would disagree. FreshPet is a new company offering refrigerated pet food and other products, much like PurinaStore Beneful is doing. Skeptics say that their high quality ingredients are too much for dog food, that they have a failing business model. Their IPO was offered at $15 per share, but is now half of the offering. FreshPet could very well end up failing, but the demand for quality pet food is there. Larger companies will continue to provide what the customer wants with or without their share of the market.

Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication

The concept of video visitation is finally here for the prison systems, and more people are embracing this through Securus. When it comes to at-home visitation systems, I have found that this is truly one of the most convenient ways for families to visit with their on friends and family members that are currently serving time. I think the most fascinating thing about that is the ability to actually join multiple friends together and start a video chat session with someone that is behind bars. That is what I do when I schedule my online video visits.

I think that most people that have friends behind bars will make the sacrifice to go to the prison occasionally, but no one wants to go there on a regular basis. That is why video visits are better. This is why Securus is so popular. It allows people to schedule online visitations with family members without the hassle of actually driving and waiting in line once they get to the prison. It is very convenient for those that also may have family members that are serving time in different states. Sometimes it is very unrealistic to fly or drive two different state for visitation purposes.

I think that at-home visitation will become something that will become available in prison systems around the world. At this time this type of platform is still rather limited, but it is growing at an extremely fast rate as is Securus staff. I believe that there will be a time where this type of visitation will actually replace all of the glass windows and phones. I believe this is a much more convenient way for visitors, and it also will be a quite effective measure for prison systems.

There have always been complaints about operating costs for prisons, and video visitation may be one of the best ways to resolve that issue that is associated with operating costs. Securus Technologies has managed to do put a lot of other companies may have failed to do. This company has capitalized on this patented technology in a niche market and given the government a method to actually shrink the costs associated with operating a prison. When there are long lines for visitations it can require a lot of prison system personnel. Prison systems that are hesitant to get involved with this system should really consider all of the benefits that can come with cutting down visitation lines.

Greg Hague Shakes Up The Real Estate Industry

Greg Hague is a renowned businessman, lawyer, real estate consultant, and entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a former Dale Carnegie instructor and has keynoted over 500 real estate events across the country. Greg Hague is the author of How Fathers Change Lives a “Chicken Soup” collection of “52 Lessons from Remarkable Dads.” 52 examples of doing it right. The stories are inspiring, touching and fun. The life lessons are great.

In his 35-year career, he is best known for shaking things up in the residential real estate industry. Hague has built several real estate firms and now speaks at events across the country. Greg Hague started Real Estate Mavericks in the late 1980s in Arizona. He is a pioneer in revolutionizing home sales. He developed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan as the beginning stages leading to a better direction and Greg Hague hopes to change the way agents sell houses which has not changed since the last 75 years. He refers to the current traditional home buying and selling process as hope marketing, Hodge plans to turn the real estate process around with his new real estate venture, the Real Estate Mavericks, which is a new real estate coaching company. His research shows current marketing results in a 3 to 8 percent drop in home prices, below the asking price. Hague criticizes the way the real estate industry has no advanced selling systems in place, for instance like the way Apple and Amazon products are sold than expensive homes.

Greg Hague is also the founder of the 990 Company. The 990 Company is based on a simple model that sells homes for only $990. The same program of 990 sells homes ensures that their sellers are able to attract more buyers which is a tremendous savings to the homeowner. The 990 Company has a unique program that allows a win-win program in real estate. More information about this program can be found here.

Real Estate Mavericks program reveals strategies in getting the word out quickly and getting at least “50 homes listed in 50 days” to help capture buyers’ attention and help guide the local market, which also has the increased benefit of keeping homes occupied and increasing property values. Hague explains that buyers love to see homes that aren’t yet officially on the market and are more likely to pay more than they would if the home was already out there for a while. With his unique strategy he conducts a pre-launch marketing campaign. He would have “drip feeds” of information about a great home coming soon into the market, to create curiosity and interest.

Brad Reifler, The Shrewd Investment Expert

Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management. The firm is an advisory board that offers guidance services in the forex and stock markets, and he’s also well known for his beautiful New York home. Brad is highly skilled given his vast experience that spans over thirty years. He undertook his economics and political science degree from the Bowdoin College. He started his career by founding of his own company. In 1982, he started his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation. The company dealt in international derivatives. The company was able to gain a lot of success that impressed Refco. Refco ended up purchasing the company.

Reifler saw this as an opportunity to form another company, which Wikipedia shows. He founded Pali Capital, which turned out to be a greater success. He served as the chief executive officer and chairman of the company for thirteen years. The company went ahead to make $200 million in profits and opened a number of offices in Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Reifler was able to capitalize on hedge funds by taking a unique strategy. Instead of giving advice on the stocks to be purchased or sold, he adopted their idea. By mixing derivative structures and credit analysis research, Reifler taught traders on how to execute the strategy by themselves. This strategy pushed Pali Capital on the forefront and it started recording a commission income of over $1 billion. Brad was able to increase the number of employees besides opening new offices in four continents.

Brad went ahead to start Forefront Capital, LLC in 2009. A large chunk of his time is dedicated to Forefront Capital LLC, which has a number of subsidiaries that include Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Brad is working to create a different product offering that sets him apart from his competitors. Presently, Reifler works as the chief executive officer of Forefront Advisory, which is a firm that offers advisory services to traders in the forex and stock market. Commodity market and foreign exchange are considered volatile areas and as such, they require individuals having adequate experience. Brad is the most sought after person when it comes to provision of advice on investment issues.

Brad does not shy off from the public, which is why he’s a popular presence on Twitter. He is a crusader for investments and investment opportunities. He has been recorded repeatedly advising all classes of people to make investments that can make their future and that of their children easier. He strongly believes that investment should not be left for the rich and wealthy members of the society but everyone should participate in such ventures. There is an investment opportunity for every class of people. His views have been documented in Reuters, Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch. Reifler is outspoken about finding the right investment projects, which he believes can have great benefit in terms of making people experience financial freedom.

Dog Food Innovation

The Beneful dog food brand has been one of the leading names in the pet food business. Since being established in 2001, Beneful, a brand of Nestle Purina Petcare has risen to the top of the competition and created a name for itself in the world of pet food. They offer several different products including dry and wet food, canned food and dog snacks. The primary focus of Beneful is creating quality food for dogs. According to the Beneful website, the company feeds over 15 million dogs each year. All of their products are in line with regulations from the FDA, AAFCO as well as the USDA. The company stands by the quality of their products. With so much competition within the dog food industry, there are several new products being made each day. Recently, the industry has seen a strong movement towards healthier and more natural products in dog food. Not only that, but also many companies are trying to come up with new ideas that dog owners will fall in love with. According to an article written for the Daily Herald, premium dog food sales have soared since 2009 and now occupy half of the market of dog food. Beneful has been a crucial part of this movement to more quality and health within the realm of dog food. As dog food continues to expand and change, Beneful has always stayed ahead of the trends. Upon its founding in 2001, Beneful immediately prided themsleves on creating dog food that centered on nutrition and health. Since then, they have been able to give millions of pet owners an opportunity to feed their dogs good quality food. In an effort to keep up with the times, Beneful released a line of soy-based dry foods in 2005. With soy as the main source of protein, the Beneful brand was stepping into uncharted territory releasing a product not centered on meat. In another step to keep the game changing, in 2010 Beneful released Incredibites that were smaller portions of food that would be kept fresh in a sealable bag. Beneful has and will continue to improve the quality of dog food within their company as well as the industry as a whole.

Why to Hire Get Your Wiki Writers

Have you realized that your business is not doing very well of late or the number of sales have reduced significantly? If the answer to this question is yes it means that you need to employ a new business strategy. The solution to all your problems could simply be creating a Wikipedia page detailing information about your business. There are numerous benefits that arise from this venture. First, your business will have more visibility. Potential clients are likely to know of your existence if you have such a page available online. In most cases, Wikipedia pages appear among the very top after a search has been conducted on Google and other search engines. This means that those searching for a business bearing the same description as yours are likely to trace you quickly when you have such a page.

The creation of Wikipedia pages is not a very easy task. There is a lot of skill and effort that goes into making an acceptable page. Not every page can be accepted as a Wikipedia page. Certain rules and regulations have been set to ensure the pages are of a high quality. One of the major rules is that a page should not be filled with promotional content entirely. The page should not appear to be purely and advertisement to the public. It should contain factual information about the business, products and the people behind it. Additionally, a Wikipedia page should not unnecessarily link back to the website of the business.

These rules relating to creation of the Wikipedia pages can be very difficult for someone who is not used to them. In order to stay away from the trouble of doing this work by yourself consider hiring Wiki writers from Get your Wiki. These are Wikipedia writers who fully understand what it means to create Wiki pages. The writers have internalized all the rules surrounding this business and have been vetted by the Wikipedia writing service themselves, ensuring they will provide you with pages that will pass all the tests. Get Your Wiki writer not only write content for your page but also provide additional services like the maintenance of your website. Maintenance serves to protect against other individuals who may change the entries in your Wiki page and replace it with inaccurate information. This ensures that your page always contains accurate information throughout the year.

Imagine how much trouble you will save yourself by hiring experts to handle this task for you. Contact these professional Wikipedia writers today by visiting their site to get a free quote.

The Success Made By Stephen Murray in Spearheading CCMP Capital

Over the years, investment banking has been considered as one of the safest ways of investing different types of resources. Through investment banking, many people have developed businesses that have continued to boom in the international arena. Through these investment banks, many governments across the world have accessed financial assistance for structural investment thus providing alternative source of funding. As such, many investment firms have emerged globally offering services that have seen the development and advanced other prospective business entities. CCMP Capital is one of the leading investment firm based in New York United States of America. The firm has grown in asset acquisition and management into a world-class investment hub that has attracted many people and companies across the world. The firm was formerly known as JP Morgan and over the years it has transitioned into its current states. These developments have seen the firm acquire global recognition in the delivery of professional services to the citizens.

The company on crunchbase has continued to grow in investment and it has registered an increase of 12 billion dollars in leverage buyouts and growth capital since its establishment. As such, this provides a clear map towards ensuring the company delivers on its mandate and policies. Due to its development initiative CCMP Capital has grown and opened other offices in Hong Kong, London and Singapore in a mid to expand its services to other parts of the world. The history of the firm dates back in 1984 when the firm was formerly known as Chemical Venture which was an investment part of the Chemical Bank. Chase Manhattan bank later acquired the chemical bank in 1996 forcing the firm to change its name to Chase Capital Partners. These have been the transitions that have seen the firm evolves systematically through the ranks into its current state Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray is one notable personality that has developed the company to its present state. He was the Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP Capital until he resigned due to health complications. He graduated with a degree in economics from the Boston College and later a master’s degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School. Here, he got the desired skills to invest in the investment field with the aim of emerging as one of the leading and recognized individuals of all times. He landed his first employment opportunity in 1984 immediately he graduated at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked as a credit analyst and later moved through the ranks with subsequent acquisition of the firm into its current state where he was appointed the president. He successfully governed the firm until March 2015 when he resigned from the firm due to health related complication. He later died at the age of 52 years.

Nicki Minaj Claims Controversial Appearance Was About Female Empowerment

American rapping sensation, Nicki Minaj stirred controversy with her decision to head the recent holiday festival in Angola. The event was sponsored by Unitel which is owned and ran by long term human rights violator Angolan President Jose dos Santos. Santos has been at the top since 1979 and has racked up an abundance of human rights abuses over the course of his reign. While Minaj did go ahead with the performance despite the urging by the Human Rights Foundation of the moral dilemma, it is said she altered the lyrics to her hit song “Only” to say “independent women only.”
This was meant to be a nod to Angolan women attending the holiday concert in Luanda, according to the Huffington Post. At age 33, Nicki Minaj has never shied away from the spotlight, even if that meant causing controversy. She appeared before a brimming stadium at the Show Unitel Boas Festas concert on December 19th. The company Unitel is owned and operated by the continent’s wealthiest woman and youngest billionaire, daughter of the Angolan president Isabel dos Santos.
Minaj has viewed herself as a black feminist icon for some time. Vogue recently inquired about her feminism to which she replied, “I think of myself as a woman who wants other women to be bosses, and to be strong and to be go-getters. I’ve always said that, since I came in the game.” Vogue has also noted Nicki Minaj to be the “most globally visible female rapper of all time.” Prior to the appearance, Minaj posted a photograph of her initial meeting with the president’s daughter saying, “She’s just the 8th richest woman in the world.”
Having founded the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a human rights activist leading many essential nonprofit groups around the world. In an open letter to Minaj by means of his foundation, Thor urged the rapper not to continue through with her plans to perform at the tainted Angolan festival. Unfortunately, she declined to comment or react in any way other than to ignore the request.
The Human Rights Foundation unites activists and leaders by promoting human rights through the belief that all peoples are entitled to freedom of association, freedom of speech and expression, freedom from slavery and of religion among many others. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza first founded the Oslo Freedom Forum through his Human Rights Foundation back in 2009 to bring activists, former heads of state and even Nobel Peace Prize winners together for a cause of unity.

Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Campaign

Autism is a lifelong disorder that have affected millions of individuals. Autism specifically is characterized by difficulties that are developed in regards to social relationships as well as communication skills. Those who suffer from the autism disorder tend to have strong and narrow interests as well as repetitive behavior. Though autism is a disorder, it is often noticed that some people with this disorder can live independent lives, while others cannot.

One campaign to further the research of this disorder is Autism Rocks. This foundations was started by Sanjay Shah due to the fact that his four year old son has the disorder. Mr. Shah has made it explicitly clear that this campaign does not have the intention of finding a cure as he would not change his son one bit. Instead, this campaign has the intention of raising money in order to further understand how one thinks with the autism disorder. The money that has been raised by Autism Rocks has been sent to Cambridge University to further the research.

Mr. Shah who is the father of an autistic child, wanted to create a fund campaign that can be shared by him and his son. The campaign that he created involves him touring England and performing on stage with several other notable artists. These notable artists include Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Michael Bublé.

Mr. Shah wants to world to know of not only this disorder, but wants the world to know how important it is to continue research on this disorder. Mr. Shah presents a scary statistic that shows how boys have a four in five greater chance to being diagnosed with autism than girls. Overall, one in 42 boys are diagnosed with autism. The child who is diagnosed is not only affected. The family who takes care of the child has to pay an average of 60,000 dollars per year on treatment. Sanjay Shah has created this campaign to demonstrate that autism is not dangerous or bad, but instead should be better understood. Research should not find a cure, but instead should answer unknown questions about how the disorder works.