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Offering Multiple Proteins Prevents Allergies In Dogs

Research shows that varying the proteins in a dogs diet benefits their immune system as well as other health benefits. In recent years allergies have become a growing concern for pet owners everywhere, some scientists believe that due to dogs diets changing to a staple protein versus wild-feeding is opening their immune system to attack unknown proteins. One way of preventing the onset of food allergies is to be proactive and feed a variety of proteins and by rotating their staple diet. Find a brand of dog food that offers both kibble and wet food varieties with multiple protein resources, such as Beneful, and switch up the formulas you feed them. It is important to stick to one brand or line of foods because nutritional content is must remain balanced and not vary. Beneful dry dog food is an excellent example of a balanced dog diet that comes in a variety of protein sources such as chicken, beef, salmon and egg. Feeding a staple diet of kibble will ensure your dog gets the proper nutrients and allow you to add extras such as wet food to introduce new proteins. Another way to vary your dogs protein intake is to keep them on one formula of dog food, such as Purina Beneful Playful Life, and offering a variety of wet foods in addition to their staple diet. A staple diet of balanced nutrition should provide 90 percent of their calories and nutritional intake, leaving 10 percent of their diet needs to supplemental feeding of foods. These foods should always be nutritional and come from a trusted brand to ensure everything is properly balanced for maximum benefit. There are multiple reasons that choosing to stick with one brand will be the easiest, but the top one is certainly the ease of mind in knowing that the diet will already be balanced and you do not have to calculate dietary intake needs and what amount is coming from which brand. Brands such as Beneful that offer both wet and dry varieties with multiple sources of proteins make things virtually fool-proof when it comes to providing excellent nutrition for your dog. To prevent becoming “used-to” one protein and thus rejecting others, do consider switching it up for your dog.

Coriant and the Growth Of New Technology

The world today is being impacted by new technologies, many of which are occurring in the field of communications and related services. Coriant was founded in 2013 to create new and innovative ways to plan and manage these systems. The parent company is Merlin Equity and Coriant was designed to be an independent company that would merge with others in order to gain the technology needed.

The company develops and implements both hardware and software solutions for fiber optic networks. On the hardware side products include the hiT 7300 which allows for optimal multiplexing DWDM over fiber optic cables. Another popular product is the hiT 70xx for multi service provisions. Their software includes the TNMS for network management and the Transmit/Transconnect for network planning.

The company came into being in 2013 and by 6, May, 2013 they had managed to separate from the Nokia Siemens Network while under the ownership of Merlin Equity Partners. By Jan.. 2013 Merlin Equity announced its plans to merge with Sycamore. In Dec. 2013 Merlin Equity announced a merger between Coriant and Tellabs, which would then operate under the name Coriant.

Today Coriant works with companies in over 100 countries where they help to introduce new and innovative products that are all related to optical fiber networking. Their customers include 9 of 10 global tier 1 Communication Service Providers (CSP).

Today Shaygan Kheradpir acts as both the CEO and a member of the board for Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir is a well known figure in both the telecommunication and business areas. He earned his Bachelors, Masters and Ph. D at Cornell University. The new CEO has over 28 years of executive experience behind him.

Mr. Kheradpir began his career at the GTE Corporation, where he would be promoted to Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. His next step was to serve at Barclay where he worked as Chief Operations and Technical Officer. While there he took a leadership role in a historical act meant to ready the bank for the 21st century. The project would involve over 50 countries and 150 thousand employees.

His next step was to become CEO of Juniper Networks where he would develop an integrated operating plan and focused executions on the strategic growth markets of Cloud Builders and High IQ networking. Before his role at Coriant, Kheradpir held the position of Operating Partner at Merlin Equity. While there he focused on strategic telecommunications and technological investments.

It seems that Kheradpir is perfect for his new position. He is obviously one of the most innovative men in the business. The value of Coriant and Mr. Kheradpir will be found in the future, but for now it seems a winning combination.

My Dog No Longer Gets Sick Now That I Feed Him Beneful

I wanted to get my dog to take him for a walk, but he just sat in the corner of the room and wouldn’t move. I went over and nudged him, but he still sat there the same way. He looked up at me as if something was wrong, and that’s when I noticed something gross in the corner. It turns out the dog had thrown up, and I had no idea that he was sick. The fact that he wouldn’t move made me worry, so I took him to the vet immediately. The dog had gotten sick from a dog food that I had chosen to buy for him the day before, and I didn’t take precautions. It wasn’t just that the dog food wasn’t fed to him gradually by mixing it with his past food, it turns out that the dog food had actually been recalled. I picked it up at a gas station when it was late at night because I knew I wouldn’t have time to buy food in the morning. The dog food company that had been selling that particular food had gone out of business because they were making food that was making dogs sick. I actually sat there in the vet’s office, and I con Walmart ried my eyes out. I was very naïve to think that all dog food companies would make sure that they only put good ingredients into their food, and I never thought that something like this would affect my pet. Even if the dog food company made bad food, I could have simply read the ingredients or even looked up the food on my smartphone when I went to buy dog food that night. The vet told me that it was a close call, but the dog would be okay. I asked her what food did she suggest I buy in the future, and she told me to buy Beneful. I wholeheartedly trust my veterinarian, and that’s why I’ve been bringing my dog to her for years. If my vet told me to put the dog on an escalator to get exercise, then I’d have no problem doing so because I trust her that much. I took the vet’s advice, and I went to the pet store and looked through the different brands of Beneful. Just in case, I chose to read the ingredients on the side of the bag of dog food, and I was very impressed with what I read. I know that dogs need to eat real meat, and Beneful has a lot of real meat in it. I bought the bag of Beneful dog food from Petco, and I even chose to pick up a few bowls of Beneful Wet Dog Food. I was nervous about feeding the dog something new again, but he had no problem transitioning to the new bag of Beneful dog food. Later in the evening I gave him a bowl of Beneful dog food, and it’s amazing how quickly he ate the food. I’ve learned a lesson from all this, and my best lesson is learning that Beneful is great food.

Dan Newlin: One of the Most Prestigious Lawyers in Florida

Dan Newlin has been in the law industry since the young age of 20. He began his career by working for the Police and Fire Department in New Chicago, Indiana. After working a few years with that department, he landed a job in Orlando, Florida working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. There, he served the community for more than a decade and earned the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. While working for the Sheriff’s Office, Newlin worked on hundreds of cases that ranged from small petty thieves to dangerous drug dealers. Working with the Sheriff’s Office, Attorney Newlin helped to catch dozens of dangerous criminals. While working for the Sheriff’s Office, Newlin received numerous awards for his dedication to his work.

Newlin attended Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000. He is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Florida. He proudly serves the residents in both of these states. Since opening his own law practice, Newlin and his associates have won over $150 million for their clients. Newlin’s law practice has grown from a small practice with only a secretary on his payroll to a large law office with over a dozen other attorneys with years of experience. They specialize in personal injury law, vehicle and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, medical negligence, and all other forms of injury cases. Most recently the law firm of Dan Newlin has started representing people who have been wrongfully charged with criminal charges. His law firm is one of only 5% of law firms in Florida to receive the recognition of Super Lawyer Law Firm.

From humble beginnings working for a Police Department in northwestern Indiana to running a law firm that spans two states and has helped hundreds of clients. From helping sheriffs catch crooks to helping innocent people win money that is rightfully theirs, Attorney Dan Newlin has had a long, productive, and consistent record of helping those who cannot help themselves.

The Art of the Collector

Who wouldn’t want an original Degas or Michelangelo gracing a wall in his or her home? Now, think about how cool it would be to be able to purchase both and then another fantastic art piece, and another, and another. What if you could both access and own tons of fabulous artistic renderings, masterpieces that you procure? Then you might be an art collector.

Adam Sender obtained the money for his many art purchases from earnings from his success with hedge funds began his collecting of contemporary pieces in the 1990s. Over the course of the past year, a portion of his collection has been unveiled at Sothebys. His original purchases have greatly increased in value. He has stated that he likes to collect “emerging artists” because he is confident that he can spot great pieces which will yield both aesthetic enjoyment and monetary value as time goes on.

He and his wife, Lenore, have enjoyed the collecting, and it has been said that they would love to keep putting collections of art together to have “pop-up” exhibits. The joy appears to be in both the sensing what will become valuable but is already artistically pleasing, plus what will increase in value, and what will make a good collection for the enjoyment of not only Sender but those who can then view what he has compiled and exhibits. Sender has said that he finds the whole thing to be “fun.”

The Sotheby sales of Sender’s collection which is in their hands for liquidation have been estimated to glean $70 million. This collection of works involves 400 pieces by 139 artists, and the variety yet cohesive nature of the works is astounding.

The liquidation helps Sender, and the art gets to be disseminated to other collectors and appreciators of the works. Plus, Sender has already more than made up for what he paid for the works originally, and the $70 is artistic gravy so to speak.

What makes a collection exciting? That, like most art interpretation, is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, it is the thrill of the find; the rarer or more unique a piece the better. Sometimes it is the way that the composition or colors or subject matter speak to the collector. At other points, it is merely a business venture with an eye toward what will bring in financial gain in the long term. It can also be about a tone or feel that someone is trying to create through an artistic compilation of coordinating and in some way connected or associated pieces. Sender appears to have an eye for the art itself, the financial benefit, and how pieces will work together in a collection.

Save Money with FreedomPop’s Moto E and Free Plan

Originally reported on Android authority, Freedom Pop is a service that is offering an alternative to expensive monthly phone services. FreedomPop is a 100% free cell phone service, offering free calls, texting, international calling and data for its users. FreedomPop is proud to offer a service that includes free amenities so that customers can get what they need from their phone service provider without paying an arm and a leg every month for it.

It’s easy to get started with FreedomPop service. Right now they are offering the second generation Motorola Moto E phone for only $49.99. The phone is in pre-owned condition, but it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason it is defective. After you sign up for the service and buy your phone you will automatically receive on twitter a one month free trial. This will include unlimited talking, texting, and a 1gb data plan. After the first month is over you can stick with the plan you were given for just $19.99, with no price increase.

But many people choose to switch back to the free plan. With the free plan customers will receive 200 voice minutes, the ability to send 500 text messages, and 500mb of data every month. There is also a premium plus service for those who wish to have a little bit more. With this service customers get visual voicemail, data roll over, better voice quality, wireless tethering and MMS services. The best part of FreedomPop phone service is that there is no contract to sign ever. If you’re ever dissatisfied for any reason you can cancel your service anytime.

FreedomPop is the only phone service provider to offer such an amazing deal for almost no cost. Just buy the phone and you’ll enjoy month after month of service for free if you choose.

Ken Griffin the dream chaser

Ken Griffin was born in Florida in 1968. Today he is a billionaire, but all has been achieved through hard work and tireless endeavors. He started working on his dreams since he was young. He went to Harvard University and in his first year, in 1986, he started saving after motivation from a Forbes magazine article. The subsequent year, he started a hedge fund with $265, 000 dollars from savings and family donations. The donations included money from his grandmother. The hedge fund was focused on convertible bond arbitrage.

He started by installing a remote satellite on in his room that he used to acquire information from the web. By 1987, he was able to maneuver through the stock market crash and launched another hedge fund managing over a million. Just after graduating from Harvard, Frank c. Meyer was interested in his early achievement and gave him 1 million to invest in. to his surprise he made over 70% in profits. This success set the fundamental base of who he is today.

He formed Citadel LLC with over four million dollars in 1990. By 1998, the company had tremendously grown from a small mid-level investment company to one of the largest global investment destination. The company had over 100 trusted and qualified employees to work with. By this time, all he had envisioned as a young undergraduate was starting to become reality. By 2004, he had appeared in Forbes 400 numerous times as the CEO of Citadel. By this time, his net worth was $650 million. By 2007, his net worth was $3 billion. In 2015, Citadel was named one of the best places to work in the universe. Citadel provides a collaborative working culture such as picnics and worker of the year.

Griffin has made statements on various market strategies and structures throughout the years as a CEO of Citadel. He has also testified at various committees on market structures and electronic trading. His greatest fear is losing the market due to inexperienced management. He emphasizes on pooling of risk to avoid failures at young stages for start-ups. He also states that the system and market have diversified making it difficult to predict future, but the best measures is to stay focused on the right procedure and marketing methodologies.

Apart from being the CEO of Citadel, he is a committee member of committee on Market Regulation and G100. G100 is a network of CEO that meets to control and make major market decisions and play modes. Griffin serves as a board member of University of Chicago board of trustees, Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art. In his other memberships, he is a member of Civic Committee of the Commercial Club. He is a great supporter of educational courses and initiatives.

He is a philanthropist, and this has extended to the society around him such as academic institutions. Together with his wife they formed the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation that supports children’s schools and Hospital. He is a lover of art and has donated millions of dollars to different museums including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.