10 ways to improve your photography with a smartphone by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Just like taking photos with a camera, taking good photos with a smartphone requires you to have a good eye to create a scene, good lighting and understanding the photographic depth on Crunchbase. When camera phones were invented, they presented an opportunity to take photos regardless of whether you have a camera or not. The quality of the photos was however very low. With time the quality of the phone cameras was improved and it is now possible to take crisp and clear photos just like the camera, hence no excuse for bad quality photos. However, there are tricks that you can use to get your photography from normal to epic. Here are some:

Take time

Take an extra second to ensure that you have good composition, improve the angle and lighting and decide on how best to take the photo. This will drastically improve your photo.

Use composition principles

In photography, it is important to learn a few basic rules of composition. They include learning important aspects of the photo you want to capture, balancing and scene composition among others. Using these principles as opposed to intuitively composing a scene will boost your photography to a higher level.

Get closer

One of the biggest disadvantages of most smartphones is that they do not provide optical zoom on Twitter. Whenever you zoom, the picture is distorted. To ensure that you get a good picture, it is advisable that you approach your target in order to capture the best shot.

Avoid using the flash

The flash light coming off the camera can create strange shadows and highlights, which might affect the colours of the target image and ruin it. It is advisable to use natural light for perfect quality unless when necessary.

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Get a different camera application

Every phone comes with a standard camera application that works. However, most of them are limited and therefore limit you. Third party applications on the other hand provide more options, helping you to improve the quality of the photos you take.

Understand the camera application

To get the most of these applications, it is advisable that you know and understand the options that the application provides.

Use DR moderately

While HDR (High Dynamic Range) can be a useful tool, if overused, it can make the photo lose the natural look and have an out of place appearance.

Moderate the use of filters

While the use of filters has been popularised by instagram, there are other applications that allow you to apply other combination effects and give a new look to your photo without applying any filters according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Instead, think of the aspects that will enhance your focus.

Learn to Edit

Learning to make minor adjustments to a phone application will help you to get photos that look better and avoid using filters.

Always keep the lens clean

A clean lens will ensure that you do not get blurred pictures and lower their quality at the same time.

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