Statewide Health Plan In California Possible

California is poised to make a universal health care plan available to residents who live in the state. Lawmakers are in the home stretch of working out the details and hope to be able to finalize a plan as soon as possible. The plan that will be created will give insurance coverage to undocumented residents as well. This is a first in the country, but at least the state is willing to try to come up with a solution that works for everyone instead of the disaster that has been created with Obamacare.


It seems as though everyone will benefit from the plan that is created, even seniors who have Medicare and other federal and state assistance. The one thing that needs to be addressed is how much it will cost. There will likely be a process in getting money from Washington to flow to the funded program as it will be like a trust fund that will provide coverage for everyone. If California can show that this type of health plan can work, then it might be an idea that is adopted by other states. California is one of the largest states in the country, and to give everyone healthcare is a small challenge in itself, but if it’s run the right way and the system works, then it would be something that would help so many people who can’t afford the coverage that is needed for basic services.


The system is easy to understand. Residents wouldn’t buy an individual policy that changes every month. They would simply pay a tax fee that would go into an account for the coverage. If the fees are adjusted the right way, some people might pay less for coverage than they would if they had private insurance, which would also be a benefit for many people who pay based on how much money they make.


The Mystery of Kabbalah Fascination

Kabbalah is ancient insight practiced largely by Jews and is said to reveal how life and the universe work on a precise level. It is an old model for living and claims that all aspects of life such as relationships, careers, health come from the same root and the same stem.Kabbalah is a different way of understanding the universe that connects human beings a deeper fulfillment.In the past, there has been a mysterious interest and fascination in the practice of Kabbalah by Hollywood celebrities especially.Some of the major celebrities who are now practicing Kabbalah include, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, the late Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna who has even gone to the extent of opening a Kabbalah center.

You may ask yourself, why study Kabbalah? Well some of the major reasons attached to the study of Kabbalah include:

  • Understanding oneself better
  • To love and be loved
  • To enjoy financial security
  • To enjoy great health
  • Have the best relationships
  • Getting rid of chaos in one’s life

You can also read the beginning of Kabbalah :

The timeless principles of Kabbalah apply to anyone seeking fulfillment in their lives. Through learning Kabbalah, one understands chaos and what it is and eventually giving a road map to getting rid of personal chaos.The LA Kabbalah center was founded by Philip Berg in 1984.It is a non-profit organization providing courses on Kabbalistic and Zohar through its regional centers, online and through study groups globally. Philip and his wife Karen Berg developed the presentation of Kabbalah and worked alongside international, multi-ethnic staff that teaches and guides its global student population.

The center is also involved in various charitable works such as humanitarian aid and financial relief to persons affected by disasters (natural & human made), extreme poverty and gender inequality. The center has contributed to supporting victims of Hurricane Katrina, 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and partnered with Red Cross plus other community-based organizations to provide assistance to those in need.

California Receives Surprising Amount of Snow Pack

Over the past decade, one of the largest focuses in the State of California has been on the lack of water in lakes and rivers around the state. The continued annual decline in water in the spring months had many people concerned that there could be a major water shortage within the next few years.


While water shortage in California will always be a concern for residents and government officials, a recent news article ( has pointed out that the concerns could be relieved for at least one year. During the 2016 and 2017 winter, many people that liked to snow recreationally have enjoyed the fact that the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe region have received a significant amount of snow. While most people knew that there was a lot of snow in the region for skiing, the actual level of snowpack has been surprising.


Based on recent tests in the area, there is currently around 46 inches of snow packed snow in the Lake Tahoe region mountains. While this has been great for skiers, it has also been a huge relief for people that were concerned about the continued level of drought in California. That amount of snow in Lake Tahoe is equal to about 180 percent of the normal snowpack this time of the year. Overall, mountains in California have around 150 percent of the typical snowpack.


Over the next few months, the snow on the top of the mountains will continue to melt and will eventually make its way down the mountain into the rivers and lakes below. At this point, it is not considered to be much of a concern, but some believe that if it melts to soon it could cause some minor flooding. While the State of California appears to have enough snow to alleviate drought concerns for at least one year, the state will continue its efforts to conserve water as much as possible. Over the past few years, they have been able to introduce a number of regulations that have helped to reduce water usage by as much as twenty-five percent in some areas.


High Snowpack in Sierra Nevada Mountains

After years of drought, many regions in California have been inundated with wet, wintry weather. When rain fell in the western areas of the state, snow fell on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So much snow fell, in fact, that the snowpack is about 164% of average. In some areas, like Phillips Station in El Dorado County, it was as high as 183% of average. In a few spots, the snow has accumulated to measure 50 feet. During many of these storms, roads had to be temporarily closed due to slippery and hazardous conditions.


All of this snow has been a boon for businesses based in the mountains. Since late fall, ski resorts in Lake Tahoe and in the more southern areas of the state have seen people continue to pack the slopes. People had to plan their travel wisely to dodge the potentially treacherous conditions on the roads leading up to the resorts, but once they were there, they had time and money to spend.


It seems like business will stay steady well into the spring. This is a stark contrast to a few years ago when the fresh powder was hard to find.


A few more storms can’t be ruled out in the upcoming weeks, but as the weather turns warmer, the snowpack will slowly start to melt. The run-off will flow into streams and creeks, and the rivers running down from the hills will likely be fast and furious.


The downside of all of this is the greater likelihood for mudslides and floods. Several communities in Northern California have faced their share of problems related to the precipitation this winter. In February, the spillway at Lake Oroville reservoir was damaged, and almost 200,000 people were evacuated.


The upcoming months should be drier, giving everyone a break from a season that was packed with storm after storm.


Choosing the Right Charitable Organization and Andrew Rolfe’s Role

Choosing a charitable organization to donate money to can be a challenging experience. Since there are quite a few great organizations available today, people can pick and choose the ones that will fit their needs and preferences best. Fortunately, there are some charities that stand out higher among others, and they can be very effective in helping the people that they target first.

That being said, there is one organization that does a great job in helping children to achieve their goals, including aiding them in moving out of impoverished situations. One in specific is commonly known as the Unbuntu Education Fund. Unbuntu Education function is not only operated by an organization that is concerned about making a direct difference in the lives of the children that they sponsor, they have a very unique and distinct charity model that they follow. Therefore, when a member of their board of director’s like Andrew Rolfe gets involved with the funding activities, Andrew Rolfe and others can focus closely on placing the funds that they receive in the hands of those that need it. From providing students with the finances to address health concerns and problems to making sure the student has the funds needed to take care of their education, this organization can help to meet specific needs and concerns for the children that they support.

With this model, Andrew Rolfe may work with a donor to pay for specific expenses for young people in a community that has a variety of needs. So, the financial support that the organization receives cannot be pre-determined by the donor, unless it falls within the parameters of the organizations present guidelines. If a problem does exist on the front end, it must be handled by Andrew Rolfe and the organization prior to the donation being transferred and accepted. Meaning any funding that is transferred to the account of Ubuntu will need to be discussed before the donation is made. Thankfully, a lot of the donors who give to this organization can agree on what happens to the finances that the give so it makes it easy for everyone to give freely.

The UnAgency Called Nine9

The founder and CEO of Nine9 is Anthony Toma. In his interview with IdeaMensch he talks about how Nine9 got started and what kind of ideals the talent agency company is based on. Toma calls his company Nine9 the UnAgency, because he wants to work with all the people who are looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry, but continually hear the words, “no”. He wants to give them a chance to make their dreams come true. Nine9 at Facebook .

Toma has based Nine9 Talent Agency on the idea that the talented men and women interested in working need to work hard on their craft and display the passion they feel in order to do well. He wants his company to do the same. His staff respects and works hard to place the talent with casting calls and auditions in the television, print, modeling, music video, and other promotional opportunities available.

Toma began as a business owner and has worked with many industries before discovering Nine9. At the time he was in the grocery business and wanted a franchise to be a part of. This is how he came across a franchise talent agency. He joined up, but the franchise, unfortunately, fell apart. Click Here for Nine9 reviews .

In 2003 Toma started his own talent agency called, Coral Reef Productions Inc., which would eventually become Nine9. He wanted to make sure his business was a success, so he followed the business strategy created by Gino Wickman of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Toma insists it was the structure of EOS that helped him visualize what he wanted for the company, by setting a three year goal and then a ten year goal. Toma refused to fail and has developed an UnAgency for the 99% of people in the entertainment field who have the right talent and drive, but still can’t find work. for more .


Sweet Earth Natural Foods Poised to Take Market By Storm

After 35 years of working on the board for Pepsico and Burger King, Brian Swette was introduced to a vegetarian diet from his daughter. Joining with his wife, Kelly, who has a background in marketing, the two started Sweet Earth Natural Foods in Moss Landing, CA.


A true west coast original, this company rises out of the wake of fast food and sugary sodas to provide consumers a cost-effective way to eat properly and maintain a vegetarian diet.


Kelly Swette’s background is primarily as a marketing director, enabling the company to leverage her knowledge on packaging and advertising. They state that one of the primary benefits of having a smaller business is the fact that they can focus on getting to know the people their clients.


Building the company from a small operation with 10 people, it now employs 200 people and is poised to expand into over 10,000 locations this year. This makes it one of the fastest-growing retail food companies on the west coast.


Investing $5 million, the two have built a vegetarian food business that produces meals such as bowls, burritos and breakfast bowls. For example, the company offers a mushroom ravioli that features parmesan, ricotta, mushrooms and fennel and features 23 grams of protein.


One of the main concerns many people have is that vegetarian food does not have enough essential vitamins and minerals as traditional food, but that is simply not true. Sweet Earth Natural Foods prides itself on creating food that is far healthier than the standard frozen meals from other companies.


Additionally, the Swettes are focusing the direction of the company in support of sustainability for the environment. On the company website, it keeps a running clock showcasing the amount of plant protein it’s created since its inception. It breaks down more information such as how many animals have not been used, how many miles have not been driven, the amount of carbon dioxide offset by the plant growth, etc.


Brian and Kelly Swettes both have a long resume of working for major companies including Procter & Gamble, eBay and more. The power couple is bringing their decades of combined knowledge of Fortune 500 business structure to the growing environmentally-friendly vegetarian food market.



Radio Guru Norman Pattiz

The genius of Norman Pattiz has struck again. Pattiz says that implementation is key to what he does. “I hear great ideas every day, and then assess our capacity for implementation. That’s where the rubber hits the road”. A new paranormal show called Beyond The Darkness is set to air on PodcastOne’s Jericho Network. The network is named after the famed WWE star Chris Jericho. Beyond The Darkness will feature thrilling interviews with some of the nation’s top researchers and experiencers. The show will challenge everything you think you know about ghosts, aliens, spirits, and the like. Beyond The Darkness will be hosted by author David Schrader and radio producer Tim Dennis. Pattiz is excited about launching the show on the Jericho Network saying, “Chris has distinguished himself as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network.”

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne, which is the nation’s leading advertiser supported podcasting network, and he is also responsible for Westwood One becoming America’s largest radio network, providing news, entertainment, sports, talk, and traffic programming to the broadcasting industry.Westwood One owned, managed, or distributed NBC radio networks, CBS News, CNN radio, the Mutual Broadcasting System, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, March Madness, The Super Bowl, both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games, and a broad variety of syndicated music and talk shows.

In 2009 Norman Pattiz was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and won the Giants of Broadcasting award. To make Pattiz’s record even more impressive, he has been chosen twice to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by two separate presidents, President Clinton and President Bush. The BBG is in charge of all US nonmilitary services, including “The Voice of America” and “Radio Liberty”. Norman Pattiz also created and launched Americas Arabic radio and television services to all 22 countries in the middle east. Not only is Norman familiar with broadcasting, but Mr. Pattiz also serves as a Regent of the University of California, and is the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Norman Pattiz is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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Mike Heiligenstein’s Contribution in the 19th Williamson County Growth Summit

Williamson County Traffic Discussion



The issue of transportation has been a trending topic in Texas over the past few years. In the past, much attention has been given to the city. Thus, county officials and experts felt the need to spread the focus to the areas surrounding Austin.



County staff and experts in different sectors of the transportation industry convened at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Centre to discuss how technology is causing a shift in the transportation sector in the Austin region and the world. The discussions also tried to tackle various challenges facing transportation in the area.



Prominent people who attended the meeting included Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Director Mike Heiligenstein, transportation planner Jared Ficklin, and representatives from RideScout and Uber. Leandre Johns, Texas Internal Affairs director, was also in attendance.



In the discussion, Mike Heiligenstein stated that Austin needed to invest in transportation capacity in the area by mainly building larger and smarter roads to ease traffic in the area. Heiligenstein also noted in his talk that ridesharing apps such as Uber and driverless vehicles could revolutionize the transportation structure in the region and across the world. Since most of the population growth in Williamson County is in the suburbs, Heiligenstein suggested that building more roads would help curb the mobility demands of the residents.



Jared Ficklin highlighted that building and land-use codes needed to remain flexible after being asked a question on preparing for future transportation needs. The idea of driverless vehicles popped up a couple of times in the discussion. Heiligenstein was not optimistic about the adoption rate of driverless vehicles in the future. He pointed out that the rate might be slow and tiresome.



John, a representative for Uber, argued that ridesharing apps such as Uber would help commuters in the area and would be a good solution for public transit’s first-mile/last-mile problem. The summit proved successful with many brilliant ideas pitched forward by the transportation experts.



Mike Heiligenstein



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was founded in 2002. Mike was appointed as director a year after it was established. Before 2003, Mike worked for more than two decades as an elected official of City of Round Rock. Mike also serves as a board member of the advisory board of Texas A & M Transportation Institute.



Heiligenstein attended the University of Texas where he earned a master’s degree in business administration and another one in government.

Follow Mike on Facebook and @mheiligenstein

Nine9 is the Agency that Walks Talents down the Success Path

About nine out of ten upcoming models and actors never get a chance to showcase their talents in the very competitive American entertainment industry. Nine9 talent agency has in the recent past stepped in the gap between these artists and success, linking many actors and models with their destiny. These artists have then taken to the agency’s website to narrate their success stories. See Photos .

Success Stories

Lorena C is a Hispanic fashion artist from Illinois. She has a long and brown hair as well as brown eyes. After enrolling with Nine9, she was taken to a modeling class where her modeling techniques and personality were nurtured. Lorena got her first modeling job at I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert. She did a show mid last year, and she was impressed with the reception she got from the audience. She got yet another job with the Black Fashion Week U.S.A., and according to her, it went down in an awesome way. Click Here for Nine9 Reviews .

John L is a multiracial actor from Laurel, Maryland. He is 67’’ tall with a waist of 28. After enrolling with Nine9, It did not take him long to land a supporting role in an online show. By the time he wrote the story, he had landed a more advanced role. Nine9 CEO .

Barbara S. is a modeling artist from Oak Lawn, Illinois. She has a shoulder-length brown hair. Her bust and waist sizes are 32 and 36 respectively. Thanks to Nine9, Barbara S was cast for a runway show. She expressed optimism that with the help of the agency, more opportunities were on the way.

About Nine9

Nine9 was established in 2013 in Miami, Florida as a talent nurturing agency. In its 14 years of existence, the company has helped countless talented American people to excel in the entertainment industry. Nine9 boasts of state-of-the-art technology and a talented staff. Watch Video Here .